Sunday, April 13, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Alicia

After another series of supposedly productive encounters with girls I met in passing, I had to hit the Internet again. I made a few calls, got one rejection, and one shoot. That one shoot was with our newest everyday girl Alicia.

Seriously, I don't know who will and who won't say yes to a foot fetish shoot. Some girls seem totally down for just about anything, but balk at showing their feet, even if they have pretty ones. I no longer scratch my head about that. Some think its weird, think its too good to be true, are video shy, are told no by the guys in their lives, or think its beneath them.

Alicia was super cool on the phone. She had a personality I immediately liked. She didn't seem rushed, but did want to know how it worked for me. Girls sometimes think you are shooting something for your private collection instead of for a website or company. We went over the shoot, and set it for later that day.

She was even more amazing in person. I loved her super long hair, crystal clear eyes, and sultry voice. Her personality was still on par with the one she had on the phone. Alicia was excited for this totally new experience, and it showed. She outdid many girls who do fetish stuff full-time. That is my main draw to everyday girls. They aren't into scripted words, phrased, actions, or poses. Their reactions are totally genuine, not polished or ingrained. Alicia had fun and definitely wants to come back for another shoot. I, for one, can hardly wait!

Friday, April 11, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Becky

This was another crazy day to say the least. My shoot with our newest everyday girl Becky, resulted from the craziness I'm about to detail for you.

A tall, brunette I'd been after since last year, has a girlfriend who wants me to shoot her. I decide to shoot her blonde girlfriend to get her on board. Every time I almost get the brunette to take a cab ride to me, which I'd pay for, she flakes. So I knew how to work it. Get the girl who is the leader to shoot, then the other will follow.

Everything was set. I went through rather great lengths, got to the house, rang the bell, and nothing. I text and called--nothing. I then called the tall brunette. Nothing. Eventually, I left. As I left, I called every girl I almost shot, but for whatever reason, she flaked. One girl said she was available, so I headed clear across town to shoot her. Exactly 30 minutes into my trip, the blonde text me to say she was asleep. Then the brunette calls me. I didn't answer, so she text me to say both of them were super tired. Both wanted me to come back. Funny, the blonde didn't ask her girlfriend if she wanted to shoot that day. Guess she wanted the money all for herself. I told them, I'd shoot them later, and told the blonde she could at least send me a pic of her feet to make up for it. She teased me, but then sent a picture of her size 8-9 feet on top of her girlfriend's size 11s in striped socks!

Becky, a petite girl, was fun to shoot, but sometimes too hyper. She was blazing a blunt when I arrived, and wanted to smoke it as we shot. I made it work, even though it was a hotel room shoot, which I really can't stand to do. Becky and I were supposed to shoot months ago, but she disappeared on me. After we shot, I asked her about that, and she said it seemed weird to her. Someone paying her to show off her feet didn't sound believable.

After I left, Amanda, text me to say she had a girl who wanted to do the shoot. She sent me a picture, and it was of a beautiful, light-skinned girl with light-blue nail polish on her toes. I didn't get an arch pic, but the rest was up to snuff. If she has low arches, I'll deal with it. I will find something else to focus on, such as her toes.

I decided to go see the movie "Noah" after I shot. When I woke up on the bus, a woman I knew was a couple of seats across from me. I grabbed her lunch bag and plopped down beside her. She was in a daze and got scared because she didn't know it was me, and thought some man was trying to steal her bag. We ran into a pregnant girl who was married with kids, and gave me the busy excuse for not being able to shoot. I realized she was blowing smoke, and decided to just be cool with her. We go to Cheesecake Factory to drink lemonade and waste time, then go back to the theater. We watch the last part of Captain America, then go see the movie. It was a 2:17 film, and we ended up on the 10pm bus home. We both crashed once we reached our respective apartments.

That all happened in one day....