Friday, May 25, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Sariah

Patience can pay off in the long run. This is especially the case in this high tech society we live in, where people walk around with their cell phones in their hands, looking like chickens pecking at feed on a farm! If you want to approach someone who interests you, it may take a long time if you patiently wait for the person to finish their conversation. But sometimes, ok, many times, you may have to interrupt that person's conversation so that you may insert your own. That was the case when I met Sariah, our newest everyday girl.

I was people watching when Sariah came outside. She was on her cell phone, sat down, and got comfortable. That was a tell tale sign she was about to have one long conversation. Every now and then, she would get up, walk around, then sit again. I had to keep her in view just in case she finished her talk early. This was tricky because I didn't want to come off as creepy to her. I had to wait around for Chyna Black to finish her dramatic cell phone call, and I'm almost sure she took some notice of it. Fortunately, I was able to make her call part of my introduction, so if she was uneasy at first, it went away as we conversed. If this happened with Sariah, I would have to do the same thing.

It was cloudy that day, and it began to drizzle lightly. Sariah got up, and began walking in a direction I knew all to well, the direction to leave! I needed to catch up with her before she disappeared, never to be seen again. Patience had to take a back seat, as I caught up with her, politely interrupted her call, and introduced myself. Much to my surprise, Sariah didn't go off or get an attitude with me for it. Come to find out, she talked with the person on the phone often, so I was someone new and different for her. So as long as my conversation was as interesting as the one I interrupted, or more so, she would listen. She didn't have long though, literally a few seconds after she took the phone away from her ear, her ride arrived.

Sariah was the super busy type. So once again, I had to be patient. Then one day, she text me, ready to shoot. We shot that day, and I made sure she was glad she found time in her schedule to come over.

Monday, May 21, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Natalie

Just as with Sesame Street, you never know who you will meet. This particular day, I was people watching. Its a fun way to pass the time when you are doing nothing, or waiting for someone, or something. As I sat across from a deli whose egg salad sandwich is worth my traveling across town for, Natalie started a conversation with me. She remarked at how the people who worked in a particular building looked. I went with it, and said it takes all types. And in that area, you will see all types, good, bad, and ugly. Her focus was on the ugly.

As we talked, I noticed Natalie's black Converse sneakers. They weren't All Stars; they looked more like a black pair of Keds. I asked her what was going on inside her sneakers to see what her opinion of her feet were. She assured me they were pretty, so I checked her fingers to be sure. As you know, pretty fingers are usually signs of pretty toes and feet. I told her what I did, and we went from there.

I found out a few things about Natalie when she came to shoot. You will find those things out in her interview. Natalie blew me away when she took off her Nike hi-tops because I saw she had ultra-high arches. Then she took off her socks, and I thought I'd passed away and went to foot heaven! Her feet were darn near perfect! She had supple soles, rounded heels, and ample balls of the feet. But it was her toes that stole the show. Natalie had blue nail polish on her toes, and her toes were thick as $4 milkshakes! And yes fans, she could cobra pose those beautiful big toes of hers thanks to her ballet, dance, gymnastics, and sports background. OK, here is a spoiler for you. As beautiful as Nicole's feet are, she is one of those girls guessed it, always keeps her feet hidden. It was our lucky day that she wanted to show them off for us.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Chantel

OK, things are definitely picking up, almost too much. I've been working like a weasel on an exercise wheel finding everyday girls, getting them to come over, and updating the site with them. Thanks to lots of beating the bushes, we have another new everyday girl; her name is Chantel C.

I saw Chantel very early one morning as I went for a quick trip to the store. She, a store employee, walked by me, and all I could do was think to myself, how I could get a chance to approach her. Opportunities such as these present themselves, but then its a matter of how to capitalize on them. I figured I'd go home, get my business card, then come back up there. Been there, done that, only to find the girl already left for the day, or somehow became impossible to locate.

Some time later, the opportunity presented itself again. This time, Chantel was on register duty when I went to check out early one morning. I was the only one in line after the person ahead of me left. I said what I had to say, and requested a way to reach her later. Thanks to my friend's information about getting girls numbers, I was able to get Chantel's number without any hesitation from her.

We arranged to shoot that weekend. And as you will see from her site update, it was an amazing one!

Monday, May 14, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Brandy

As L.L. Cool J said, "Don't call it a comeback!". Fans, you hung in there with me while I searched hi and low for the most beautiful everyday girls who wanted to show off their amazing feet. Your patient paid off, as we have another phenomenal girl on the site, her name is Brandy.

