Sunday, August 31, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Holly

This was another time I took it online to see if anyone would bite. Most girls still don't get foot fetish, so they don't reply. Those who do, have to be screened to make sure they will make for a good shoot. My back was against the wall when this particular everyday girl came through for me. She screened well, but in person, I found she had certain stipulations and restrictions. Allow me to introduce you to our newest everyday girl Holly.

It was the last week of the month, and I try my hardest to resist shooting a girl during that time. Why? Imagine you run a store, and receive a new item. If you put out the item near the end of the month, you will not receive much of a return for it. But if you put it out near the beginning of the month, you have a better chance of making a better return. The same goes for me running my site. Besides that, my other reason is I want to relax during the last week of each month. But this time I wanted one more shoot because Alicia told me about some attire she had that sparked my interest big time. I tried to get her in July, but didn't. She replied in August, and we set a day to shoot. In the meantime, Holly text me out of the blue in the middle of the night [around 3:36am] about the shoot. She was down for it, but I had already set a time and day with Alicia. I told Holly I had to shoot Alicia because she could be difficult to schedule. Something told me to go with Holly, and reschedule with Alicia, but I had to see Alicia in that outfit!

The day before our shoot, I text Alicia to confirm with her, but received no reply. Warning! Danger Will Robinson! Our shoot time came and passed, so I text her to find out if she was running late. She text me to say she forgot about our shoot, and had some things to do before she went out to party for her birthday [August 30]. I told her I understood, and for her to have fun. It sucks to get all dressed up and have nowhere to go and nothing to do, so I immediately text Holly to see if she could shoot. She let me know she could, and to call her.

Holly and I talked, and she was super cool on the phone. She wanted to know if she could bring her bodyguard, so I told her how I felt about guys present during shoots. I let her know the guy had to wait outside for her. The only exception would be a gay guy because they are just like one of the girls, so to speak. Holly said she would come with her best friend. Girls are devious. I had no idea her best friend was a guy and [he] doubled as her bodyguard! I asked her if he was staying, and she let me know he was, but would not be a distraction for her. That was her stipulation. Here were her restrictions.

She mentioned in her interview that she had someone kiss her feet, but didn't like it. And when I asked if anyone ever sucked her toes, she said that part she disliked most! Not another one! I didn't see that one coming at all! Holly said she had a boyfriend who wanted to see her feet when they met. She has beautiful feet, receives massages, but doesn't like foot worship. What kind of shoot is this going to be? I thought to myself. Mind you, Holly was from New Jersey. So far, all my Jersey girls have been super down for foot worship--but not this one. I said to myself, I would see where this all goes. Maybe, I could get her past her hang up about it.

We shot, and I tried a few things, some worked, others did not. I was "stranger", as she put it. But now, we somewhat know each other better. One thing that really made up for the stipulations and restrictions were her stinky, or as she called them, "rockin", flats. They were intoxicating! I explained to her the shoe sale to fans thing because wanted her future fans to have a chance to get them. But after my flight risk experiences, plus the way her flats looked and smelled, I had to have them for myself. I told her it weren't for the fact that she didn't com with another pair of shoes, she'd have to leave barefoot. Holly mentioned a number, I countered, and she walked out shoeless! All in all, it was a very good shoot. Holly loved the camera, and it loved her. She definitely outdid many girls who shoot fetish for a living. I definitely want to have Holly come back. Next time, maybe I can get more from her, which will make for an even better shoot.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Mistress Adira

It was time to take it online again to see if anyone would bite. Most girls still don't get foot fetish, so they don't reply. Those who do, have to be screened to make sure they will make for a good shoot. A few prospects came through, but one really stood out amongst the others. That was how you I got to shoot our newest everyday girl Mistress Adira.

Mistress Adira took some really good pictures of herself and her feet. Her look changed with each picture she sent, but her feet, of course, stayed the same, except for the polish. Needless to say, I was intrigued. It's rare that a girl takes good pictures of her feet unless it's for Facebook or Twitter. But every now and then, there are those who nail it without the need to be an online attention whore.

She was much taller than she seemed in her pictures. And like most dominatrix girls, she was very down-to-earth in person. Heck, she even brought me a gift basket of prop items. We had a fun time, and she wants to come back as much as I want her to come back!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Belle

Sometimes I am minding my business, and suddenly receive a text from an unknown girl who wants to do a shoot. The thing is, I didn't initiate any contact with how did she get my number? Its because she heard about me from someone I shot that gave me the green light as cool guy she should meet. So here it goes. Let me clear my throat before I say it so you can hear it clearly. Reputation is key to shooting fetish. I feel I can never say it enough because its just that important. It was because of someone I shot that we can introduce our newest everyday girl Belle.

So who gave me the green light? It was Jersey. Jersey and Belle not only work together, they are also friends. Now, you want to really make this even more fascinating? It was because Amanda gave me her green light, that I met Jersey. Its the whole six degrees of separation thing. And it was because Ava gave me her green light that I met Amanda, and later met Starr. That is four people. So in actuality, I shot Belle because I shot Ava. She was the initial catalyst in all of this. Fascinating!

Getting back to Belle, she was definitely down for the shoot. She thought it would be fun, plus she had a boyfriend who pampered her feet, so she kind of knew what to expect. She and Jersey came over right after work, and both of them warned me about it. Belle was more self-conscious though, especially with it being the first time we met. She had a firm, sultry voice, and a dead serious look that looked pretty awesome in her pictures. Belle is that woman who you'd see, and know you could change her entire mood just by giving her a foot rub.

She thought Jersey and I would be offended when she took off her sneakers. Jersey assured her that what she didn't like, I'd love. And she was right. Belle was fantastic! She totally got into the shoot, and got super comfortable, and I do not exaggerate when I say super comfortable. Her videos show her in utter bliss! Needless to say, she wants to come back, and I am all for it!