Monday, June 26, 2006

Foot Fetish Going Mainstream

I saw the movie "Click" last week, and the number of foot scenes in it floored me. Among the scenes I saw, one stood out in particular, the food modeling contest. For a moment, it appeared one of the foot community's worst nightmares would come to fruition--foot fetish going mainstream.

This is not a fear I share. I embrace our fetish finally getting the recognition it deserves. Unfortunately, an overwhelming number of foot fetishists fear it would be the exact opposite. Right now, nearly all mainstream references to foot fetishism is depicted in negative fashion, and is often extreme and tawdry. There is talk of women starting to cover their feet if they see our fetish in the mainstream. There is also talk of women showing their feet more if they see our fetish in the mainstream. And finally, there is talk of becoming desensitizing to our fetish if it goes mainstream.

There is no doubt of the entertainment industry's power to influence public views. Hollywood's influence on public views dates back to the days of black and white cinema. Let us look at each concern the foot community has regarding foot fetish going mainstream.

Some feel if foot fetish goes mainstream, more women would become aware of it, and with the negative depictions it carries, would cover their feet en masse. Too much exposure to foot fetish content would lead them to believe they are surrounded by foot-loving fanatics. The inverse of this would be favorable depictions of foot fetish, thereby causing women to show their feet en masse. The likelihood of mainstream entertainment starting to depict foot fetish in a good light is slim to none. You would think the foot community would love it if the world saw things their way. That is until you consider the old adage about too much of a good thing being bad for you. Overexposure to foot content could lead to desensitization for many. Think about it. Nudity used to be taboo in films and magazines; now its commonplace. The t & a guys still love t & a, but with all the topless and nude content out there, they have a little less appreciation for it. Imagine if nearly every mainstream magazine started doing photoshoots of female celebs prominently displaying their feet. And if this carried over into the big screen, there would be little need to fraternize about it because it would be all over the place.

It all comes down to the foot fetish community enjoying the feeling of being an exclusive group, and wanting it to remain that way. It is my belief that mainstream society and mainstream entertainment are not ready to welcome foot fetish into its comfort zone. So rest assured, the foot community will be able to enjoy its exclusivity for a long, long time.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Blank Stares In Videos

A fan sent me feedback about models with blank stares in foot worship videos. In this instance, it was my videos that received the feedback. He also said my models didn't look like "foot girls". I explained the blank stares he perceived he saw, and I asked him what he meant by "foot girls", but did not receive a response. I am not a fan of foot worship videos with girls who have blank stares on their faces, or a fan of videos of girls who over exaggerate their facial expressions. Both instances take away from the video, and reduce the fans enjoyment of them. With that said, I offer my explanation for blank stares in foot videos.

Most of us know the majority of girls in foot fetish videos are not porn stars. They are everyday girls. If you saw one in the mall, you probably would not recognize her. Foot fetish is very new to them; that is the first factor to consider. Another factor to consider is girls are meeting strangers...strangers who like feet, and want to worship them. There is also the stigma that feet are gross, stinky, and dirty to overcome. Add to that the notion that someone other than their significant others is worshipping their feet, is something esle for them to ponder.

Regarding that last factor, I can imagine some girls who experience pleasure during their scenes, may deliberately withhold their true emotions to help their significant others save face. For girls who don't experience pleasure during their scenes because the person doing the foot worship is not good at it, their blank stares are easily justified.

If you put yourself in the girl's position for a moment, you will understand how any one of those factors could result in a blank expression during a video. Ninety-percent of communication is nonverbal. Be you man or woman, if you have a lot on your mind, it will show without you saying a word.

I'm credited with treating girls who let me shoot them, with the utmost respect and courtesy. Nevertheless, even that cannot always calm the storm in their minds.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Worn Items

Thanks to the foot fetish magazines, movies, and Internet sites, foot fetish models have fan bases that give them celeb statuses. As with any fan, it is always a pleasure, but more often, an unfulfilled desire, to be able to connect with them. Fortunately for foot fans, one of best ways foot fetish models have been able to establish connections with their fans is to sell their worn items to them.

This goes beyond the faceless soccermoms and over-the-hill MILFs who sell their worn items on eBay and ebanned, to name a few places. This is about models who have true followings. They have their own sites, participate in forums whether they have a site or not, and are some times available through email.

Foot fans love worn items, especially items that have an essence or odor to them. The items range from underwear to outerwear, and are usually reasonably priced, unless the model has little business acumen or cares more about money than pleasing her fans.

Buyers of worn items should always be cautious of models and sites with which they deal. Its always good to make sure the model or site has a good reputation, responds promptly to emails, and uses current payment methods. When a model says she only accepts cash or money orders for her items, be careful. Also, make sure you get some type of proof of ownership or wear, such as photos or video. Some models can do that for their fans, while others can't or won't. As with any other celeb, a foot fetish model or site is not above reproach. Hopefully, you will be dealing with a first rate model and site, so everything should go smoothly.

Whether you are a worn items collector, a site subscriber, or a fan who wants to be a little closer to his favorite foot models, a worn items sale is probably the best opportunity you'll get to have a more personal relationship with them.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Model Myth

It is a common belief that foot site owners must have the time of their lives being surrounded by hot girls and pretty feet all the time. From the outside, it appears we live fantasy lives, but from the inside, the truth is far from that.

Models are girls. They always have been, and always will be. They have quirks, boundaries, and boyfriends. Some models think they are overweight, and don't want to be shot from certain angles or in certain attire. Some don't want their photographers, usually male, to touch them, except to pose them. Some are cool with their photographers touching their feet, but not worshipping them. Others will only shoot with other models--no guys allowed. Although they are being paid, models have the right to place restrictions on that for which they will be paid. And then you have the ones with boyfriends whose approval they feel they need to do things.

Models are people. They always have been, and always will be. They have the same issues other people do. Some show up late, some need to leave early, and some don't show up at all. Others want more money for what they are being asked to do. Unbelievably, some don't have the attire needed for the shoot. Depending on the demand for the model, they also have the power to negotiate rates. Its not uncommon for a model to counter an offer. The site owner can accept or decline. Usually models who counter offers don't have their own set rates, but know they can up the ante based on their looks and experience.

So the next time you see foot fetish models on sites, think about them as being girls, and as being people. That will help you understand why you don't see them wearing certain outfits, doing certain poses, or shooting certain content.