Saturday, September 14, 2013

One New Everyday Girl - Sandra

For this blog post, I could basically cut and paste the previous entry I made for Ciara. I say that because the way I met Ciara was the same way I met our newest everyday girl, Sandra.

My friend, who also shares my affinity, got to know Sandra from when she began at his workplace. One day, she and a friend went there in sandals. He gave her a compliment on her feet, and that was that. Later, she took time away from work, but later returned. This time, he had something else for her.

I'd seen Sandra before, but knew nothing about her. She was very pretty, and also looked very young. These days, it seems the younger girls look older, and the older girls look younger. Sandra had a varying style as well, one time going as far as to don "Poetic Justice" braids a la Janet Jackson. Luckily, my friend knew her for a while, so he said she was all right to shoot. Not only that, he would tell her about it, and see if she wanted to do it.

One important part of pickup is social proof, especially when it involves cold approaches. My friend told me to send a picture of my card to his phone so he could show it to Sandra. That was the same thing he had me do with Ciara. Sandra wanted to do the shoot, but had two reservations: she'd been scammed by a foot shoot before, and she didn't know me. I'll explain the first part later. Regarding the second part, we'd crossed paths, but never had any formal introduction, as neither of us knew each other, plus, as I said, I thought she was very young.

I've said it before, and I will say it as many times as needed. When doing foot shoots, reputation is key. My friend told me Sandra did a foot shoot before, but it didn't pan out for her. Most girls would immediately not consider giving the same unusual and very different thing, a second chance. But my friend is very persuasive when it comes to feet. He worked his magic to get Sandra over any hesitations she might have. It worked, and we set a day to do the shoot. It was then, Sandra told me what happened with her first foot shoot.

Sandra and a friend of hers, had a friend with a foot fetish. Long story short, he offered them big money for what sounded like TGP (thumbnail gallery post) images. They shot them, he said the pictures weren't accepted, they received nothing.

Sandra didn't wear what I requested, and showed up in sandals. I thought to myself, she was not going to give this her all. But as we shot, I liked her choice for the day more and more. And although she forgot her work socks, it was all good because she wore her work sneakers without socks, and that really made up for it. Sandra had a fun time, liked her pictures, and is ready to shoot again!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

One New Everyday Girl - Ciara

Most of you know, I do this thing solo. I've contracted out to have others shoot stills for me for the site, and I've also had others refer models to me for the site. Some individual results were A+, while others were D. If I graded those results as a whole, it would be a B+. Recently, a friend helped with two referrals. One was a C-, but went down to a D because she changed up her look, plus kept bringing along some dude who she called her cousin. Neither my friend or myself knew any girls or guys whose cousins were with them everywhere they went. He redeemed himself though when he helped refer our newest everyday girl, Ciara.

Ciara was a straight A. I'd seen her before, but didn't know who she was, or what she did. She knew a girl I wanted to shoot, but backed off because I found out she was married to someone whose bad side I didn't want to be on. Furthermore, both of them worked at the same place, so I didn't want any drama between them, or stemming from their coworkers. My friend, who also shares my affinity, got to know Ciara, and talked her into taking off one of her shoes for him. He gave her the green light after he found out she had beautiful feet and modeled. He set the play in motion, then passed to me.

I called Ciara, we had an interesting conversation about her, and set a shoot day. OK, now here are the reasons Ciara didn't get an A+. Although she arrived late, I didn't hold it against her because she told me about it ahead of time. She didn't get an A+ because she came with a very close relative of hers [her grandmother] who caused her to be more reserved. Add to that, her grandmother had to leave soon, which meant Ciara had to leave soon. Arriving late and leaving early is not a good combination. She also didn't tell her how long the shoot was supposed to be. And since Ciara and I hadn't been introduced to each other earlier, and our first meeting was a rush job, she felt shy around me, which also caused her to be reserved.

Outside of that, we had a very good shoot. Ciara enjoyed herself, and definitely wants to come back again. By the way, her grandmother found it all amusing, and understood it because she saw the movie "Boomerang", starring Eddie Murphy.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

One New Everyday Girl - Jazmine

I am not sure if Michael Jordan originally coined the phrase about missing 100 percent of the shots you don't take, but it definitely applies to this update. Sometimes...ok, a lot of times, I love my bed too much. This means, I'm inside when I could and should be outside to see who fascinates me enough to want to approach her. Luckily, this was one day I decided to force myself outside, and that was the way I met our newest everyday girl, Jazmine.

While on my way out, I saw this beautiful goth girl who I'd missed once before because of bad timing. This time, I made sure to catch her. She was light-skinned, resembled Ranada, was dressed in black from head to toe, and had a septum ring. One other point of interest about her was her boyfriend gave her foot massages. I wasn't dressed the best at the time, but didn't let that stop me. Sometimes a good approach can overcome such a shortcoming. She was on the go, so I didn't chat with her long.

The store is usually my most successful place for meeting everyday girls. As I left with my purchase, I saw a stunning young woman hiding her beauty by wearing slides, rolled up jeans, a tank top, a baseball cap, and hair in a ponytail. I know this look; its the undercover model look. OK, I left the store, but then sometime made me turn back. I met Jazmine over by the meat section, as she struggled to hold a number of items without a basket [no baskets in huge retail store, that's crazy]. I told her I left the store, but her style and her feet made me do a U-turn. She smiled, and then I told her about the shoot. This began an interesting and revealing conversation.

Jazmine used to be a model, just had her tattoo redone, knew her feet were pretty, and was totally in the know about fetishes! Our conversation got better and better, but I know to put a time limit on things. As much as Jazmine liked what I said, she said it sounded too good to be true. I told her to bring someone along if she felt that way. I tell girls I have nothing to hide [so if they don't believe me, its their loss]. After Jazmine did her research, a few days later she called me, and we shot that same day!