Tuesday, December 25, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Angela

Time is such a fascinating part of our lives. Sometimes, it never seems to end, other times, it moves too quickly. Scarlett and I, were supposed to shoot months ago. But she disappeared off the map...not to be heard from until, you guessed it--months later. I really wanted so shoot Scarlett because I knew she was different, very different. She proved that in her shoot, and by the way she can made up for the time loss. That is how I was about to shoot our newest everyday girl, Angela, a bold little something who took me aback!

Angela came to me by way of Scarlett. She was her friend, and was interested in doing the shoot. I know how this goes, so I told Scarlett to send me pictures of Angela. Within minutes, I had a head shot and a picture of her feet. I also received a picture of Meghan and her feet. Usually, I need proof of their high arches. But after seeing their head shots, I didn't care if they had high arches, or not!

The shoots went super well, and Angela set the bar for her friends, as she went first. I have to say, the three of them reminded me of Serena, Blair, and Penelope from the original group of mean girls on Gossip Girl. Scarlett never saw Gossip Girl, so she asked me to elaborate. Here is a video from the show. Blair isn't in this one, but you'll get the picture.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Kimmy

It is not easy getting girls I meet while I'm out and about to do these shoots. The easy part is meeting them. The difficult part is the wait. I used to not ask them for their numbers, which increased the chances of them not calling. Then after I talked with a friend of mine who is very good at getting numbers, I started asking for them. Some would give me their numbers, and would still flake. Its a dice roll to tell you the truth. So when Shay mentioned our newest everyday girl, Kimmy, to me, I was happy to be able to not have to deal with the usual way of things.

Kimmy came to me by way of Shay. She was her friend, and she had high arches. I know how this goes, so I told Shay to send me pictures of Kimmy. She sent a head shot. Girls are crazy about head shots, so I didn't ask for a full body one. Next, I needed to see if her friend had high arches. Later, Shay sent me a picture to confirm it.

I got to officially see Kimmy shortly thereafter, but not to shoot her. Besides, she was dressed far too glamorously for the shoot. She wore boots, which I had her take one off so I could see her arch in person. Wow! Yep, she was really as good as in now! The next time she came over, she was dressed for the shoot, except for her shoes. She wore sandals, which she called flats. Depending on where you are from, the terminology for things can differ. That is why northerners call their area by the ocean, the shore, and southerners call their area by the ocean, the beach. Anyway, Kimmy more than made up for it by bringing her stiletto pumps. Kimmy's shoot went very well, and she enjoyed receiving her very first foot massage just as her friend Shay enjoyed her first one.

Monday, December 10, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Nina

Its been said, lightning never strikes twice in the same place, which is incorrect. And then there is the adage, birds of a feather, flock together, which is correct. Well, here we have a case where lightning strikes in the same place three times because our newest everyday girl, Nina, is proof of it.

Nina came to me by way of Sophia. She was her friend who came along to make sure everything was kosher with the shoot. Things were so kosher that Nina left Sophia in my care, as she had prior plans.

As I shot Sophia, I gave her my utmost attention, but could not help but notice Nina, especially how her arches peeked out of her cute little black suede wedges. Nina was dressed like a celebrity, complete with sunglasses on top of her head. I was more than intrigued, but intrigue took a backseat to priority and courtesy. Nina didn't show any interest in the shoot, so I figured she had no interest in it. Later, I found out she did, so we scheduled a shoot.

She was a challenge from start to finish, but in a good way. Nina would do an awesome pose, and instead of holding it, would change positions and facial expressions just to mess with me. Also, she knew how superb her feet were, and played them up to the tee. It was to the point, she had to stop me from taking pictures, so we could shoot videos! Nina was also good at saying stuff to purposely mess with me, which was funny. We had a fun shoot, and you can see the phenomenal results on the site.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Chelly

Most of you heard this adage, "birds of a feather, flock together". This is one instance where that adage more than holds its water. Sophia, told me she had a friend who might want to do the shoot, and she would send pictures of her. Sure enough, she sent pictures. But when I saw them, I thought for sure she was playing with me. The first couple of pictures, were of feet just like hers, down to the lavender nail polish! I figured she must've sent me more pictures of her feet by mistake...then I saw the last picture--a headshot of Chelly, our newest everyday girl.

Its easy to find two or more girls who are friends, who have similar interests and tastes, likes, and dislikes. But to find these same girls, and their feet to have very high arches, is less easy to find. Chelly was a spontaneous girl with mesmerising eyes, and who had us laughing from hello until good night. It an understatement to say Sophia really has a fascinating friend in Chelly! She kept going on about her shoes being worn, and her feet being "ashy". I told her that was exactly what I wanted to shoot, real shoes and real feet, not to mention, real girls, and Chelly was about as real as girls can get. She is one girl I definitely want to have back over again!