This latest update almost didn't happen. Brandy doesn't usually wear revealing shoes. But the day I saw her, she wore sandals. She sat at a bus stop, talking on her cell phone. Brandy was beautiful, but I hadn't seen her feet yet. Then, the unthinkable happened. She stood up, and walked to the sidewalk to look for the bus. That was when I saw those ultra-high arches of hers. She sat down again, then walked back to the sidewalk again. Brandy did this one more time before the bus arrived. I made sure to get as close to her as possible so I could see her feet more closely. I ended up one person behind her, and saw her multi-color nail polished toes. By the way, Brandy's toes became my other point of interest once during her shoot.

I was on the way to the movies, but decided to catch the next show so I could get off at Brandy's stop to talk to her. As luck had it, Brandy ended her phone conversation just before she got off the bus. I don't like interrupting girl's when they are on the phone. Bu I will do it, if needed, otherwise, they will disappear into the sunset so to speak. How many times have you seen a girl on her cell phone that you wanted to approach, tried to wait for her to finish her call, only to have her walk away, never to be seen again? The same goes with girls wearing earbuds and listening to music. As a pickup artist, you must realize that what you have to say will be far more interesting than what she probably talks about every day or other day with the same person on the phone.
And the music she listens to has nothing on the words that will come from your mouth.

Brandy was on her way to catch another bus, so I had to act fast. I approached her, asked her if anyone ever told her she had pretty feet, and went from there. The conversation went well, and she said she would call me. Nearly two weeks went by before she did. As luck would once again have it, I was on the way to the movies. She wanted to shoot that same day, and she could have, if there wasn't a rain storm. We arranged to shoot two days later, and once again it stormed. This time, however, the rain stopped early.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Victoria

Thanks to the powerful effect of friendship, we have a new everyday girl, meet Victoria.

Aubri told me she had a friend who wanted to do the shoot, and would send me picture. Well, you know how that goes. There is a 50 percent chance the friend won't be Planet of the Arches material. And there is a 50 percent chance the friend will be. Fortunately, it was the former.

Victoria had the right look, and also the right feet, especially in the arches department. Aubri was a super PR person for me, because Victoria wanted to shoot ASAP after Aubri told her how the shoot went.

I could go on about Victoria, but I'd rather you see her interview. As Lavar Burton used to say, "Don't take my word for it". I do, however, want to talk about Victoria's shoes. She brought over a sexy, red pair of stiletto pumps, a pair of glittery silver flats, and a pair of black flats. They were all worn, but the stars of the group were her favorites, her black flats. Fans, those things were super stinky. After I told her fans often buy shoes they see girls wear, she was all for selling her shoes, either of the pairs, to her fans. All you have to do is contact us through the site or if you saw any of Victoria's videos.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Caramel

I'm thinking to myself, perhaps I should begin adding names when I post about a new girl. But sometimes, I have more than one at at time, which was the case with Tia, Michelle G, and Priscilla C. Adding a hyphen to a title is not very cosmetic to me, so I guess I will keep things as they are. The latest everyday girl is named Caramel. As amazing as her story is, the story I have before that is just as amazing.

You know I've been studying pickup for some months. I trailed off studying, and began hitting the field. It baffled and frustrated me as to the reason I approached so many girls, yet so few of them called me. Then one of best things happened. A friend of mine who I'd lost touch with, came to visit. We used to work at the same place. During that time, he hipped me to things I didn't know, such as as how to work faster and more efficiently, how to stand up for myself, and what managers could and could not do to me. He also hipped me to how good he was with women. It seemed as if every day, or every other day, he had a story of how he met a woman, or how he slept with her. Back then, I seriously didn't understand pickup. But then, neither did he, because he was a natural at getting women. He didn't need books, boot camps, internet articles, or DVDs. He just did what he did, and got mad results.

OK, so he came over, and we talked. He is not one to beat around the bush about things, so he let me have it. He told me I lacked confidence. And when I tried to counter by telling him I was confident enough to approach women, he gave me a quick psychological test, which I failed. As with most aspiring PUA's, the best learning they get is with one-one-one coaching. My friend told me how he does things to get women, and the mindset he has when he does it. Much of what he told me was already in those four mediums I mentioned earlier. Long story short, after his coaching and pep talk, I felt as if I could get just about any woman I wanted--to shoot.

