Monday, October 20, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Shy

There is a time for everything. And for the time being, the time for cold approaches isn't here yet. So I went with what seems to be working for me lately, contacting girls who place their own ads. Allow me to introduce you to our newest everyday girl Shy.

Shy and I went back and forth via text, until finally I said text is impersonal. If you want a feel for a person, talk to them over the phone. She agreed, so I called her. We then got a good feel for each other. Good enough for Shy to tell me she could to the shoot ASAP.

My main issues with Shy were, she wasn't wearing closed-toe shoes. She didn't have any she owned with her. And she had a new pedicure! Shy more than made up for all of that with her extremely active and flexible feet. We got along very well. Shy had a lot of fun, and before she left, she already talked about us doing another shoot.

Friday, October 17, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Amiya

In my last post, I admitted I'd become lazy. Well...I got a little more active and got a couple of prospects. One prospect sort scared me away because I read an online post about her being super crazy. The crazier thing was, she somehow found out about the post and replied to it to try to clear herself. It was one of those ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend type sites which allow people to graphically express their thoughts about how that special someone in their lives treated them at one point. I also found out she had been incarcerated. Her mugshot was not flattering at all. Mind you, there are some super hot female mugshots out there, but hers was not one of them. She was also listed as an adult entertainer. I have nothing against girls who went to jail or are adult entertainers, but for some reason, I decided to avoid this one. My other prospect was a California girl who was visiting Miami. She seemed to be down for the shoot, but then balked. So in the end, I went with what seems to be working for me lately, contacting girls who place their own ads. Allow me to introduce you to our newest everyday girl Amiya.

Amiya was feisty from jump street. She had such an out there personality the moment she got on the phone. I could tell she was the girl in the pictures just from her voice. Amiya was totally cool with doing a foot fetish shoot, and for wearing the shoes that would make her feet stink the most. She didn't have any major questions for me. I told her I needed some time to cool down the apartment, but she assured me it would be ok. The only thing she wanted to do was bring a girlfriend along with her--done deal!

I was definitely pleased to see Amiya in person. She was still as cool as she was on the phone, even after she had been at work earlier that day. Finally, she had questions. She wanted to know why I wanted her in jeans and closed-toe shoes. I explained that I didn't want to show girls in dresses or skirts. And closed-toe shoes were to give fans something to look forward to seeing. Amiya really gave me something to look forward to seeing because she had on a pair of dirty, striped socks, which in her words were "cute". We had a fun shoot, and Amiya said I could call her back anytime!