Friday, April 20, 2018

Himmarshee Street Live's One Year Anniversary

Today marks the first year anniversary of my YouTube channel Himmarshee Street Live!

Being a news reporter has been my lifelong dream ever since the age of seven. I thought it was phenomenal to be able to be on television, reach people all over the world, and have them riveted to your every word. Reporters are far more powerful than actors and musicians. How so? you ask. What happens to your favorite television show or movie whenever a major news story emerges? Exactly! So to be able to garner that type of captive audience is definitely up there in terms of level of importance.

I reached my goal of 100 subscribers thanks to Google Adwords and hitting the streets for subscribers. That allowed me to get a custom URL for my channel. Unfortunately, there were two negative things that happened. One, Google Adwords does always get you the fan base you want unless you target your audience. And even then, it is about content, so there is no guarantee of a significant increase in subscriptions. Two, after the Logan Paul incident on YouTube, the company raised its standards on content providers also known as Creators. It raised its partnership program eligibility from 100 subscribers to 1,000. And there had to be a minimum of 4,000 video watch hours. If either dips below those levels, a Creator stands to lose their partnership unless they get them up again. The partnership allows for companies to advertise on a channel. So the more views a channel with paid ads receives, the more income the Creator earns. You can read more about the YouTube Partnership Program at the link. Many Creators off all subscription sizes posted videos about the changes, and how it affected them. There are large channels who do not have paid ads running, have no other company sponsorship, and no affiliate programs. They usually advertise and sell their own products and services to make income from their video views. Not all channels with highly-viewed content are deemed acceptable for companies to use as advertising platforms. So those Creators must use other means to monetize their views. Many Creators have multiple streams of income: paid company ads, company sponsorship, affiliate programs, and selling their own products and services. The more streams, the better.

Well, while out filming, I had fortune to meet a number of non YouTube producers, and take their business cards. The first day I went out, I met a television programming executive! Another time, I met the videographer, assistant, and producer for an upcoming NetFlix series about food truck owners. I am constantly meeting people who want me to become successful, including one YouTube creator CHB2. He told me I was the only other one he saw doing what he did. And let me tell you, he is successful. No day or night job!!! I know, right! So he has been on me about forgetting about using YouTube to capitalize on the YPP, and instead to focus on advertising and selling products and services. I also met two guys who claimed they could make my social media account blow up.

Social media is not my thing. I heard horror stories of gang fights started via Facebook. A shopping center local to me shut down because hundreds of teens converged upon it, and SWAT had to intervene. So I am definitely not trying to start any type of war of have beef with anyone because of social media. But I started an IG page just because it seemed a necessary platform for getting attention, something Louisiana-born, Miami businessman Grant Cardone tells people it #1 in sales. If they don't know you, they can't buy from you. Obscurity can kill a business.

Tomorrow, I will go celebrate my channel's first anniversary. And I will give much thought to making better content, as I am playing it too safe. Think of what to advertise and sell. And eventually, to get better equipment, including an upgraded pc that can handle 4K video, and a Sony Alpha series camera: A6000, A6300, or A6500. Oh yeah, and foot fans, I have Foot Fetish Friday as part of my lineup!!! So stay tuned, and please SUBSCRIBE.


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