Wednesday, March 25, 2015

One New Everyday Girl - Renee

Back some time in February, I saw an ad for a girl who had long, curly blonde hair. There were a couple of other pictures too. But the ones that got my attention were the one with her barefoot, and the other with her wearing Nike running sneakers and low cut black socks. I text her to see if she was down for the shoot, then called her. She and I talked, and had a good conversation. She even sent me pictures of what her family called her "canoe feet". They were cute, and her toes were unpolished. So yes, we definitely had to get together for a shoot. Unfortunately, she had left her stinky shoes at home, and wouldn't be back for a while. That was the first bad sign, then we lost touch. I'd call and text, but nothing. Finally, in March, I reached her, and she let me know lots of stuff happened in her life, but now she could shoot. That was how I finally got to meet our newest everyday girl Renee.

First, she said she would have to take the bus. Then she said a girl friend would bring her. And then she said she was bringing her daughter. I learned from previous experiences not to allow kids to be present, even the super tame shoots from a while ago. Infants cry, toddlers make noise and get chatty, and preschoolers want to their pictures taken too, plus become hyper during the shoot. I told her she could let her friend take her daughter to a McDonalds with a play area or to nearby park. That did the trick, apparently, the friend who was also the child's godmother, wanted no part of that, so she made other arrangement for her daughter.

Renee showed up wearing shorts, and had a pair of Jordans her brother gave her. A double no no. I requested pants or jeans and her own shoes. She comes with shorts and a pair of sneakers her brother used to own. Girls really push us some times. I didn't want to put her in scrubs [those are honorary items], so I decided to make up for it by tickling her feet as much as I could, plus sucking her toes because she said "Hell no" when I asked her if anyone ever sucked them. Her friend was more of an issue than she was. Her friend wanted me to pay the shoot money up front, chatted on her cell during the shoot, and wanted to smoke weed. The three of us went back and forth about the first one until it was resolved. I'm not paying anyone up front anymore [had an incident with a girl I trusted and had some history]. She went in and out for her calls with no regard for the shoot or for me. I made the place smell great, so I wasn't going to let her undo that by smoking anything, especially a drug. I told those girls no drama, but they still brought it. Then at the end of the shoot, she wanted to know what was her percentage. WTF???!!! I told her that was between her and Renee. As I said, girls really push us some times.

We had a fun shoot, in spite of Renee's friend. Honestly, I'd shoot with her again, but her friend would have to be absent next time. Knowing that probably won't happen, unfortunately means the chances of another shoot with her will be slim to none.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

One New Everyday Girl - Jessica

Some times, I want to shoot, but can't. Other times, I want to shoot, but then don't. And then there are times, I want to shoot, but shouldn't. The latter was the reason I hadn't shot with Belle when she would ask me if I needed her for another shoot. Mind you, Belle is Jersey's friend. So if I screw up with her, I probably screw up with Jersey too. There were so many new girls to shoot, that I had to push our shoot back, more than a few times. One day, Belle told me she had a friend who wanted to do the shoot. Alright, I was down for that, so I asked her to send me pictures of her. That was when the friend flaked, and claimed she was too shy to send pictures. My incentive to shoot was gone, so I put things off Belle again.

One day, I text her to apologize for not getting her back sooner. Her reply back surprised me because she said she had a girl who was down for the shoot. I asked if she was going to be like her friend who was to shy to even send pictures. Belle let me know the girl wasn't like that. When she finally sent me a picture of her, I was blown away. She looked like one of those girls you see on dating sites with a picture that is too beautiful to believe its real! That was how I finally got to meet our newest everyday girl Jessica.

