Monday, February 08, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Bailey Rae

None of my random approaches came to fruition. The last one was with a 5'10 blonde I met at Wal-Mart late one night. She said she modeled, and was in need of a pedicure for her size 10 feet. She had designs on her toes, had an eye catching top, and was very busty. So I gathered she must be in "the industry" in some way, shape, or form. I got her number, and waited for her to call. When she didn't, I text her. Just when I was going to actually call her, I dropped my phone, and the battery fell out of it. When I got it to turn on again, the android appeared, and was holding a revolving, Tron like sphere. I knew that couldn't be good. Come to find out, I lost nearly all of my contact, and every single one of my texts. Starting from scratch, I hit the Internet again. That was how I got to meet our newest everyday girl Bailey Rae.

Bailey Rae's first picture showed her looking like a dark-haired raver girl, barefoot, and wearing a fancy printed top and a skirt. She had huge arches! Her other pictures showed her as a pierced girl with blonde hair. Another showed her as a standard party girl who just wanted to have fun. She didn't have one bad picture in the bunch! I sent her a text, and she replied back "I'm so in". That was an unexpected response. Usually, its when, or how much, or how much and how long? This was the first time I agreed to a shoot totally based upon text messages because each time I called her, she didn't answer. We were to shoot that same day, but when she didn't reply back, I knew it wouldn't happen. I sent one more text to see if the next day would be better. She text back "Thursday is great". Once again, a totally unexpected response. I couldn't wait to shoot with her!

We text the following day, and she wanted to know when we could meet. She asked how much again. I sent her a reply, and waited. When I didn't hear back, I thought she flaked. Come to find out, my text send failed. I resent it, and all was ok. It was a very long time before she was able to make it. Waiting for her ride and coming within the hour turned into over two hours later. When she arrived, she was just as amazing as she was in her pictures, but was sort of distraught. She went to the bathroom to do her makeup. Uh oh, not that routine. I know how that goes. Hit the bathroom, stay a long time doing makeup [even though I request a more natural look], take smoke breaks, get phone calls and texts, etc. All of that eats away at the scheduled time, and when the time is up, I end up with less footage than expected. They think they did really good, and want full payment for less time. So as to avoid any drama, I pay them in full, and never contact them again. I dreaded how the shoot would be, even though she said I would get my full time.

She was right. I got more than my full time, but she cut into it by being in the bathroom for long periods of time--twice. I must say, outside of that, the shoot was phenomenal! Bailey Rae revealed some major things in her interview. One thing is something special about her toes. She was full of energy from start to finish. Her energy was at the level of Julie's and Dixie's. So that tells you a lot! We were finishing the foot worship-foot tickling, and getting ready to do the foot massage when there was a knock on the door. Her ride became nervous because she hadn't come outside or contacted him. I paused the camcorder to answer the door. I told him everything was ok, but we were a little behind because of makeup. Bailey Rae came up behind me to let him know she was alright. I asked him for just five more minutes, and he was cool with it. Then another dude appeared, a bigger one. He stood down too once he knew everything was alright. I thought I was filming her foot massage, but didn't realize I had the camcorder on pause. I missed some great footage of her nearly jumping out of her seat when I put my fingers between her toes to stretch them. She shrieked [other times, she squeals--like when the mountain man told the guy to squeal like a pig in the movie "Deliverance"] about how much it tickled. Bailey Rae even told me where on her feet to massage and how hard. All of that good stuff...nonexistent. Even if I get another shoot with her, that priceless footage can't be recreated.

I want time to rush so I can have her come back because I know Bailey Rae is definitely going to be a fan favorite!