I hit an area that I used to bomb at with on-the-spot video shoots. The place teams with women, but getting them to let me video interview them rarely worked for me. And those I got were ones I settled for. That was long before I got into pickup. I abandoned the place because it seemed futile for me. Recently, I ventured back there, but not for on-the-spot shoots, but to meet women who would shoot with me later. I was on fire with chatting up beauties, but none of them called me. Why??? Because I never requested their numbers!!!

Just last week, I chatted up three super hot girls who were either going to the jailhouse, coming out of it, or at the courthouse. These were beautiful bad girls too! The problem was I didn't get any of their phone numbers. They got mine from my business card, but never called. That is my pickup sticking point-going for the number. It just so happened a natural pickup artist friend of mine came over last Thursday. He hipped me to something I learned, but coming from a live person, especially a friend with tried and true results, helped me with my breakthrough. 

After my friend talked with me, I knew what to do. I put it to use the next day when I saw a girl at WalMart who I'd been after for a few weeks. She was a cashier who I'd chatted up twice, once in store, and once at the movies. She told me she lost my number for "the foot thingy". I had a pen and paper ready, and told her to give me a way to contact her. She did it on the spot without hesistation! I called and texted her a couple of times since Saturday, but nothing back yet. The point was, she gave me her number when I told her to write it down. It was then she admitted she lost my card, even though about a week earlier, she told me she still had it. Unfortunately, after I texted and called her, she texted back to say she had been busy, and wouldn't be doing the shoot. What got my goat was she said nobody understood the shoot. I texted her back to try to open her eyes, but I knew it was hopeless. Women are emotional, not logical.

I met Caramel yesterday. She looked like a video vixen! BTW, she too is a cam girl. Caramel had neck-length, black curly hair, wore a fancy top, lycra pants, and wooden heels. Her fingers and toes were vibrant orange. I waited until she got off her cell phone. I met downtown yesterday, wanted to call me when she was finished doing everything she had to do, including getting her nails done. I looked her in the eye, and questioned whether she was going to call me from the nail salon. I stood there, unwavering, until she gave me her number without hesitation. I was able to get her so comfortable with me that she asked me if I could drive her home instead of her waiting for her ride. I told her I took the bus there, and I had to get home first so I could get ready to shoot her.

We had a very good shoot, and I think she came onto me, right in front of her brother! If he wasn't there, I would have ran with it, and used game on her. But instead, I opted to tone it down, yet still still let her know I was into her. One example of that was when she tested me by asking if I thought her feet were pretty. I could have chumped out, and said yes. Instead, I told her I wouldn't have approached her if they were otherwise. Caramel will be back because I teased her by telling her I already planned our next shoot.
The confident man creates his reality, then brings women into it, making them part of it.  

Monday, May 07, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Aubri

It's been a while since my last post. But as I said, I work hard to bring you girls you've never seen. And if you have seen them, you may not have seen them do any foot fetish stuff. Today, I have one new everyday girl for you. Her name is Aubri, and she is a web cam model.

So you may have seen Aubri, but may not have seen her do any foot fetish stuff. Yeah, there are the requests some of her fans make to see her feet, but they only get so much cam time. This time, you will get to see her fully dedicate herself to mesmerizing and hypnotizing you, and much more, with her feet.

I admit, Aubri's feet are like none other I've seen. Her feet are almost a combination of some of the most beautiful feet I have seen on my site. She came over after a day of being out and about, and was ready to shoot. Unlike, some girls who feel they need to check and fix themselves just before going on camera, Aubri was to go then and there. When Aubri took off her shoes, so I could really see her feet, I was blown away! Her arches were even higher than in the pictures of her feet she sent me. Her big toes stood out the way Britney Spears' big toes stand out, except Aubri's big toes were phenomenal! They were also flexible enough to nail the cobra pose, I love. But I think what amazed me even more than her toes, were how ample the balls of her feet were. I hadn't seen foot pads like hers since Destiny's, Michelle G's, and Nadia's. Getting back to her big toes, I immediately thought about Janice. It was the first time during an interview that I focused more the girl's feet than the girl herself!

Aubri was very pretty too, making the shoot all the more better. She also shot in workout clothes. She told me her sneakers were really worn, and she wasn't kidding. And to add icing to that cake, she brought along a pair of black workout socks, damp from foot sweat. I wouldn't be surprised if fans contact me to ask to buy them from her. You will definitely enjoy everything about Aubri, and I definitely hope to have her back again!