Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How to Take Pictures of Women's Feet

Everything happens for a reason. Some months ago, I had some unexpected time on my hands. A number of ideas came to my mind within a brief span of time, so I was compelled to act upon them. Otherwise, they would go into the wishful thinking category. That was what Brian Tracy calls goals without actions taken--wishes. Another very powerful quote was from Les Brown. He said, "You can live your dreams or you can live your fears." Brendon Burchard and Gary Vaynerchuk strongly advocate starting what you want to do, even if it's not 100 perfect when you do. Think about people who say they want to do x, but they won't until they feel they have everything they need in place before they do. And because of that, many never do anything. That said, I took action this year, and created YouTube channel Himmarshee Street Live.

Being a news reporter has been my lifelong dream ever since the age of seven. I thought it was phenomenal to be able to be on television, reach people all over the world, and have them riveted to your every word. Reporters are far more powerful than actors and musicians. How so? you ask. What happens to your favorite television show or movie whenever a major news story emerges? Exactly! So to be able to garner that type of captive audience is definitely up there in terms of level of importance.

While I was out clubbing at night, I saw an untapped market, a niche that was somehow being overlooked-big time! I've been to fetish parties and vanilla events, and observed event photographers at both. Now, the hosts or owners hire them to photograph and film the guests. It's what happens to those photos and video afterward that matters most. I cannot say much more without tipping my hat or showing you what is up my sleeve. But the fetish parties got it right; the vanilla ones didn't. This is where I will come in like a pelican swooping down into the water to scoop up fish! hahaha!

As you read this, I am getting business cards made and a professional video introduction for the channel and its episodes. One thing I need your help with is subscribers. YouTube channels are only eligible for custom URL's if they have at least 100 subscribers. Such an example is one of my favorite custom URL's on there, So please subscribe to my channel to get me there. It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.