Sunday, March 07, 2010

Nazarena Update 4

Nazarena became a fan favorite when you saw her in workout clothes, dirty socks, and her stinky Puma sneakers. You also liked her in dirty flip flops, and in workout clothes again with Converse sneakers. This time, you requested to see her wearing stockings, so she wore stockings and ankle boots. She also wore ankle boots the first time you saw her, but was barefoot in them.

Her ticklish feet with dark-polished toes and ultra-high arches were fun to play with. And her reactions to tickling and foot worship were always interesting. The first time I sucked her toes, she had this look of total disbelief, as it was the first time
anyone did that. The second time, she had to hold
back her laugh because it tickled her. But she got
past it and liked it. This was her last shoot because
of distance. So I made sure to include as many of
the things about Nazarena that you liked.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Bailey Update 2

Bailey always brightens my day when she comes over.
The first time she came over, she said I was different.
I appreciated that. Girls like Bailey will either find foot
guys weird or one of a kind. I saw Bailey as one of a kind,
from her young, innocent look to her ultra high-arched
feet that darkened the insides of every pair of flats she
owned. And fans were all over her flats. They wanted
the moment her pictures and videos posted!

This time Bailey brightened up my day in a different way.
She wanted to shoot in a swimsuit! I hadn't shot a Planet of
the Arches girl in a swimsuit in ages. So now Bailey gets to
brighten your day too, as you see her in swimsuit and heels.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Jenny Update

Jenny was a win and a loss for me. She came over with her baby and her sister. Her sister was print ad beautiful, and said Jenny should go first. Jenny had beautiful high-arched feet with kinks in her big toes. She also had a pair of stinky Vans that were good and dark inside. Jenny's feet had a good odor to them too. She never had her feet kissed or toes sucked, so I decided to introduce both to her. Jenny actually liked the foot kissing, but though toe sucking was disgusting. That was the end of it for her and her sister. After the foot massage part, Jenny and her sister left. I could
only imagine how beautiful Jenny's sister's feet
were. Unfortunately, I will never know.