I was a bit shaky for this shoot because I didn't get to talk with Jessica by phone the way I did with Belle after Jersey gave her my number. That would be all I needed. A super hot girl to come over right after work, not knowing what to fully expect, then balk at certain parts of the shoot. When Jessica arrived, she shook my hand very lightly. Uh, oh. Belle was on it though. I offered to buy them juice or soda for this long trip to me. Belle countered with asking if I had alcohol. Yes, indeed I did! I went to buy orange juice and Coca Cola, so they would have a choice of chasers. Belle was ready to rock and roll. Jessica quietly chilled. Then she did something unexpected. She took off her mix match socks, and asked me if her feet were pretty. The moment I saw her incredibly high arches, I was a goner! Add to that, she had a bright nail polish color on her toes, and her toes were darn near perfect. When I shot her videos, I noticed her and Jersey's toes were similar, they were medium-long, and very flexible. I let her know her feet definitely were pretty. I asked if she heard bad things about them, or heard good things, but didn't believe them. Fortunately, it was the latter. She put her socks back on, and her work sneakers, and watched Belle's shoot. Just to make Jessica feel more a part of the theatrics, I had her be a stand in camera person, dialogue and interact with Belle. She even went as far as to smell Belle's smelly work socks [for the second time], which she wore two days because she was too busy to do laundry, and her stinky work sneakers.

Although Jessica kept her arms crossed throughout her shoot, that was just her. Her pictures were amazing! When she smiled, she lit the room with her perfect-looking teeth! She mentioned in her interview that she had her feet kissed once, and someone sucked her toes for a second. I don't know if the person ended it, or she did. But I tell you this, Jessica loves foot worship, and definitely loves having her toes sucked! I felt like I was shooting with Jersey because Jessica's toes kept finding their way into my mouth all on their own! The bad thing was, I had a bad camera view, and missed catching the brunt of it on video. Yeah...I'm still kicking myself for that. Well, there is next time. Oh yeah, Jessica got to turn the tables on Belle when I had her sniff one of Jessica's work sneakers. The thing is, unlike most girls, Jessica actually washes her sneakers. They looked almost new when I saw them. Her socks were a little stinky though. I could see her toe prints when she did her videos.

We all had a fun time, and look forward to another shoot. Come to find out the reasons Jessica was tense was because this was totally new to her, we hadn't spoken by phone, so she didn't know what to fully expect, plus she had to keep check on time because she had something to do later that night. The ice was broken, as Belle put it. So next time Jessica comes over, all heck might break loose!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

One New Everyday Girl - Ariana

Its March...spring break, St. Patrick's Day, and March Madness month, and I'm still hitting the Internet for girls who would be down for a foot fetish shoot. One who was almost too good to be true, appeared on my radar near the end of last year, November to be exact. I text and called, but got nothing other than voicemail, and a few text messages. Persistently, I kept trying even when I didn't receive any more texts. Then one month, I think I pissed her off because she harshly text me to stop calling her number. I think sending her sample shoe and foot pictures as visual aids were to much for her. So I let her cool down, and then apologized to her through email. This girl, I simply had to shoot. Her pictures were fantastic! Each time I saw her updated page, it was as if she were on a trip to various countries. She was my white whale, and I was Captain Ahab! She had lily white skin, red hair, a waif body, a unique smile, insanely high arches, and wore glasses. One day, after sending her a text, I called directly, and she answered! That was how I finally got to meet our newest everyday girl Ariana.

There was more to it than that. The reason she finally came around was because she recently met someone who was into feet, and he was the catalyst that led to our shoot. Ariana was full of interesting stories. Her first introduction to foot worship was just a day before we shot. She went into detail about how her feet have been a focal point for many years, dating all the way back to high school! And speaking of high school, she brought along a very worn pair of cute, colorful canvas shoes that she had since high school. Ariana's feet are so small, she can buy her shoes in girls sizes instead of women sizes. So she pays far less than most women for her footwear. For example, she told me she paid just $5 for her canvas shoes. And when she shops for women shoes, she either can't find her size, or if she does, they are discounted to a minimum because few people can fit them.

Because it took so long for us to finally get together, I wanted to make sure the shoot would make up for lost time and be epic! Ariana really got into it...and into me too. She had lots of fun, I made sure of that. And I told her if she thought that was something, wait until our next shoot. She, like myself, definitely looks forward to it!