Saturday, January 23, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Dixie

The day of this shoot was already special, and later, became phenomenal. Its a new year, so I want it to start off nothing less than amazing. So for my next shoot, I had to be very particular. I saw an ad featuring a very pretty, athletic type girl with big bright eyes and super high arches. After doing some due diligence, I saw her pictures were consistent. Her ad said that day was her birthday, but I misread it as her birthday was the day after. So I text and called her. She had a greeting on the phone listed that referred me to another number, so I text that one. I received a text back from the first phone. It was her telling me she had no minutes. So we text briefly, and the she told me the day was her birthday. I figured I had not a chance in the world to get her to shoot because she was probably having a field day to celebrate it. She had been out and about, but still had time for it because it was only an hour. We text some more, and I told her I didn't like shower clean feet. She told me she too didn't like clean feet, had been wearing flip flops all day, and offered to wear sneakers without socks when she came. She even sent me a picture of her foot on the dashboard of her car. Hey...that was enough for me! That was how I got to meet our newest everyday girl Dixie.

After making sure she had the right clothes, I text her my address. Usually, its imperative I speak on the phone with the person I shoot, so there can be no misunderstandings about it. But Dixie already seemed to already be on the same page with me, so I said I'd explain as we went along. She made it there in no time at all. However, she was one road over from me, so I had to redirect her. She told me what she was wearing, and that she was walking my way. I went outside to meet her. After my closest neighbors saw me in my fetish party get up, and were all for me living my life, anyone else seeing me in it, didn't matter. When Dixie saw me, she loved my shiny look, and the cologne I wore [Ed Hardy, thanks to an associate who gets name brand fragrance samplers and sales floor fragrances for free from his job]. I was blown away how good she looked in person, and her model height--5'9. I told her in pictures, she looked about 5'5 to 5'6. Dixie said she got even taller when she wore five to six inch heels. She resembles Blake Lively from Gossip Girl. Dixie said she used to read the books before they became a television series. I told her I loved her raspy voice, but I didn't hear any hint of her blues country State when she spoke. All of this was going on, and we hadn't even stepped foot in my apartment! Not to mention I hadn't noticed the sneakers she wore barefoot for me. Those I will definitely talk about shortly.

Dixie found the studio lights to be brighter than she expected. It was night, so I kept them on to keep the place from being too dark for her. That was when I got my first look at her sneakers. Oh man, when I saw she had a very worn pair of classic, Nike Shox, I thought about Julie and her deadly ones. I told Julie I wanted to buy her sneakers, and she was ok with it. But I waited too long. She forgot about it and threw them away. I could tell Dixie's Shox were stinky, but how stinky? When we did a collage shot, I found out...they were awful! We did the interview next, and then stills. Let me tell you, Dixie did some poses which showed off the small of her back, that made me have to maintain my composure! I have a real affinity for girls with long backs leading to hourglass hips and flat rear ends. So seeing the small of her back combined with her hourglass figure almost sent me into cardiac arrest! Plus, she wore her hair in a ponytail. That was the classic college girl look! But wait...isn't this a foot fetish shoot?

Her feet were dirty from her flip flops and her sneakers. And yes, they were stinky. I loved her high arches, although she didn't like her feet, or ever received compliments about them. This really made me think about Julie! Then she dropped a bombshell. She said she didn't like people "...f--king with my feet". But she said one time, she had to be a bartender for nearly two days straight. When her shift finally ended, she said her boyfriend gave her about a two hour foot massage. I wasn't sure how the shoot was going to go, but threw a Hail Mary, and hoped for the best. Let tell you, that was exactly what I got. Just like when the Green Bay Packers's QB threw a Hail Mary into the end zone, and a wide receiver caught it for a touchdown to tie the game with the Arizona Cardinals. That Packers lost in overtime, but that's not the point here.

Our shoot was phenomenal, spectacular, and all of those other words that describe the incredible. Dixie even offered to outright give me her four year-old Nikes, and was going to walk to her car barefoot. I told her that was too much, and said I would pay for them when she came back or was in the area again. I gave her a couple of drinks for her birthday. She still had about four hours left to continue to celebrate her special day. Mine began the moment I saw her, and continued long after she had gone. I cannot wait to get her back for another shoot!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Ariel

Everyone needs help sometimes. In my case, I sometimes need help getting new girls to shoot. There is a guy I know who has such a way with women, he gets them to show him their feet while he is on the job! He even gets in a few foot massages with random women during his breaks. Thanks to him, I was able to shoot, Sandra, Ciara, and Toya. So I gave him a bunch of my cards, and let him do his thing. He told me about an amazon girl who was 6'0 with size 12 feet. I got a call from a girl, but it was not the one he gave the card. Apparently, she passed it off to another who I had no interest in shooting. But prior to her, he gave the card to a girl he said was really beautiful, and wore sandals when he saw her. Guess what? She called too! That was how I got to meet our newest everyday girl Ariel.

Ariel told me she got my card from a guy at a store who complimented her feet so much that she decided to try it. We talked, and found out we lived not to far from each other. After I made sure she had the right clothes and shoes, I was ready to shoot with her. She agreed to come one day that week, right after work. I didn't bother asking her to text me a picture because he said his other coworkers more than approved of her too. When Ariel arrived, she caught me off guard because she was 15 minutes early, and I was still napping. That was my fault for not setting my alarm. I scrambled to get dressed, and then went outside to meet her. It was then I saw what all the fuss was about. She was gorgeous!

She was difficult to read because she had a naturally stern look on her face, almost like the teacher in school all the children feared and respected. Every now and then, she would crack a smile, but not often. I admit, I was nervous. It had been a while since I'd done a shoot, so I was rusty. Plus, Ariel was rather intimidating. I made it through the shoot without going to pieces, and made sure she was OK with everything. I hope to have her back for another shoot. But as I said, she was difficult to read, so let's wait and see.