Friday, February 21, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Ava

Its almost March, and I still haven't ordered new business cards. I gave my last one to a nursing student who never called. One girl who seemed rather interested, I ended up writing my site info and my info down in her journal book, after I showed her shoot pictures on my camera. No call from her either. So that took me back to the Internet, which was how I met our newest everyday girl Ava.

The moment I saw Ava, and her tattooed with attitude look, I knew I had to contact her. She had on a pair of visibly worn black boots that I had to worship. We talked by phone, and she came over to shoot. Mind you, she was major late, but made up for it by being true to her picture, even better actually. The only issue was she had to leave before time. I had a feeling that would happen, so I crammed as much as I could into the time I figured she would be able to stay. It worked out well, although she and you got shorted on the usual amount of foot massage time done at the end of the shoot.

Monday, February 10, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Darlene

This is going to be one post you and I will remember for a while. Sherman, set the Wayback Machine for Sunday, January 26, 2014. This is the day I meet our newest everyday girl Darlene.

I left work a little early, and saw a women with red hair walking south down the road. She was just about to reach 38th Street. I jumped my bike down to avoid her and to not startle her. Just as I neared her, she turned to me and asked if I had a phone. I saw she was a rather decent-looking older woman. She told me she'd walked from Delray Beach@ My mind immediately went to how I could give her a foot rub. We passed the bench before 38th, so the next one was my other option. She had to walk to the next main road, so that was perfect! I asked if her feet hurt, and of course, they did. She wanted to know the address of her friend's job, so I searched for it. As a way to get her to sit down, I told her to have a seat while I searched because I needed to use both hands. She did, and crossed her legs, I found the address, and gave her my phone. As she looked at the address, I reached down, and said I had to see something. I took off her left sneaker, and saw it was gray inside.

Since things were getting personal, I introduced myself, and asked her name. Her name was Darlene, and she had size 6 1/2 feet with very high arches. As I rubbed her foot, I told her what I did on the side. Before I put on her sneaker, I sniffed it. I could tell her sneakers were good and stinky, even without her super long walk! Her feet were warm, and her socks were dirty. Darlene told me she could use the money because she had none. She lost her purse [later found it was stolen] and one of her cell phones. Apparently, she had one heck of a weekend! She left her boyfriend when he said he was going to sleep with her best friend's 18 year-old daughter. Ah, I'd met a drama queen. She walked through Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, and was now almost home. Somewhere in between, she stopped at a bar, and passed out [some young guy drugged her drink]. She woke up at 2am, and began walking again.

As she reviewed her friend's work address, I noticed her fingers, and I told her I could tell she had pretty feet by looking at her fingers, with their unpolished nails. I asked Darlene if she ever had a foot rub. She said her ex-husband gave her one. Next, as I took off her dirty sock, I saw her beautiful foot. She had red polish on her toes, and it really needed to be redone. I loved it!!! I asked if anyone ever kissed her feet. She said no, so I took a good whiff and began kissing it. Contrast to her need for nail polish, her feet were well-kept, and she had immaculate, supple soles. I was there, so I kept kissing her foot, which she enjoyed with a smile. Then I asked if anyone ever sucked her toes, and she said she wasn't into that. By then, I had her foot near my mouth and sucked her big toe. She pulled back, but not forcefully. At least I got the taste of her sweaty toe on my tongue. I kissed her foot again, and put on her sock so we could keep going. Mind you, it was a bit chilly that morning, so my hands were a little cool to the touch. Her warm feet took care of that issue as soon as I touched them.

I told Darlene I would write the address on paper for her, as well as my contact info. We stopped at a gas station, and I took care of that. We headed toward 21st Avenue, where she had to keep going south to 19th. Right at the I-95 entry ramp, we saw a Hispanic man in a BMW with a beautiful, buxom Hispanic girl. His car gave out on him, so he pushed it and cursed it. The girl had dark hair, a see through black top and black jacket, a black skirt, black pantyhose with designs, and knee high black suede boots. It was obvious they partied or clubbed Saturday night, and were headed home. As bad as all this was, as I said, it was chilly outside.

Darlene and I parted ways. She said she was so tired, she would probably get home, not even take off her sneakers, and go to sleep.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Jill

Something happened that was inevitable. I watched it happen every time I shot, and every time I approached a girl to do a shoot. Instead of being proactive, I became reactive. What am I talking about? I ran out of business cards. Now that I've run out, I had to take to the Internet to find girls to shoot. That was how I got to meet our newest everyday girl Jill.

I didn't know if she had high arches, so she offered to come by to show me. Oh man! I really don't like when a girl tries to force my hand that way. Who wants to turn someone down in person? I'm not Tim Gunn, Chef Gordon Ramsey, or Tyra Banks...people who turn down everyday people on a regular basis. Jill was an anomaly. She looked good in her pictures, but far better in person! But what truly made her an anomaly was her voice didn't match her appearance. Apparently, someone else was doing the talking, and Jill was the silent one. However, when it came to texting, it was Jill...I think. Let me explain things so they will be clearer for you.

Recently, I've met girls who do what is needed to make it. That was how I found Jill. As long as we have fun, and everyone is happy, to me, that is all that matters. And Jill had fun and was happy.

I walked Jill out to the car, and got to see the person behind the voice. It was like a Charlie's Angels moment. The original Charlie's Angels, not that crappy movie version. Let me tell you, when I saw the girl behind the voice, she was so stunning, I would've worshipped her feet right then and there after she'd been driving all day. And I would've gladly given her a foot massage, no questions asked.