Monday, October 22, 2007

Mean Girl At My Job

I guess it was inevitable. I fell for a mean girl at my job simply because she has beautiful feet. A girl could be in my midst every day, and I not pay attention to her. But the moment I find out she has beautiful feet, she becomes a Goddess to me.

This girl has the worst attitude at my job, and to top it off, she is much younger than me, and is my supervisor. Her sister is barely older than her, and is one of my managers. I didn't see that her sister had the same feet she did though. Every day we worked together, we could clock in at the same time, clock out at the same time, and never say a word to each other. She was rather nasty during work hours as well. And she loves attention being on her, especially on her days off. She would come to the job wearing the sexiest clothes her money could buy. None of that phased me though. But then one day, she came in on a day off, and she wore chunky black flip flops. I prefer thin black flip flops, as they are my favorite. But the point was that I saw her feet. The was the day everything changed.

She had very pretty toes, OK, beautiful toes, round heels, and high arches. Suddenly, I saw just how pretty she really was, despite the tight little one piece skirt she wore. I took it upon myself to get to know her better, and so I did. I let her know she had pretty feet, and she appreciated the compliment. She did her own pedicures, as she was no longer a pampered princes anymore. So for her birthday, I gave her a gift certificate from one of the finest nail salons around, good for a manicure and pedicure. Later, I found out, she just did the manicure. I didn't get to see it, not even on her day off when she came in sporting it. I was on graveyard during that time. When I finally saw her, she just took her manicured nails off.

The next time I saw her feet was on a day off for her. I literally ran to see them up close. She was with family, and playfully kicked at me, telling me to stop.

I so want to give her what would probably be her first foot massage. And I really want her to model for me. She would be the first naturally mean girl ever to be on my sites. But I fear she would tell everything, and would probably not be as mean on camera as she was in real life. By the way, the mean act was mainly for employees and customers. She was really a sweet, but misunderstood person inside.

So for now, all I can do is hope things change for the better. And maybe one day, at least one of the things I hope for from her will come true.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Dirty Socks and Stinky Sneakers

It still amazes girls that we would buy their socks, sneakers, and shoes after they made them nasty, dirty, and stinky. But hey, that is what we do, and we enjoy it! So we continue making the connection between fans and their favorite foot fetish models by putting the most appealing, yet worst conditioned, items of theirs up for sale.

If you visit Planet of the Arches and Workout Girls Feet, you will see there are more items up for grabs. You will not find any other site with girls as pretty as the ones we shoot, and that sell their worn footwear to their fans.

We want to thank our fans that bought items from the girls, and that continue to do so. Please stay tuned for many more girls with many more socks, shoes, high heels, stilettos, flip flops, and sneakers to sell.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Just Dropping A Line

We did not forget you in the least. We have been working very hard to get on the best girls to show their feet for you. So far, we have been doing a great job of it, but haven't had time to blog about them. You can see a few of them at our sites because they are the ones with socks, shoes, and sneakers for sale. Just to give you a run down, here are their names: Aries, Alicat, Alison, Jai, and Melissa. In time, you will get to see each one of them on the sites. But for now, you can see them at this link