Monday, August 28, 2006

My First Foot Party

I attended the Aug. 25th foot party in South Florida.

After a fellow webmaster told me he paid to get into a foot party, I expected the same.

I went with one of your favorite Planet of the Arches and King of the Heel models (I told others, but don't know if they went earlier and left because we arrived very late), and stayed outside until she was finished. I told her she would be the hit of the party with her fashionably late entrance, and she was.

My model called on her second cell, and told me the promoter, Alan Z, wanted to meet me.

I was shocked, and didn't know what to do. I went in, so as not to be rude.

I met Alan, his wife Gigi, their photographer Xavier, and got a look at CaliAlexis. I only got to look at Cali because she was nonstop busy that night.

Footnight didn't show photos of all the girls there, as it needs permission to do so. Some of best girls are the ones you don't see on the site.

There were quite a few girls there I would have had sessions with, but I am not greedy. I shoot for you, their fans, and tell you and my models about foot parties. If I cannot shoot with a model, I refer her to sites that can. That is why I modestly bow out at foot parties. Its all about you and all about the models--not about me.

The set was very classy, as it was held at a ballroom dancehall. I met two great modeling prospects, and gave them my cards. One looked like Claudia Schiffer. The other looked like Gwen Stefani. There was a third one, but I forgot to give mine to her. She looked like Amanda Bynes, except with glasses.

By the way, one of the bartenders was killer hot. Unfortunately, she was not a foot party girl.

If you can afford the entrance fee, I definitely encourage you to attend a foot party. Some of the best girls are the ones you won't find in any the models galleries. Who knows? You may even be able to get one of them to model for you, or give you a private session. And yes...that does happen.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Foot Sniffing

Every foot guy has his own agenda regarding feet. I read a post in a foot forum this week, and one guy said he thought sniffing a woman's feet was the weirdest thing a guy attracted to a woman's feet could do. My reply was foot smelling or foot sniffing happens by default in some cases. Its not possible to worship feet without catching a whiff of them. However, there are guys that want to sniff feet, and do nothing else to or with them. In those situations, I say to each his own.

In my opinion, I believe foot sniffing should be a prelude to other things. It is difficult for me to fathom a guy sniffing a girl's feet, getting turned on, and even during sex, only wanting to sniff her feet. There are guys out there who don't have the slightest inkling in sucking toes, kissing feet, or licking soles. They are an interesting group to say the least, but still part of our big family. Check out this video of Count Mother Funky, he enjoys a variety of foot fetish activities, foot sniffing being one of them.

Sniffing a girl's feet often solicits more fascinating reactions than sucking her toes or licking her toes. It is an extremely fascinating foot fetish activity, one that garned an entire forum dedictated to to called You'll find the members of that forum care more about the scent of a woman's foot more than anything else.

Being a foot admirer means you are already an open-minded person. So if you are doing anything that requires a girl's barefeet to be near your face, consider giving them a sniff. Even if that is not your focus at the time, the action itself may prove to be yet another turn on for you, and may later become another avenue for you to enjoy the pleasures female feet have to offer.

Monday, August 14, 2006

State of the Union

Thinking this is going to be a political post, some probably didn't bother to read this one. For those who find State of the Union addresses entertaining, inspiring, educational, or insightful, then this is for you. It is about the direction the foot fetish community is taking in regard to video content.

Over the course of recent years, the main choice of foot fetish video content has shifted from FJs to humiliation. The earliest of foot fetish humiliation had its beginnings in countries other than the U.S., mainly the UK and Japan. The U.S. is ahead of other countries in many things, but still behind them in others. How many of you have seen shows about commercials banned in the U.S.? Well, over the years, humiliation has taken over as the main attraction in U.S. foot videos. Mind you, the best, most popular, and most prevalent material is produced by amateurs, not big production studios in New York or California. The largest video download and upload site in the U.S.,Clips4Sale, ranks producers and ranks the content producers sells. If one wants to get scientific, that site is one of the best indicators of what foot fetish consumers want. And its clear they want to see humiliation.

A fan who watches foot fetish content usually want to be able to supplant himself into the video he sees. That is one reason POV (Point of View) is a hot commodity. Based on the rank of certain producers, an overwhelming majority of fans want to be humiliated, enjoy seeing women humiliate men, or enjoy seeing men humiliated.

Humiliation producers are loving this change in their fans, as it has propelled them to the Olympian heights their counterparts overseas for years have enjoyed.

The State of the Union offically declares humilation content as an indicator that morals are and always have up for sale. There was a time people would not pay for rudeness. Lucky for humiliation producers, those times came, saw, and left the building long ago.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Foot Fetish Crimes

It is always a blow to the foot community whenever there is a story about a guy with a foot fetish committing an unsolicited foot-related act against women and girls. Although these random acts should by no means be condoned, it is time to look at the bigger picture so as to see that liking feet is not a reason to be burned at the stake.

Foot fetish is the top fetish in the U.S. Articles about random foot fetish incidents upsets a lot of people, both inside and outside the community. It is already bad enough that Hollywood, not to mention society, paints a picture of people with foot fetishes as being weird. So when steals shoes, kisses, licks, or sucks someone's toes without their permission, the consensus gets more fuel to add to the fire used to persecute people who have an admiration for feet. The group of individuals committing these acts are a minority among the vast majority of people who like feet. These acts are insignificant compared to far worst crimes out there committed by society's "normal" people.

Do you think the majority of armed robbers, rapists, strong arm criminals, kidnappers, bludgeoners, arsonists, carjackers, and murders out there have foot fetishes? Those groups of individuals originate from the T & A community also known as the "normal" people.

Society says it is acceptable to find the breasts and the buttocks appealing, fascinating, arousing, and erotic. Well guess what? The people who have a strong affinity for those parts of the body are the pool from which the worst criminals out there are spawned.

So the next time you run across a random article about a "weirdo" that committed a foot fetish crime, please remember this. The people you deem as "normal" are the ones whose crimes you read about each and every day of the week, month, and year.