Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Finally Caught Up

It was an arduous journey, but after months and months of long hours on the computer, Planet of the Arches and Workout Girls Feet are both up to date!

You have no idea how disheartening it was to be in 2011, and still be working on 2010 posts. It was a blow to my esteem as a webmaster and producer. There were so many stills that you hadn't seen, and so many videos to post. But now after months of upload, eat, upload, sleep, upload, run errand, upload, etc., that journey is over. Now begins the journey of keeping the site updated as close to real-time as possible.

Thank you for enduring this with me, and not turning your backs. The girls are happy so many of you still buy their socks, sneakers, pumps, and flats. That is one thing that always separates us from other foot sites out there. The other thing would be our diligence with replying to your comments and your requests as soon as possible.

Once again, thank you, and look forward to big things for us in 2011!!!