Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Pedicure Issue

One of the biggest gripes foot site fans have is seeing girls with battered, nonpedicured feet. To make matters worse, the photographers shoots these types of feet close up. A foot fan would think a good pedicure, not to mention good feet would be a requirement. Unfortunately, that could not be farther from reality.

Some foot site owners pay for their models pedicures. One site owner does the pedicures himself to make sure he gets what he wants from his shoots. Of course, these guys are the exceptions. You may wonder why are these guys paying girls to get pedicures or giving pedicures when girls already do this for themselves. The truth is, not all girls get pedicures, not even the super pretty ones. Some don't even paint their toes, let alone step into a nail salon. Additionally, pedicures cost money, and take time. Its not uncommon for a girl to get a manicure, and leave her feet undone. So if a site owner requires pedicures, he will have to pay for them, or do them himself.

Now lets discuss the issue of battered feet. Not all foot shoots are scheduled ones. Some are done on the spot, and when a girl takes her shoes off on the spot, you never know what you might see. That scenario is an exception that most foot guys understand. The thing they don't understand is seeing battered feet in scheduled foot shoots. The same reasons apply as when girls show up without pedicures, but there is also another valid reason for it--lifestyle.

Some girls work, go to school, or do both. Although some of their jobs may require them to stand or even dance for long periods of time, they were not hired for their feet. They were hired for their other qualities, talents, and skills. So unless their primary job is foot modeling, chances are the updkeep of their feet is not nearly as important as the upkeep of their above the ankle appearance, their skills, and their minds.

So the next time you see battered or nonpedicured feet, think of these scenarios before stoning the photographer.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Shoeplay: Candid or Staged

The site of a woman engaging in shoe dipping, shoe dangling, or the classic foot crossing of feet under a chair with the soles showing, drives us foot guys wild.

Shoeplay captured on video in its purest form is strictly done on a candid level. There are avid shoeplay sites in which the owner is mindful of all places known for which women will be standing for long periods of time, reading, or just having conversations among friends. Such locations are prime real estate to set up shop with camcorders, and get candid footage.

And then there is the flip side...staged shoeplay "captured" on video.

No two women have feet just alike, not even twins. And no two women play with their shoes in exactly the same way. If one pays close attention to some shoe play videos, he will see the subject's feet seem to favor each other in subsequent clips. He will also notice the shoeplay itself is unchanging. Some women's feet twitch during shoeplay instead of eloquently toying with their shoes. Another tell tale sign is the style of shoe the subjects wear. Women tend to favor one style of shoe, and stick with it. So if you see a lot of shoe play video in which all the women are wearing 3" inch heels, or flats, then you are probably looking at staged shoeplay. One other tell tale sign is the videos never show the women from the waist up, not even if they are facing opposite the camera. True candids are some times shot full body with faces excluded. They also mainly focus on the feet themselves.

Although it can be a challenge to distinguish which from which, the allure of shoeplay overrides our need to know if its candid or staged. And its the allure that makes watching shoeplay more enjoyable than debating about if it is candid or staged.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Foot Close Ups

True foot admirers want to be as close to some foot action as humanly possible. Meaning if we cannot get feet in our face in person, we will definitely take a close up shot of a foot on our monitors or TV screens.

Among all the foot fetish styles of photography, the foot close up reigns supreme.

There is much to be said about being able to see the wrinkles of a girl's soles up close, the sleekness of a definitive arch, and the exacting details of the tops of her toes. Depending on the quality of the shot, and the size of it, a good close of a foot can make us imagine we are licking the girl's heels, caressing her soles with our tongues, and making her squeal with joy as we suck her toes.

Some of us do just fine with only seeing feet close up, and never seeing their owners. In some cases, its best not to see the owners.

Regardless of if we see the model, or not, the foot close up is still the most preferred method of foot photography. Think of it this way. Would you rather be in the nosebleed seats of a Danica Patrick race car event, or be so close to the track that you can smell the rubber burning she peels off?

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Best Feet Around

This is something we foot guys converse and debate about endlessly.

Everyone has an opinion about who has the best feet in acting, in singing, in sports, and of course, on porn and nonporn sites. We have come to a point where we agree to disagree, and shake hands on it.

