Saturday, September 02, 2017

One New Everyday Girl - Jenna

I stressed it many times that reputation is key in many things in life, especially when it comes to such taboo things as fetish. So thanks to my reputation and my social circle, that was how I got to meet our newest everyday girl Jenna.

People are known for lots of things, ranging from their personalities to their clothing styles. And the things they are known for can vary based upon their locations, circumstances, people who observe them, etc. Whenever I called one of my main buddies from the fetish parties, he called me "the foot guy". One female party friend mentioned that I am known for dressing well at the parties. The night I met Jenna, I guess I was known as "the foot guy".

So there I was minding my own business, chatting with the buddy who gave me that moniker, in an obscure corner of a gigantic venue which hosted a large-scale fetish party that particular night. Suddenly, a lovely young lady who was introduced to me through mutual party friends last year, appeared in the corner next to me. She was a vibrant person, so we get along rather well when we first met. She was petite, had curly hair, and closely resembled Christina Ricci, except with reddish-brown hair instead of black. I introduced her to my foot fetish world. I gathered she never had a foot fetish experience before. Or if she had, it was a lackluster one. As a matter of fact, neither had one of her friends who introduced us...until I met her at a party one night. See how this works now?

The venue was gigantic: one part of it had three levels, and was connected to a different venue with an entirely different name. That other venue had a wall of liquor about three stories high [30 feet tall]! It was a twisting maze of amusement, so I don't know how she found me. I didn't know she was there until then-and she wasn't alone. There with her was a very pretty, dominant, young brunette with a sleek, athletic build. I could tell she was dominant simply by the way her eyes bore through mine. So our mutual friend asks me if I knew her, which I replied I didn't. She told me her friend didn't know me either. That exchange, of course, meant we had to fix us being strangers to each other. I excused myself from my buddy and went to have some fetish party fun.

Jenna and I met again at another fetish party that same week [it was a Thur-Sun, day and night event]. Now that we were friends, we could make introductions to other friends we knew. She beat me to it by introducing me to a tall, beautiful brunette friend of hers whose feet needed some attention. That night, a different buddy of mine and I set up shop poolside. We had a big, lighted restaurant board to advertise we were giving out latex shines and foot massages. Let me tell you, demand far exceeded supply. There were only two of us, and a line of girls who wanted one or the other! Her friend was next. She used to have a job that had her on her feet for hours, so I made sure to give her feet extra special care and attention. Her big arches and wiggling toes almost gave me cardiac arrest! I returned the favor by introducing Jenna to a friend who went from 0 to 100 after he had a few drinks, especially when he drank his own self-made concoctions. In his case, drinks turned him into Mister Social. He was uninhibited to meeting anyone who drew his attention. He was an "approach machine" once the liquor kicked in good. And that is often the person you want to be whenever you are in an environment where there are so many opportunities to meet new people. He took her hand, and I didn't see them for maybe an hour or more. By the time they returned, they were both exhausted from meeting new people, drinking, and the outdoor humidity.

It was getting late, so Jenna called it a night. I offered to walk her to her car, but being the dominant type she was, she told me she was all right, and had parked close to the hotel.

We kept in touch, and that was how we finally got to do this fantastic shoot. Jenna was a natural, and didn't need any help on my part. There was no asking me what to do or when to do it. Shooting with everyday girls is phenomenal. Most of them never did anything like this before, so everything is genuine. Every response and reaction is real so are the facial expressions and actions. Jenna wants to shoot again, and I can't wait for it!


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