Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Fetish Party

Baby, if you've wondered, wondered whatever became of me. I'm living on the air in Cincinnati. Cincinnati WKRP. It's really been a while since I blogged or updated. Actually, I have an update to post, but need to buy an external hard drive before I can do it. A number of ideas came to my mind within a brief span of time, so I was compelled to act upon them. Otherwise, they would go into the wishful thinking category. That is what Brian Tracy calls goals without actions taken--wishes. That said, I took action near the end of last year, wrote and published The Fetish Party: An Underworld of Energy, Excitement, Pleasure, and Pain.

Whenever something speaks to you as this book did, you must act upon it. There is no should. As Tony Robbins states, "should" needs to become "must". "Massive action is the key" is another phrase he uses. I actually published the book in December, and began giving out copies to my friends at the fetish parties. Luckily, one of my friends was an Executive Assistant. She found grammatical errors that even my proofreader on Fiverr didn't catch. My friend who helped me by writing the Foreword, mentioned he wanted to see more information about how to find the parties. Both of those were minor, so I took care of those with more Fiverr gig requests. My major issue was word spacing. It seemed that everyone [guys] provided me with poorly spaced PDF formats for upload to Createspace or Amazon. One woman actually came close to solving the issue, but not 100 percent. She went above and beyond, plus explained the issue to me, which was something the guys didn't. All of those were $5 gigs for the most part, maybe $10 at max depending on the situation. Finally, I ran across one woman was charged $30 and promised to get it right even if she had to stand on her head. Yes, she actually put that on her Fiverr page. I contacted her months ago, but never requested a gig because of the amount. Well, months later, I abandoned my ego, sought out her service, and she delivered!

That was all back end stuff. It was the front end stuff that frustrated me the most.

I contacted the model who was responsible for me discovering the fetish parties in the first place. That was Evilyn13, international model, DJ, and host of Sin City Fetish Night to be the cover model for the book. Unfortunately, it was busy season for her, as it was December. After that, I contacted another well-known international model, but she was hesitant to have her image associated with a fledgling, novice writer's work. That was understandable on both parts. Initially, I contacted J Holmes, one of the event photographers for advice. My idea was to do an outdoor shoot of some of the guests at the party before they went indoors. He raised valid issues about lighting, the background, and other factors. He suggested a studio or hotel shoot with one of the models he knew. That sounded good, except for the extra expenses beyond hiring the model. I wanted the best bang for my buck because. No way was I going to sink a huge chunk of money into the shoot only to have the book bomb. That was terrible ROI. One of the models he suggested was an elusive one. We rarely saw her anymore, and her contact info was out of date. He suggested another, and she was one who had been on my radar for a while. But I needed to buy low and sell high. The manuscript was complete, I just needed cover images. I opted to go with stock photos for the front cover and back. The $29 I paid to for access to its gigantic stock photo database was right up my alley.

Now that the manuscript was complete and I had images for it, the next steps were to get it proofread again and get the manuscript converted for upload. I fought with Amazon's beta test for paperback publishing until I got it right. Online, the book looked perfect, but in my hands, it had word spacing issues. Eventually, I abandoned Amazon for Createspace. I admit, I preferred the Amazon cover look and feel compared to the Createspace look and feel. But after all I had been through to finally get everything right, I stayed with Createspace.

That was one of the things that kept me away. I also produced and published a business book, but need to get it's spacing fixed. But that was not all. My final projects are to start a forum dedicated to frustrated employees and to start a nightlife-dedicated YouTube channel. That latter involves obtaining a film permit and insurance, insurance, insurance. Oh yeah, and a serious investment in a camera and gear that will produce high quality video. So right now, I am following Robert Kiyosaki's sage advice about FOCUS [Follow One Course Until Successful]. Once one idea takes off, I will go to the next, and then the next, and the one after it.


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