But there has to be a "best" right? Afterall, a few years ago, Oprah had the winners of the world's best butt, best legs, and most beautiful feet on her show. We have the world's fastest man, fastest woman, and world's strongest man. According to gold medals and trophies, there exists the world's best skater, best basketball, best football, and best tennis player in the world. And of course, there is the best actor, actress, singer, and even producer and director. As you can see from that brief list, there is clearly a best in everything. So why can't we agree on the best feet around?

Its simple. Everyone has their own opinion. The winner of The World's Most Beautiful Feet Contest had stellar feet, but we've seen better. Even when we've seen worse, in our minds, we've seen better. Some of the best feet aren't the ones on television, in movies, in porn, in print, or on foot sites. They are the ones belonging to women who have little or no interest in their feet, or feet in particular. Some women with the best feet never show their feet unless they are changing clothes, or taking a bath. These women are hidden gold mines of beautiful feet. So someone among them must have the best feet.

Voting on the best feet around is the same as voting for a political candidate. Not everyone votes, and there are many candidates who do not run. There is always a winner, but that does not mean the winner is the best around.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Is Foot Teasing Dead?

Some foot site owners think the only way to get fans to their sites is to use sex and nudity. They have totally abandoned the idea that sexy still sells. In their minds, foot teasing is dead, and the only thing that sells is foot porn.

So I pose the question. Is foot teasing a dying art or a dead one?

Absolutely not! That is evident by the amount of candid shoeplay sites and clip stores, dangling sites and clip stores, and feet under the table sites in existence. A foot slipping in and out of a shoe is an extreme turn on. And so is seeing a shoe dangling precariously from a foot, not to mention the classic under-the-chair sole show some women put on while seated.

This is what guys with foot fetishes thrived on long before foot porn existed.

So as long as there is a voyeuristic audience to appeal to...and there always will be, the art of the foot tease will never die.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jack of All Trades

It is usually not easy or beneficial to be a jack-of-all-trades, and a master of none.

Foot site owners usually have one area of specialization, and stick to it. Even the big sites flounder when they try to expand to new territories. One large site in particular does just about everything, but a true connoisseur of feet can spot the shortcomings in some of their lines. For example, in some of their tickling videos, they use girls who are not ticklish--a huge no no in the tickle community. Although the site does well in other arenas, it cannot claim mastery in all of them.

Being open to new ideas is good, as long as the execution is good. Some foot sites spread themselves too far, and have to cut back. You can see examples of cut back when you see a site suddenly introduce a new style of shooting or a new theme, only to disappear equally as fast.

That is one reason a foot site that finds something that works, sticks with it. If you contact one of these sites, and request to see a particular thing that is out of their main stay or scope of expertise, they will either decline you, or ignore you all together. A site could be teetering on the verge of doing what you request of it, and still not do it. The reasons could be it would veer away from the main theme of the site, insecurity about the request, or the fear of failure.

Although being a master of one trade seems to be a pigeonhole, it is some times the easiest and most beneficial thing to do. Some of the most popular foot sites only do one thing, only shoot one type of girl, and only do one particular style of shooting. Their steady stream of fans to their sites let them know they are doing what they do best. So if you think you can sway them, think again.

Being a jack-of-all-trades can open new doors for a foot site, but some times its best to stick with what is known, and in time, possibly make it better.

As the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it."

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Deadbeats, Freeloaders, & Scammers

Earlier this month, I wrote an article about Custom Foot Fetish videos. It was about the prices some sites were willing to charge, and the prices some fans were willing to pay.

Now we are going to reexamine that and another aspect of being in tune to foot fetish fetish fans, and that is by the sale of merchandise. But the main topic will be the delivery of final product, payment for it, and the lack thereof.

I have categorized them as deadbeats, freeloaders, or scammers.

First, let me start off buy saying the word custom work can apply to photos and videos. There are sites that do one, the other, or both. Second, custom work can also extend to merchandise, especially worn items.

Fans find sites that offer these types, and if they offer what they want, it should be a beautiful meeting of the site's product, and the fan's payment. But sometimes, this beautiful arrangement ends in disaster.

