Saturday, March 31, 2007

I Sniffed My Boss's Shoe....

I couldn't take it anymore!!!

The first time I saw her, I wasn't with the company yet. But I knew I liked her, and wanted to see her feet, sniff her socks, loafers, etc.

Once I started, I noticed she was a shoe dipper. She wears little black loafers and thick black socks. Last night, she shoe dipped, and said her feet were hurting. I reached down, put my finger in her shoe, and said I bet it was hot in there. It was, and she agreed. :D

I would have went further, but another of my female bosses was coming. Let me tell you this, all of my female bosses are hot in some way or another. And they are on their feet all the time. I suggested she demand a foot rub when she got home, and she agreed with me.

Today, I saw her standing and dipping, but this time, I saw her wiggling her toes through her thick black socks.

That was all she wrote. I already had it in my mind to either offer her a foot massage, or tell her she was beautiful as the risk of my job. Why? Because I have a foot fetish, and life is too short.

My opportunity came today when I went to lunch, and she was in the breakroom. She had both shoes off, leg crossed, was wiggling her toes, and talking on the phone. Normally, my heart would be beating like crazy. But it was calm. The moment she ended her cell call, I told her she was going to have to excuse me, but there was something I had to do.

I knelt down, picked up her size 8M loafer, and inhaled deeply. She smiled and asked me why was I smelling her shoe. I told her I hear women mentioning their shoes smell after a long day of their feet being in them and sweating in them.

She told me just because she works and stands long, and her feet hurt doesn't mean they will stink. I told her I knew mens feet smelled after work, but wanted to know if womens feet did too from work. I then asked her which part of her feet ached the most, and she grabbed the ball of
her socked foot. She began massaging it right there as I watched.

After that, she propped both feet up in a chair in front of her, and watched television.

Fellows, it took all my restraint as a new employee with a foot fetish not to kneel down
and give her a sample of my phenomenal foot massage skills.

She asked me if I worked the next day, and I told her I did.

Woo!!! Hoo!!! With the power of positive thinking and the help of "The Secret",
I may yet get to massage her feet, and get to sniff her socks and feet.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Missing in Action

I apologize for missing my regular Monday blog. The reason I missed the March 19, 2007 blog was because I forgot to do it. Hey...that is a more valid excuse than saying I had writers block.

Not long ago, you read we were going to be giving you more of what you want. This will definitely be your chance to be heard. As we said, we listen. So once the new content starts rolling out, it will be up to you, our fans, to let us know if you like it or don't like it. We usually reply to our emails within 48 hours.

One thing we can tell you about the new content is it will be shot in true multi-angle format, as we added a new member to our team for that sole purpose. OK, here is one more thing for you. There will be no fake content! It will be honest and genuine.

You deserve nothing less than the real thing, and don't let anyone else tell you different.

Monday, March 12, 2007

What About Her Feet?

It never ceases to amaze me how many foot fetish producers miss out on some of the best girls feet. You can easily tell when a producer is either clueless about foot fetish, or thinks he or she knows it, but really doesn't.

The big boys are notorious for it. They will use a girl for nearly all of their regular shoots, but overlook using her for their foot fetish shoots. But I've noticed the smaller guys are doing the same thing. If a producer has multiple sites, and one is for foot fetish, whenever they get girls, they should get them to do some foot stuff. If they don't, then they aren't as into feet as much as they think they are, or they're not into feet at all.

OK, maybe some girls don't want to do foot stuff. If that is the case, die hard foot producers will pass on those that don't want to do it. Conversely, so-called foot producers and fake foot producers will shoot them every time.

There is no way to tell why some producers do what they do unless you ask them. Good luck with that. As I stated in a prior blog, many producers don't give you ways to contact them. And if you are able to, and do, the majority of them won't reply back. So if you see a girl, but don't get to see her feet, keep looking. Much of the time, if a girl will shoot with a foot producer, you can probably find her on other sites, other clip stores, or other movies doing foot stuff.