Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Jersey

Reputation is key in shooting fetish material. How many times must I hammer this point home? In my opinion, I can never say it enough because its just that important. I honestly think that without my good reputation, I never would've shot our newest everyday girl Jersey.

I was on my way to the Fetish Factory's 19th Anniversary Party when I saw Jersey walking down the sidewalk wearing black from head to toe, sunglasses, and listening to music with earbuds. She strolled by, and I wondered about her destination. Jersey went to a convenience store to get a drink, then walked to the bus stop. At first look, I thought she was foreign, possibly Spanish or Italian. That made me think twice about approaching her due to the possibility of a language barrier. I could see she was either going home from work, or going to work. The bus driver asked her where she worked, and she told him. That was when I found out she wasn't foreign. My hope was we got off at the same stop so I could talk to her about the shoot. It didn't seem that was going to happen, so I walked to the front of the bus where she was. After some small talk, I gave her my card, and got off the bus. As I neared my connecting stop, I saw her behind me. We actually did get off at the same stop! She hung out by a store, and walked in and out of it. The bus arrived while she was inside. I went to warn her, but couldn't find her. Then I thought, maybe that was for the best because I didn't want to seem overly friendly and too helpful. Girls don't like that type of stuff. The former gets you put in the friend zone super fast, or makes them think you are creepy. The latter makes them think you my want something from them.

A few days later, I received a text from a girl saying a friend told her about my shoots. I replied that was right, and then told her I had a lot going on, but she could still send her pictures to me. As busy as I was, the moment I saw her and her feet, I knew I was going to shoot her. We texted a little more, then she put it out there if I could shoot her that same day. In my experience, you don't put off a hot girl, or she may become a flight risk. I told her I'd call her, so I did. When she told me her name, I thought to myself, it couldn't be the same girl I met on the bus. So I went back to the pictures she sent, and sure enough it was! We scheduled our shoot for that night.

Jersey, came over wearing flip flops. I had her change to her flats. When she took off her flats, she floored me with her feet--they were filthy! Had I known her flip flops did that to her feet, I probably would've had her wear them for her interview. We talked a bit, and she told me she knew the twins I shot, Ava and Amanda. She probably told Amanda about the guy she met who wanted to pay her to do a foot shoot, and wondered if he was for real. Amanda not only told her I was real, had her call me, and even brought her over for the shoot.

Had I not been cool with the girls, Jersey wouldn't be on the site now. She can't wait to come back, and offered to do some stuff with Amanda. Amanda was up for it too. I told them I didn't think my fragile heart could handle that!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Sally

Reputation is key in shooting fetish material. Reputation is key, especially in the adult industry. You here me harp about it every so often to hammer it into your heads as fans, and as current or potential producers. Reputation is what helped me finally shoot and be able to introduce you to our newest everyday girl Sally.

This particular day, I had hits and misses. When homeless women turn you down, or have stipulations, you may as well throw in the towel. Finally, I saw this beautiful blonde coming my way from the courthouse. I began shooting away. I stopped her, gave her a compliment, and she protested...about her nails not being done. Then she told me someone else tried to do that with her, and it happened before. So I'm wondering, who else down here is approaching women for foot pictures or videos. I had to set myself apart from whoever it was she met, so I told her I bet that person never gave her a card. I give her one of my old school cards because I gave out all of my professional-grade ones. She looked at the card, saw my name, and told me she remembered me because we met about a year ago on the bus. Then it hit me who she was. The crazy thing is the amount I offer now is less than what I offered on my pro cards. This time, I whipped out my phone and got her number. She pulled out her phone and told me to call me right then so she could lock in my number.

Next morning, I turned off my phone so it would charged more quickly. It wasn't off long. When I turned it on, I had two texts, one from her. She wanted to know when we could shoot because she needed the money. I told her we could shoot today. She text back saying she couldn't make it because she had no money. She couldn't get $4 together for an all day pass. So I suggested a friend, and I'd pay for gas, plus her bus home. She got a friend to bring her, and her friend said she knew me from somewhere, then tossed out Carnival Cruises. Nope. I've never been on or worked for a cruise line. But she insisted she knew me. During our shoot, her friend text her, saying I used to work for Eckerd, and named the location and store manager. She ended the text with "small f--king world". Come to find out, her friend used to be one of the assistant managers. She even remembered I only worked on weekends [the bank had me the rest of the week]. My weekend thing seemed to be a big deal to someone there because they brought it up to my manager. Actually, I think I only worked one day during the week because banks all over were beginning to implement Saturday hours. My manager told me about it, and said he told the person that I worked so well on that one day, he had no issue with me not being there any other day of the week. I think sometimes I volunteered to come in an extra day, but that was rare.

It was a fantastic way for both of us to end the month. Sally had such a fun time; she couldn't wait to shoot again!