Often, there are deadbeat fans who don't pay for their customs. You may ask, how does that happen? Doesn't the site secure payment from the beginning? It all depends on the site itself. Some sites ask for up front payment, others don't. I have a strong opinion about up front payment. In my mind it demonstrates fan distrust. I have other opinions about up front payment. One of the main ones is a site not being able to pay the model doing the custom, if she is a hired model, unless the site gets paid first. Lets say the site trusts the fan, does the custom, and waits for
payment. The fan looks at samples (if provided), and decides not want to pay for it. This also applies to merchandise, such as when a fan asks a model to wear a pair of socks, stockings, or shoes for days, so her scent can be in them. A price is reached for the merchandise, and the fan backs out. The deadbeat custom fan is one of the worst fans around. He gives a bad name to future custom fans, and is almost solely responsible for the institution of up front payment.

There are also freeloading fans. These are the ones who ask to see more and more of something for free, with no intention of paying for anything. If they see photos of a girl they like, they may often request to see more of the girl before they can decide if they want to join the site she is on. This also extends to video. The best freeloaders are the ones who signup to password sharing sites to gain free access to sites they like. And it doesn't stop at girls or video of girls. It can extend to items as well. A freeloader will ask to see more of a worn item just so he can get more free photos, knowing all along he has no intention of making good by buying them. There really is no limit to the amount of stuff a freeload may ask to see. Freeloading fans are the ones responsible for sites making galleries with small photos or posting small images on their tour pages that do not link to larger ones.

Now that you know about some of the bad fans foot sites encounter, its time to expose the bad sites that decent, honest fans encounter. You can almost spot them a mile away. They are some times no more than a homepage on a free host such as AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, or Geocities. There is usually very little effort put into the building of the site, even if it is hosted on its own domain. One of the other tell tale signs is the lack of payment options available to perspective customers. One site in particular known for shooting women candidly in parks, and at close and often uncomfortable proximity to them, operated for over 10 years, and never incorporated electronic payment into it. So if that site welched on sending your order, you had little recourse. It often takes weeks or months before a person can put a claim on a lost money order. And to try to recoup from your bank the funds from a check lost in transit can take equally as long. Electronic payment gives you a leg to stand on in the event you do not receive a product or the product was subpar or defective. Fans should also be wary of sites who do not respond to email a in timely manner. If a site has too much on its plate to return email timely, be wary of doing business with it. Attention to detail goes hand in hand with attention to customers.

One final note on scammers. Fans, of course, can be scammers too. They can easily say they did not receive an item, while knowing full well that they did.

It is never a pleasure to encounter any of these three individuals. But once you have, you can take steps to safeguard yourself against them in the future.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Foot Fetish Forums

They are arguably the best mediums of communication in the foot fetish community.

Before the advent or birth of foot fetish forums, there was much fear, frustration, and futility among people who admired anything related to the area of the leg below the ankle. The fear came from people who were afraid to express their thoughts and feelings to others about it. The frustration came from people who wanted to express their thoughts and feelings to others about it, but did not know how to go about it. And the futility came from people who may have expressed their thoughts and feelings to others about it, only to receive anything but understanding as a result.

Newsgroups, Alt Groups, bulletin board threads, and message boards could not accomplish the unparalleled results foot fetish forums produced. Before foot forums, there were no viable places to share popular images or video, at least not at the level and security foot forums allow. Today's foot forums have grown to become much more than places people can discuss their affinities and share images and videos. They've become means for political expression, sports talk, comedic sharing, and even a place for people to spew bile about things that upset them.

Foot forums grow larger and larger each day thanks to a steady stream of new members eager to abandon the fear, frustration, and futility that became so commonplace to them.

So if you have not become a member of one of these forums, then consider it. There are worlds out there waiting to welcome you with open arms.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Personal Touch

Who here used to love buying frozen juice cups, candy, and sodas from a neighbor up or down the street from them when they were younger? Who here used to enjoy buying from their neighborhood convenience store ran by a husband and wife?

It was probably more convenient, and more enjoyable than going to the larger store everyone shopped. I would imagine the best thing about those experiences were the personal touch received.

There are various foot sites out there, ranging from small to gigantic. Each of them have their advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest advantages the smaller sites have is being able to provide a more personal touch to its fans. Their owners are people who truly love what they do, and probably live real fetish lifestyles.

If you email them, they usually respond in a very timely manner unless there is something wrong with their email or their server. When they get back with you, they usually talk as if they know you. They do not communicate on a level that screams corporate or reseller. You can usually make special requests of them, and if they are reasonable, they will usually do them. Some smaller sites have forums as well. You may find the owners, other fans, and foot models there chatting it up.

