Friday, August 26, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Russian Doll

At a party, you never know who sees you having fun, and wants to be part of it. You also never know who knows what you are about, and wants to be part of it. Well, I've been to a number of Fetish Factory parties, and there is a "power couple" who everyone loves, and they reciprocate in kind. I call them a power couple for two reasons. One, they are established and very popular with everyone they know. And those who don't know them, can easily observe this. Two, they are both into fitness. The husband is a powerhouse, and actually a former competitive powerlifter. Powerlifting is different from bodybuilding. The former is to build strength, the other to build size. So I'm someone they knew, but indirectly. As I said, they are friendly with everyone. The husband always greeted me at the parties whenever he saw me. I never really got to meet his wife because she was usually being adored by a mass of people. Then one night, he asked me if I was "the foot guy". I told him I was, and that is how I got to meet our newest everyday girl Russian Doll.

I guess word got to him that I did foot fetish shoots. He told me he didn't know if his wife had the feet for it. I didn't know either because she had no foot specific pictures on her page or his page. Then one day, she posted a picture of her posing her feet with a new pair of black, peep-toe, platform stilettos. I got an idea from that. There was the fact that she was Russian. Now in my experience, mostly all the Russian women I shot had amazing feet with high arches. So I put typed out the details of the shoot and the attire needed, and went from there. We arranged a day to shoot, and all was set...or so we thought.

As I stated earlier, they are well-known and very popular. The day we were to shoot, they had a product shoot to do. Commercial shoots are anything but brief. Even a photographer shooting a glass of wine and the wine bottle can take forever. I saw an example of that on YouTube; the setup itself was a time consumer! Their one-hour-shoot lasted a few hours, and they both felt as if they were hostages, and the photographer's weapon was his camera! hahaha! When Russian Doll sent me a text to tell me what was happening, I laughed almost uncontrollably! I thought her husband was the comedian. He was funny; she was hilarious! We ended up rescheduling our shoot.

The day finally came. worries, it was only the next weekend. I didn't know how her husband was going to fit inside my apartment. The crazy thing was he told me he used to be bigger! WTH???!!! That is like King Kong saying he used to be bigger, but he lost weight after he no longer had to fight other giant monsters on Skull Island. Russian Doll came dressed sexy, so I told her she had to dial that down--way down! She was more than prepared. We picked her first outfit, and her husband picked her second one. Like me, he enjoys dressing his woman. While she got dressed, I showed him the 2015 Arnold Strongman Classic video which debuted the new Rogue Elephant Bar, specifically for the deadlift competition. He had never heard of the bar, but was familiar with the Arnold Classic because some of his clients participated, and he would have to put them back together afterward. Russian Doll came out afterward, and our shoot went great! Unlike the commercial shoot, we kept it on time, and also made it very fun for both of them! She had a fantastic time, and looked forward to another shoot. That made three of us, her husband included!


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