Wednesday, January 14, 2015

One New Everyday Girl - Ava

This shoot has a story that has to be told. I'll definitely remember it, not just for the drama behind it. But also for whose shoot it was. It all began with me hitting the Internet for girls who would be down for a foot fetish shoot. I'd been through the usual suspects whose pictures appear over and over again due to auto posting. Then one night, I saw a girl who somehow totally got past me during my searches. She was beautiful, had an amazing body, and was dressed as one of Santa's sexy elves. I text, then called. I didn't get her. Instead, I got the guy whose motorcycle she sat on in her pictures. He told me he'd have her call me back. Ava called me later, but then she put me on hold, and I got bombarded with someone who wanted to talk, so I ended the call. I called later, but couldn't get her. After that, I would call every so often out of persistence. One day, she answered, and that was how I finally got to meet our newest everyday girl Ava.

The story doesn't end there though; that's just the beginning! Ava and I talked for a few minutes, and she told me the girl I spoke with the first time, was not her. After we got the craziness sorted, she sent me pictures of herself and a friend of hers. The friend flaked, but Ava stayed the course...or so I thought. The day we scheduled to shoot, she said she couldn't do it, and wanted to schedule for the next day. Now, this can go both ways. Some girls reschedule, only to flake again. But then there are those who really want to do something, and suggest a day they can do it. Fortunately, Ava was the latter. She even sent me pictures of her shoes.

Ava told me she would have to take the bus to get to me. But she was so close, for her, it was nothing. It always trips me out when girls who I think are far away, are within a few miles of me. Sometimes, they are around the corner from me, or on my same street! And that brings me to Jazz. Both she and Valerie live down the street from me. When Ava came over, she told me she knew the neighborhood because her sister lived there. And she had a friend who lived there too. OK, I was clueless about the sister thing, but had the slightest thought in my mind that maybe she was talking about Valerie when she mentioned the friend who lived there. It wasn't until she said a little more that I found out I was about to shoot Jazz's twin sister! Ava even told me she'd done something like our shoot before. It went over my head that she meant she shot with my fan turned producer who was in Miami. Both she and Jazz shot with him. I wanted to shoot with them too, but he said they disappeared from the scene. The crazy part is they both ended up in my area, and one by one, they both shot with me! How cool, but crazy was that???!!!

Ava and I had a very good shoot. So good, that just like Jazz, she too, almost fell asleep during the foot massage. And just like Jazz, she loves foot worship, but Jazz really, really loves it. I told Ava from the start that I was legit and I had to uphold my reputation when she asked me was this all on the up and up. Ava was so blown away by everything that she said she would tell her friend what she missed, plus would tell other girls she knew about me.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

One New Everyday Girl - Kimberly

Sometimes you see a girl that you just feel you have to have, or experience. Of course, this usually solely based upon her looks because you probably know little else about her. Getting hooked on a few pictures took me down that long, winding road. It was a promising road that had potholes, perceived dead ends, and many curves and turns. But I hung in there, and that was how I finally got to meet our newest everyday girl Kimberly.

Kimberly and I started off so well over the phone after I saw her ad and called her. My main issues with her were distance and her lack of attire. She told me she had sandals, no closed-toe shoes. Those were at her house. She said she had flats, but didn't like them because they looked crazy. That was a new one to me; it was her opinion anyway. I did receive some really good news from her though. Soon, she would go back to her place to get more clothes and shoes. And she told me she had all types of them, ones I'd be guaranteed to like. All was ok...then the potholes came and perceived dead ends came.

You ever call a girl, and get the old, call me back in five minutes song? Its even worse when she says call her back in 20 minutes, or more. So you chump yourself, wait, and call back later, only to get another callback time request, or her voicemail. The worst is when as soon as you call back, it goes straight to voicemail! Do you leave a voicemail, text her, call later, or call another day? So may options for a chump. An Average Frustrated Chump (AFC). I chumped myself quite a few times because Kimberly was so hot.

About a week later, I got her on the phone, and she told me she didn't think she could make it to me. Well, at least she was up front about it. Some girls will make you think they are on the way, and then don't show up, or text or call to let you know they flaked. That meant, I'd have to go to her. I'm not big on going to a girl's place because I will have to do a lot of improvising, plus deal with her lighting situation. And in Kimberly's case, there could be the possibility of being accosted and robbed. More time passed, and I saw Kimberly updated her pictures. This time, she wore glasses and closed-toe black pumps, so that really made me want to get her! I texted and called, but couldn't reach her. Then one day out of the blue, and of all days, New Year's Day...Kimberly called me to say she wanted to come shoot!

I had to negotiate with her because she was now farther away than before. It worked out, to her advantage, of course. When Kimberly arrived, she got out of the vehicle barefoot. What the hell???!!! She told me she had to kick off her pumps to chase after her dog, and wanted to wash her feet when she got here...but I didn't think she'd still be barefoot when she arrived! I had her put on shoes to hopefully somewhat correct the situation, and skipped the foot wash. She was smoking a cigarette too, which I abhor. Do that before you get here not during! At least she didn't need a smoke break during the shoot. Kimberly made up for those faux pas in the shoe department. She literally brought a big woven bamboo basket of shoes and especially awesome boots. In hindsight, I should've had her wear other pairs, but I took a real liking to one particularly worn pair, so I had her wear them the entire time. I didn't do an outfit change because I didn't want cigarette odor in the scrubs.

We hit it off ok during the shoot, but when she told me in her interview she didn't want her toes sucked because her feet were too ticklish, I dismissed it. Man...was I wrong! Kimberly's feet were hyper ticklish! She is the type you need to restrain if you are going to deliberately tickle her feet, let alone worship them. I'd say some of the most ticklish girls I've shot are Rene, Vicky, Jetzebell, Mya and Darlene. Kimberly was difficult to tickle. She kept getting out of the camera frame, kept saying, "Oh my God! Oh my God!", "Stop, stop, stop!", and "I can't do this." She was a real pain in the you know what for all of that. It was really annoying trying to get back in the frame and to get good footage. Her thick toes were worth it though. They had chipped red polish, and her high-arched feet were in need of a pedicure. She could also cobra pose her thick big toes, which really drove me wild.

I have to say, I'd shoot with Kimberly again...if she is available later. Even with all the protesting, she had a fun time, and got a much needed break from her norm. She told me she had a really bad week, so to make it up to her, plus show her I was glad she finally came through, I let her choose a bottle from my kitchen counter. As crazy as our shoot was, her selection was crazy too. She took a bottle of Courvoisier VSOP, which I bought for myself a couple of years ago for my birthday! Her response when I inquired about her choice was "Of course."