Thursday, April 15, 2010

Same Product, New Packaging

P.T. Barnum once said, "There's a sucker born every minute". That is exactly what I think when people flock to something that is only different because it's packaging changed. But in this case, I'm not talking about laundry detergent, soda, or garbage bags. I'm talking about repackaged foot fetish content.

Right now, there are two kinds of repackaged clip store foot fetish content: content shot eons ago that was resold or stolen, and content that was recently shot. The first is very common, it comes from way back VHS and DVD series such as Bizarre, FM Concepts, and Foot Traffic. And then there is the plethora of PhotoGregg stuff that keeps popping up. Unless you watched those movies or clips way back when, you may not know they are old. So guess what? You buy them. It's slightly possible the original content owners may be profiting from this, but not likely. Chances are its someone who copied the content and is making some bucks off it. The second kind is content shot recently. Certain clip store owners are getting paid two or three times by simply creating new stores and posting content to them that they already shot. Very often the content came from the one store that made them famous. Its crazy, but it works! Right now, lots of foot fans are going crazy over a boot fetish clip store filled with content previously posted to the Top Studio sock fetish clip store. And get this, the new store is a Top Studio! The way this works is the original store is the real traffic getter, so traffic from there checks out the "new" clip store. Another clip store did that, but with no success. Its success came from creating spinoff stores. One spinoff came after a foot fetish model got her own clip store. The other spinoff came from mixed fighting. Both spinoffs became Top Studios.

My goal here is to get you to be a savvy clip buyer. Don't be the person who goes to a used car dealer and thinks a car is in prime condition simply because the motor looks new, has no dents, and shines from an amazing wash and wax. Car dealers and their mechanics are a notorious bunch. Don't be duped into buying new clips that are actually old ones...sometimes really old.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Safe to Sick

I am all for fetish producers expanding to reach new audiences and to gain more sales. But its unsettling that so many foot fetish producers have gone from safe to sick.

Its no secret that people have had deep-seated, twisted desires from as far back as the early modern days. Jack the Ripper was one who proved that most effectively. So if I see content that look as if they should be in a Saw movie, it doesn't phase me. But when I see so-called foot fetish producers seriously go off course, it gets my goat!

Hey, I won't name names in this post, but chances are, you will know who I mean. One young dude started his clip store off tame with simple shoe, sock, and foot worship. Then he got into girls spitting in his mouth, girls peeing, and most recently, ballbusting [OK, foot-related]. But here is his latest thing, he is shooting guy on guy foot worship! There was another foot fetish producer who went from tame with tricking girls and women into letting him get video and pictures of their feet, to shooting male foot fetish content. One girl who has a clip store went from safe shoe and foot teasing with lots of laughter and verbal interaction, to telling guys to commit suicide for her. And one girl who has a store went from light BDSM and some ballet fetish stuff, to some really sick content. In one of her clips, she and another girl look as if they are going to circumcise a man! And in others, she does full-blown strap on penetration on the men.

There are others, but I'm just pointing out a few Top Studio producers who apparently have your attention and your money.