Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Updates Are Back

It had indeed been a long time since Planet of the Arches and WorkoutGirlsFeet was updated. But after the host switch in July this year, we are finally back to the updated. Unfortunately, the updates are phenomenally behind. Everything had to be transferred manually because our former host would not provide us with the information needed to allow our new host to transfer them using their systems.

So how phenomenally behind are the updates? We just posted November and December 2009in November 2010! Thankfully, we are now posting the January 2010 footage in December 2010. It is a slow, but steady process. In an effort to get more updates posted, we now shoot less, so as to place more time on the upload process.

Regarding shooting less, we are also being even more discriminate than ever when it comes to the girls you will see. Our vision is still the same. You will see some of the most beautiful girls with high-arched feet out there. They will have some of the hottest worn footwear you love, and also want to buy from them. And they will also be totally new, or slightly new to foot fetish. The girls who've never done this before, especially girls off the street, are some of the best to shoot!

Thank you for bearing with us through the update process. In return, the updates you see will be well worth the wait!