Wednesday, September 28, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Aubry

It's almost unimaginable that as awesome as some people are, sometimes, you don't directly notice them until someone else does. Once that happens, you may get it in your mind as to how to meet them. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this. Ever heard of six degrees of separation? The concept is anything or anyone is is merely six people or less away from you by way of introduction. My social circle worked for me in that manner. I stressed it many times that reputation is key in many things in life, especially when it comes to such taboo things as fetish. So thanks to my stellar reputation and my social circle, that was how I got to meet our newest everyday girl Aubry.

Some months ago, I was at a fetish party, and saw an interesting-looking guy standing off to himself. I am a huge fan of the Anime "Claymore". So when I saw he was dressed in renaissance warrior attire, and had a huge wooden sword on his back, I had to meet him. Come to find out, it was his first party. He was also a self-proclaimed former extrovert turned introvert. It usually goes the other way around, but I'm not judging. I introduced him to my group of friends so he wouldn't have to be solo. I saw his potential, and didn't want him to squander it. During the party, one girl in particular caught his attention. She was dressed as a bunny, had blue hair, and wore black flats. He really wanted to meet her, but found her friend group intimidating, mainly it's alpha/dominant who was resembled The Kingpin from Marvel Comics! Finally, he saw his opportunity to meet her when she went the the outside part of the venue. He told me he would tell her he was hunting wabbits, and show her his sword. GTFOH!!! There was no way that would work! She may not have ever heard Elmer Fudd utter those words, let alone ever saw a vintage Looney  Toons cartoon. Well...he went with it, and BLAM!!! She totally blew him out of the water, right? Wrong. It worked like a charm! I told you I saw his potential.... He channeled his inner extrovert, and made a new friend--Aubry. She later told me she gave him eyes earlier, but he didn't act on it. The best pickup artists know it's not what you say, but how you say it. And if you see someone who interests you, say something--say anything. Otherwise, you will kick yourself for not making the attempt. Also, you may very well miss out on someone who finds you as interesting as you find them, as was the case that night.

I hadn't noticed Aubry until he did. My focus shifted to her flats, of course. She became more interesting simply because my new buddy found her interesting. After that night, I rather looked forward to seeing her, which I did. Skip ahead to later parties, and lo and behold, we are back at the venue where they first met. I already had lots of fun that night. But there was always room for jello. Aubry was sitting in a corner of the club, giving a friend a much needed neck rub. I said my hello's and offered her friend a foot rub to go with her neck rub. She declined, then suddenly, a really cool friend who was doing a scene, vouched for me. He was one of those guys who all the women loved. You could tell he was one of the popular kids growing up. So his seal of approval is all you need to get in the door. But once inside, don't say or do anything that will get you kicked out. Capiche?

Aubry went to take off her flats, but I let her know that was my job. Oh, wow! When I took off the first one and sniffed it, the odor that hit my nose was a powerful one! So powerful, that I had to take a few more whiffs because I thought I was dreaming, or something! Her feet were acrid, even in fishnets. I truly enjoyed the crisp odor of her feet. This was going to be one amazing foot rub with some foot worship added. Aubry told me later that I was the first to massage and worship her high-arched, wide size 9.5-10 feet at the parties, but not the first to offer. As Unicron told Megatron in "Transformers: The Movie", "It pleases me to be the first".

We met again in between that and another party. Dressed as a kitten, she invited me to be a second pair of hands for the foot rub she was already getting after wearing sky high, red, platform peep-toe heels that night. I saw the fellow who was with her, and recognized him as The Phantom of the Opera who liked feet. Once before, I saw him giving a beautiful blonde a foot rub, and when I asked if I could sniff her shoe, he signaled no to me. We foot guys don't like sharing because it's a very intimate moment for us. The rest of the world no longer exists; it's just us and the person in front of us who is receiving our full attention. So I told her I didn't want to spoil his fun, and moved along. She went to look for me later, but couldn't find me. Knowing me, I was probably involved with another pair of exquisite feet.

All of this was a precursor for even better things to come! One night, at a party, my sword-carrying friend and I ran into her. She was dressed as a Hufflepuff kitten and Catholic schoolgirl. After a few hours, her feet began to ache, so she went to look for me. It must have been serious because she grabbed my hand, offered me a drink at bar [I declined because I'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking], and led me to the upper VIP area. Usually, that area was off limits to us, but recently became available. Actually, it was our sword-carrying friend who told the rest of us and showed it to us. It later became our favorite hang out spot! Upstairs, I worshiped Aubry's stinky flats before taking them off to get a blast from their insoles. Tonight, I found out her feet were ticklish. This was news to me! Good news. It's always fun to make a girl endure the irritation of tickling if she wants the pleasures of a foot rub and foot worship! And I didn't let her fishnets deter me in the least. Our mutual friend joined us, and then a girl neither of us knew. Aubry invited her to sit on the couch with her. Her name was Ashley, and she wanted some relief from her boots. I'd handled two pairs of feet at once before, so this was nothing new. Once again, I encountered fishnets, so I made the best of it. During that time, I told Aubry I wanted her to do the honor of being one of my foot models. She was flattered, and felt as if she was the privileged one instead of me. We figured on shooting the following month, which we did.

Aubry came with a friend who was also in the scene. If only they'd dressed opposite because Aubry came sans t-shirt and jeans. She had an outdoor festival look. It ended up working out because she had tattoos on her legs and on one foot. Fans of tatted or inked girls will like that. We had fun, but I kept it easy because it was her first shoot. Just because she knows fetish, doesn't mean she knows my fetish, and vice versa. There are two expressions we use in the fetish community, YKINMK (Your Kink Is Not My Kink) YKINMKBYKIOK (Your Kink Is Not My Kink But Your Kink Is OK). I made sure to tickle her feet, which she hated, but endured to get some foot worship. I introduced her to some light role play for that part. We all had fun! Next time, we will kick it up a notch or two!