Saturday, March 30, 2013

One New Everyday Girl - Naomy

If you want to meet new people, you have to get out of the house. Furthermore, you have to get out of your comfort zone. Those were two things I did when I met our newest everyday girl, Naomy.

Sundays are usually laid back days for most people. This particular Sunday, I was hungry, which prevented me from being as laid back as I wanted to be. So if I wanted to eat, I had to get out of the house. I could've chose local restaurants, or even went to a big one-stop retail store nearby, but decided to go to a good restaurant with excellent prices, but was farther away.

It didn't take long for the bus to arrive, which was good. I tried to do the same thing on Saturday, the bus never showed, so I went back home. Everything was going well until we reached a terminal, and on stepped Naomy. She looked just like someone I knew. I hoped they weren't related, or sisters, otherwise, I'd have been in for it. Naomy was in her own world, then she switched seats, and ended up being directly in front of me. I had no idea where she'd get off, but hoped it wouldn't be too far from my destination. Unfortunately, it was....

We got off at her stop, which was very far from where my stop was. She listened to music as she walked, so I got her attention before it was too late. I let her know she reminded me of someone, which amused her, then told her about the shot. She seemed skeptical, which was usual, so I gave her a demonstration. That must have impressed her because she contacted me the next day to talk about the shoot. It was some weeks before she could come over for it, but she did. She enjoyed herself at the shoot, and was glad I disproved her skepticism.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

One New Everyday Girl - Ranada

My journeys and shoots are far more than amazing girls with amazing feet. They are about meeting new people, connecting with them, having fun, and creating something exciting. I never know who I really connected with unless they call or text me. And that brings us to our newest everyday girl, Ranada.

I was on my way to buy a pizza from a small restaurant the received pretty good reviews. That was when I saw Ranada get on the bus. My thought was to get my pizza, and hope I run into her some other time. Yeah, right! That rarely happens in some places, especially large cities, so I knew I had to talk with her about the shoot that same day. Her walk to her connection point would be the only chance for me to do that.

Ranada reminded me of Shay because of her unique look. She had a wire pin nose ring, long blonde hair with a rope style headdress, which gave her the dual look of a flower girl and a Native American girl, 80's style faded jean outfit, and boots which also looked Native American. Add to that, chipped black nail polish on her fingers, and viola, you have Ranada!

We had a fun shoot, even though Ranada was nervous at first [and got a new manicure and pedicure, against my request to keep the black polish]. Her mom came with her to make sure she'd be ok. Its ironic how the person who comes with is usually the more relaxed one. However, the tables turn when the come with person is next up to shoot. I asked Ranada's mom what she thought when she heard it was a foot shoot. She told me, I didn't want to know what came to her mind. BTW, Ranada copied her mom's nail polish color. Obviously, she had a really cool mom to do that. Heck, I didn't know she was her mom until near the end of the shoot. That's just how young and hip she looked! Lucky Ranada!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One New Everyday Girl - Amira

Any old school Sesame Street fans out there? There was a song called "Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood". You can go on YouTube and find it. The same remains the same, but the people are different. And that brings us to our newest everyday girl, Amira.

It was time for me to pay my cell phone "rent", as Tasha calls it. As I walked out, I saw a well-dressed, made up young woman in glasses wearing sandals who needed to do the same thing. I told her I'd catch her on her way out. When she returned, less than a few minutes later, she couldn't believe I was still there. She said she thought I had a scam to push. Going back to the Sesame Street song, a scam artist is a person in your neighborhood. A person that you meet when you're walking down the street. We had a short, but good conversation about what I do, and I gave her my card before we parted ways.

The day had just begun, so I headed over to the neighborhood DMV. I didn't need to go for myself, but wanted to see if I could meet anyone else who might want to do a shoot. As I neared the entrance, I saw a nonmodel model heading toward it. Amira had very long hair, expressive eyes, and was dressed like a model who wanted to handle her business first thing in the morning. What also caught my attention were her tan flats. I know how the lines in the DMV get longer by the minute, so I kept the conversation short.

I met one more young woman before I headed home. The third one was in glasses and wore very worn black flats. She didn't seem to be down for the shoot, but said she would take my card anyway. That happens sometimes. I had people call me weeks and weeks later after our first contact. Better late than never, I say.