Sunday, July 26, 2015

One New Everyday Girl - Sara

Every now and then, a girl comes through for me in a very big way. And its always after I get 100 percent ready to shoot a different girl or different girls. This is going to be a drama post, but before I get into the details and drama, let me introduce our newest everyday girl Sara.

I saw Sara's ad a couple of weeks ago, and all I really saw were her long legs and high-arched feet with long, orange-painted toes. She was pretty: long, curly brown hair, freckles, and a lithe body. So I text her, which she replied back to with interest. We didn't get to talk because it was too late for me to shoot with a girl who placed an online ad. I've done late night shoots before, but only because I had a better feeling about the person, and didn't think a situation would arise. We agreed to shoot on a different day, and during the day, but she didn't get back to me. No problem, I kept it moving.

Last week, I approached a cute girl who was stocking shelves at about 6 am. She wore a pair of what seemed to be stinky black Toms. I just left the gym, and was on my way home. She was cool with it and said she would call me. Well, she text me that same day, and said she wanted to shoot the next day, and her sister would bring her. She also wanted to know if I'd pay her sister too. Of course I would. So the drama begins when the girl texts me to say they can't make it to my place by 8 pm, maybe 8:30 or 9. Then she said her sister wanted to talk to me after she finished doing her hair. An hour plus passed, then I received a private number call. Instantly, it raised red flags. Sure enough, my instincts were right. The girl came on brusque, and when she demanded payment up front, I realized she was either a stripper, escort, or both. I told her I no longer did that due to an incident with a girl who I had shoot history. That girl brought me five more, including her twin sister. But one day, she was in a bad place, asked for up front payment in smaller denominations so she could pay her driver, walked out, and drove away with the person. So if someone who I had history with would do that, someone whom I had none with, could definitely do the same. The sister didn't budge, ditto for me. I told her we wouldn't be shooting. She suggested Saturday morning, but I know how that goes. Party girls wake up late on weekends, and then text to say they overslept and want to shoot later, or can't make it. I text the girl I met to let her know why I called off the shoot. She of course, sided with her sister who was a d--k because she f--ked both of them out of some easy money.

Maybe you don't know this, but getting totally prepared for a shoot is like getting ready for a date. Although I changed out of my shoot clothes, I was still in the mood to shoot. So I contacted a couple of escorts who were down to shoot before, but we never did one. Sara answered her phone, and said she would prefer to shoot that night instead of on Saturday. She was super close, and came in about 20 minutes. My only issue with her was she only had sandals. All of her very worn, closed-toe shoes were at her home in Pompano Beach. I definitely think she outdid any performance these two sisters could have done, especially the escort one. She laughed the entire time, so I could tell she liked me and the shoot. I even got to suck her toes after she told me one guy who introduced her to first time domination and foot fetish, but wanted too much from her, so she didn't allow him to suck her toes. He had her trample him, ballbust him, and force him to lick the bottoms of her shoes. He wanted her to berate him, but that wasn't in her nature, so she didn't do it. I kept things light, playful, and kept her laughing. He lost; I won.

Sara totally enjoyed the shoot, found it interesting, and was down for another one.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

One New Everyday Girl - Jordan

Before I get into the details and drama of of how I met our newest everyday girl Jordan, I want to explain the absence of updates.

A while ago, I let my Norton Internet Protection expire. Thing seems to function as normal, with the exception of pc slowing down, Internet freezing, or pages being slow to load. Then one day, I received a message about my files being encrypted, and if I didn't pay to have them decrypted, I would lose them forever. I ignored it, thinking it was a scam...I was wrong. My files on my pc became unavailable to preview, open, or play. The same went for my external hard drive, which I foolishly kept plugged into my pc. People tried to help me, but my ransomware trojan wasn't the original Cryptolocker ransomware that was later taken down when the international government agencies got involved. The one which affected me was one of its variations or clones. Eventually, I was forced to lose all my files and programs, and reinstall windows. My external hard drive showed my pc operating system affected it, not the ransomware itself, so those files I got back. I purchased BitDefender antivirus, and began updating again with unreleased material. Lesson well learned!

Alright...before that, I hit the Internet again, and saw Jordan's ad. She replied to my text, and wanted to shoot as soon as possible. We had a pretty good shoot. Jordan wasn't new to foot fetish. But she never had a foot massage, which was a bonus. It took her a while to get herself ready, which threw us off schedule by about 10-12 minutes. That later, came back on us, and screwed up the shoot. Apparently, her ride, which was a group of guys, started blowing up her phone when their version of an hour hit. Technically, they were right. Jordan had been there an hour, but wanted to check her makeup, plus needed to change clothes [into scrubs] because she didn't come dress as I requested. As much as I tried to squeeze in her first time foot massage, it didn't happen. I wanted to shoot her again to get that done, but after I thought about it, I decided against it. Another lesson learned.