Medium to large sites generally do not provide that personal touch. You can almost tell which foot sites are like that as soon as you look for a way to contact the owner or the company. Some sites will only grant you the privilege of contacting them if you become their affiliate. If you do become one, and contact them, you will see the difference in communication technique. It is highly doubtful you will be able to make any requests of them, and see them completed. The forums of larger sites are usually more for webmaster resources than for basic conversation.

Your wants and needs as a foot fetish fan will determine which sites you will enjoy more.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Foot Fetish Is Saturated

It has to be the reason why foot sites left and right are closing their doors!

That's a quick and easy answer, but the wrong one. That's the same as saying the porn is saturated, acting is saturated, and the music industry is saturated. We see new sites, new faces, and new songs all the time. As long as you can make something work for you, there is no saturation.

There are niches to capitilize on, or improve upon. One niche is girls with larger feet (size 10+). A few sites took expanded on the idea, and mixed in a niche totally separate from foot fetish--the BBW niche. We all know about the highly prolific teen model (18+) niche. Someone took that niche, which generally does not cater to foot fetish fans, and mixed foot fetish with it, and made teen feet sites. I saw one guy take the reality route. He would pick up girls on the street, and get them to show their feet and do other things with them while he drove, and someone else did the shooting.

As long as you have something someone wants to see, then you will have an open market. If you cannot adapt to the wants and needs of foot fans, have become stagnate, or lack creativity, then the market will be closed, and you can use satuation as the excuse to help you sleep at night.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Greed is Good

Gordon Gekko said that in the movie "Wall Street".

That statement was as much right then as it is now.

I once made a post about custom foot fetish videos, and went as far as to give a starting figure a buyer should pay. After consulting with a few of my peers, I found my post was in dire need of correction. I practically trounced sites and models for their practice of charging astronomical rates for the most simplest of custom videos. What I failed to realize were two important things: fanship and exclusivity.

Let me give you real world examples of both. Fanship is dedication to something or someone. The girls from the college volleyball team that wore flip flops to the White House were ridiculed and chastised across the nation for their so-called lack of discretion and decorum. They decided to use the media attention to their advantage, and turn the tables on their critics by auctioning their flip flops over the Internet. Some of their flip flops fetched three-figure sums. That was fanship.

Exclusivity is showing preference to something or someone. Strip clubs or gentleman's Clubs (pc version) usually have VIP rooms or some place you and a stripper or dancer (pc version) can be alone, and away from the general public. The cost to get into VIP totals more than a few regular dances. The same applies to upscale nightclubs. Some people are on a VIP list, and don't pay to get into VIP. Others pay to get into VIP so they can hobknob with those who don't pay to get in there. Exclusivity also mean excluding and making something or someone sole (pardon the pun) to a certain place. Say a comedian, singer, or actress were to perform in a certain city on certain days and times. Mind you, there may be lots of places the person could perform in that city, yet the person chooses to exclude all other places in favor of one particular venue.

So to sum it up, as long as there is fanship and exclusivity involved, there will be great demand for what is supplied. And in Economics, we know when demand is high, and supply is low, price goes up.

Greed is good.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

You Like Feet?

I've liked feet (girls-women's feet) since I was in kindergarten. I will answer the question to the affirmative, as long as it does not come at me as a modern day variation of the Salem Witch Trails. Its difficult for me to speak about it with candor when a closed-minded person challenges my affinity with a fervor such as Tom Cruise demonstrated when he cross-examined Jack Nicholson on "A Few Good Men".

One misunderstanding many people have when guys admits they likes feet, commonly known as having a foot fetish (#1 fetish in the nation), is that they like all feet. That way of thinking never helps us. Guys with a "foot admiration" (my term for it), are among the most particular, and detail-oriented people on Earth. We do not like just any type of feet. We have our preferences just as non foot guys have their own preferences for the things they like on women. Some guys like redheads, brunettes, or blondes. Others like hazel eyes, blue eyes, or green eyes. And still others like short or tall women, small or large breasts, flat backsides or full backsides.

Unfortunately, all the other likes I mentioned, were the ones Society accepts. I won't get into societal norms in this post, as it could become lengthy.

I like feet primarily because that was ingrained in me at an early age. I like feet because they have artistic value. I also like them because they are readily available for display. And I also like them because they can make for pleasurable experiences in private and in public. Those are the basics of my foot admiration.

So far, my foot admiration has not mushroomed. Instead, it has blossomed. I like feet, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for my admiration.