Saturday, November 21, 2015

One New Everyday Girl - Faye

Fans, let me tell you this up front. I've hit a brick wall on getting girls I met on the street to do the shoots. I changed my approach technique after I talked with a new friend from London I met. He told me he used to be terrible with sales and with women. But then he learned NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), and became proficient with both. He gave me some ideas, and I used them. But as always, my final stumbling block was pulling the trigger for contact info. I always wuss out on it. The interactions go so well that I don't want to risk the old "I don't give my number out to people" line from them. So to make up for it, I continue to hit the Internet for girls. One with reddish-blonde hair caught my attention, so I text her. She was interested, and actually called me right after! It sounded too good to be true, and it was. Once again, patience and persistence made it happen. Because those things allowed me to shoot our newest everyday girl Faye.

Faye really wanted to shoot, but had a work schedule that made me think she was a nurse or a server. She never seemed to know when she would be off from work, or when her shift would end. So I would text and call in between just to remain visible. She told me she didn't have a car, but might be able to get a ride. The odd part about her ride situation was she said her and the driver were no longer on speaking terms. Huh? Faye told me she had high arches, and sent me a picture during some down time at work. She wasn't kidding when she said they were high. And in the background was one of her Puma sneakers. She work blue jeans in her picture too. Those three facts really made me want to shoot her, so I made sure we stayed in touch. Then the day came we were supposed to shoot. She said her ride never called her back. I told her to let me know when she would be coming. Of course, I never heard back from her the rest of the day. I gave it a break, and tried the following week.

Just to be sure Faye was still around, so to speak, I checked for her page, and saw it was gone. That wasn't good! Did it mean she no longer needed the money, or her page expired? I called her, and she let me know she still wanted to shoot. I told her maybe I should come to her. She said that would work. Then she changed her mind later, and wanted to find a ride to me. Early one morning, say almost 2 am, she text me to say she was still interested. Faye found a ride, and wanted to shoot in the morning. I let her know I wasn't a morning shooter [always get freshly-showered feet in the mornings, or flakes from weekend partying], but gave in because it seemed to be my only opportunity to get her. Then she let me know she was coming with a guy. Red flags went up, even when she told me he wasn't a boyfriend, and was more like her uncle. I told her he would have to wait outside. Then she said he wouldn't like that. What the hell? He...wouldn' That was the second time a girl said that to me. The first one, I changed my mind about shooting when she said that foolishness. So I told Faye she didn't need a babysitter, and we were adults. She insisted, and said he wouldn't be a bother, and would wait in another room. All of this sounded good, but I knew it wouldn't be that way in actuality.

Faye and her "uncle" got dropped off at my place. She wasn't dressed in jeans, as I requested. And she seemed out of it, or just groggy from being up so early. The uncle looked like an old school photographer, or a retired guy. I set him up in my kitchen, and when he saw my liquor collection, he wanted something to drink. I figured maybe it would pacify him, so I told him to help himself. As he drank, he was on his phone conducting his own business, which became rather loud. You may even hear him in her videos. I should have told him he would have to wait on the patio, but didn't. My mistake. As I expected, Faye's feet didn't stink. They were freshly-showered and nowhere near warm]. Her sneakers didn't excite me either. I wanted after work shoes and feet, and got neither. Plus I had a girl who was out of it, not in the right attire, and an older guy in tow with her who had no business there. You think that was bad? got worse.

Things were rather hot in the shoot, and the uncle was right there watching everything, and drinking away. He eventually stopped talking on his phone, but then I heard a familiar sound come from my kitchen. It was a sound I dismissed because I was kind of lost in the shoot. It wasn't until we finished that I realized the sound was exactly what I thought it was when I overlooked it. When I went to pay Faye, I was short $50. Usually, I keep the money on me, but this time, I put it in a hiding spot. Nobody is ever in my kitchen, so in mind mind, it was still safe where it was. I counted and recounted the money, and the amount was still missing a $50 bill. I didn't want any drama, so I replaced it with another. I text Faye later to tell her what happened, and not to mention it to her "uncle", but of course, she did. She was lucid when she called me to apologize for it. In hindsight, I should have kept the money on me. The other thing I should have done was had him stay outside until we were finished with the shoot. And the last was to confront him with pepper spray and make him give me back the money. So know my total losses from dealing with escorts is $200. I made the mistake of thinking I could totally trust Ava when it was our third shoot, and she asked for up front payment so she could pay her ride. Ava was one of the first escorts I ever shot. She shot with me twice, and as a result of meeting her, I shot with five other girls, one being her twin. Ava even asked me for smaller bills so her ride wouldn't see bigger ones. A red flag should have gone up and told me to simply give her enough to pay the ride, and then hold the rest. I was naive.... So now, I pay after the shoot. Besides, this isn't their usual thing, so I set my own rule about payment. If a girl who I had history with would do a walk out, then totally new ones could definitely do the same.

Faye had a fun and frisky shoot, which both of us enjoyed. I would definitely have her back, but just her alone. No odd situations with rides. No thieving "uncle", or anyone else for that matter.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

One New Everyday Girl - Ruby

Not long ago, I posted a long video with some of the tallest girls on Planet of the Arches and Workout Girls Feet. If you haven't figured it out, I have a huge affinity for tall girls. So when I saw this amazon's page, I text and called her with the quickness! This went on for weeks. Every time I called, her cell service said she had not set up voicemail on her account, and disconnected me. I noticed her pictures changed, so she was active. I just had to get around that blasted phone issue. It was patience and persistence that led me up to making this happen. Because it was what allowed me to shoot our newest everyday girl Ruby.

One day, I had to make something happen, or just go out and have fun to make up for it. Heck, it was Halloween day/night, so I was going to enjoy myself one way or another. I called Ruby again, then sent a text. This was my standard routine. As I walked away to get ready to go to the movies, I got a text--it was her! I called, but got the bad message again. So I text her about it. I gave her another call, and after many rings, she answered. Ruby explained that she lost her phone, or it was stolen, so she got another one. This one, she couldn't get pictures, so she didn't get my texts showing my own page and my business cards. We talked and arranged to shoot a few hours later.

Ruby came over, and was exactly as she was in her pictures, actually even more beautiful. Most of the time, girls use high school pictures, or ones of them when they are made up to the max. Then when you see them in person, you find out they are older, maybe not made up, and usually wearing less sexy clothing. Some times they don't even have the same clothes you saw in their pictures. The only issue I had with Ruby was she didn't have jeans. She came wearing a tight, red dress and red sandals that made her look ready for an upscale nightclub where women don't pay a cover, plus get to drink for free until a certain time. Ruby took care of that by turning her dress into a shirt, getting a pair of leggings from the car. She already had her shoes in tow. I had no issue with her getting everything right because she was super considerate and was one of the nicest girls I ever met.

We had a wonderful shoot! I got to introduce her to some new experiences too. Ruby was ecstatic, and even wanted me to take some regular pictures of her later to update her page. I definitely have to get her over again because she was awesome almost beyond belief!