Monday, February 26, 2007

Foot Model Shoes For Sale Updated

Hey everyone, this is a short and quick heads up that we have more shoes for our shoe fans. To start things off, our Planet of the Arches 2006 Foot Model of the Year, Alemia, has four pairs of worn, abused, and stinky shoes for you.

You can see them at at this link.

Remember, you get her shoes, plus all photos and video she shot in them.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sexy Talks Show Hosts

Yesterday was Lorianne Crook's 50th birthday. Many of you probably don't know her, let alone remember her. Let me tell you, back in the day, she was a beautiful woman with legs for years. I had to go beyond the cliche of "legs for days" because Lorianne's legs were the reason I watched Crook & Chase. I wanted to see her feet even more than her legs though. She always wore sexy pumps, and I really wanted to see what was going on inside them. Alas, even with all the foot forums we have on the Internet, I still have not seen them to this day. Luckily, other sexy talk show hosts came along, ones whose feet I did get to see.

I think Lorianne was probably the first talk show host that did it for me. After her, I had fascinations with Leeza Gibbons, Mary Hart, Alexandra Wentworth, Gisele Blondet, Meredith Viera, Kelly Ripa, Rashel Diaz, and Marisa Del Portillo. The beautiful thing about talk show hosts is you get to see their long legs and their sex heels and pumps. Mind you, there are times they are hidden behind those friggin' talk show tables. But there are also times they are not. Every once in a while we really get to see their feet, especially if they do a special segment where bare feet are needed for the piece.

Talks show hosts are good sources to get leg, pantyhose, heels, stilettos, pumps, and foot fetish needs met. So find one or more you like, sit back, and watch the show.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Internet Connection Throttling

There is a disturbance in the Force. Its name is AOL.

I think that AOL is throttling my service the way NetFlix throttles its heavy users.
My unlimited plan always disconnects at 12 am, and will not allow me to maintain
a decent connection until after 1 am. Then at about 4 am, I get disconnected again,
only to be allowed to resume after 6 or 7 am. There are also days my connection is just
plain crappy, especially on cloudy and rainy days. On those days, if my connection was a man,
a girl would call him a "two minute lover" or a "commercial f---".

One might think getting a cable connection would prevent this, but it doesn't.
I have a fellow webmaster that has Comcast, and he too has days he cannot get
a decent connection. The only remedy I can think of is to become a DUD (dial up dude) again.
Unfortunately, that is not an option, especially when it takes hours to upload files
that would only take minutes with DSL, and seconds with cable.

I had to create this blog with Notepad, so that I could just copy and paste it.
The most precious commodity we have is time.
So when a person only has minutes to spare...every second counts.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Foot Model of the Year

It gave us great pleasure to to announce Alemia as the Planet of the Arches 2006 Foot Model of the Year!!! Having said that, we want to mention our previous winners, and the reasons they won.


Araceli helped make the site what it is today. She was one of our first models, and was also unsure of her feet. Araceli was so unsure of them, she asked a coworker if her arches were high enough for her to model them. She brought along her favorite pair of shoes, and a jewelry box because she wanted to show them off as much as she wanted to show off her feet. Araceli's feet along with her bubbly attitude and ever so courteous personality made her an instant fan favorite. To this day, she still holds the spot of having the highest arches on the site. We have her to thank for our slogan "The Highest Arches in the Galaxy".


Cassandra knew she had hot feet before I knew she had them. She was so confident about them that she posted an ad offering to show them off! My former Jedi Master saw the ad, but lived too far away, so he told me about her. Cassandra's feet were amazing and fascinating. She could wear shoes two sizes too small, and you'd never know it. It was her feet that helped me realize girls feet and their shoes were not always perfect matches. Cassandra's personality was also uncharted, and she had lots of ideas for shoots. She loved the camera; I couldn't stock enough film to keep up with her. Aside from her high arches helping make the site what it is today, Cassandra was our first official Workout Girl. It was an idea she started, and continues to this day.


Christina told me she didn't have any pictures to submit because a photo shoot she was supposed
to do got canceled. I was adamant about getting photos from girls because I'd been burned a few times. Being a good guy, I didn't turn girls away. I had a vision for my site, and not all girls fit that vision. Christina told me she had a ballet background, so I at least knew she must have excellent arches. It remained to be seen if she fit my vision. We agreed to meet at a mall. Christina arrived late, plus parking was terrible. I didn't know how she looked or what she wore. It Many girls, ranging from pretty to beautiful, came my way during my wait. Of all who did, the one that topped them all was the one I hoped would be Christina...and she was. I immediately knew she was going to be a star on Planet of the Arches. Christina's reliability, can do attitude, down-to-Earth personality, and feet she knew were sexy, helped make the site what it is today.


Alemia totally caught me off guard when she displayed her interest in showing off her feet. I admit, I put off wanting to shoot her because her pictures were so intimidating. The day I met her, I also met a premier photographer in South Beach. It reminded me of "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" because I lost touch with him before a hurricane, and after I had to cancel a shootout was about to host. I feared he blacklisted me for it. So when I realized I was in his apartment and Alemia was about to escort me to where he was doing a shoot, I wanted to flee like Mr. Chekov. It turned out I was just paranoid. Alemia knew she had pretty feet, wanted to show them off, and found her shoots with me to be a refreshing change of pace. It was always fun shooting her because she didn't hold back, even down to wanting a foot massage in the middle of a shoot. Her open mindeness, playfulness, and feet easily made her this year's winner.

It is not easy to determine who receives this special award each year. The girls are all winners in their own ways. It takes a combination of the given, plus extras, to make the single winner stand out.

I'm sure you have your own winners for each year in mind. Having said that, you have the opportunity to keep track of this year's models to see if your favorite takes the tiara for 2007. Best of luck to all of them!