Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Everyday Girls Flaking Bigtime

As you've noticed, our updates are now less frequent. Its because we are doing what we can to bring you never before seen girls, mainly ones who are brand new to foot fetish. The best ones are everyday girls: nursing students, bank tellers, cashiers, girls in the supermarket, girls in passing on the street. Its easy to approach them, tell them what's up, and then see if they contact you. The waiting part is the most difficult part. The key is to only chat up girls who you want to shoot. That way, no matter which of them calls, you win. Problems occur when they don't call, but tell a boyfriend to call. Problems occur when they are unreliable, and want to show up when they feel like showing up instead of when they agreed to show up. And problems occur when they do a total about face and flake.

Here are the most recent examples of why our updates featuring everyday girls are so few. And then you'll better understand the problems mentioned above.

The Nursing Student

I'd seen this girl once before, but didn't approach her because she was walking home with a dude after class. The next time I saw her, she was on a cell phone in a big argument with some guy she was seeing. The kicker was the phone wasn't hers; it belonged to another student, one who wanted her phone back. After about 15 minutes of waiting, and an instructor telling the girl to get back inside, I approached her. The conversation went well, and she called me some days later. I really wanted her to shoot in those stinky, old sneakers she wore to school. We agreed to shoot on a Friday. She was a no call-no show that day, but called Saturday out of the blue wanting to shoot. Oh yeah, the girl called me from about four different numbers, leaving me messages to call her. I didn't bother to call her back for some weeks. After I called her, we agreed to another day. The day came, and she said she was waiting for her mother to pick her up. Well, that never happened. So we set another day, and she changed the time on me, wanting to come much earlier. I told her no, so we set another day. That day, she said she was on her way, but never showed.

The Girl In Flip Flops and Socks

I'd seen this girl once, and she was with some garbage type dude. I was blown away by her looks, plus the fact she wore sunglasses, and wore socks with her flip flops. The next time I saw her, she and garbage dude were at the mall bus stop. When he sent her on an errand, I approached her. She had her sunglasses on again, and her flip flops, but no socks. Man, her feet had high arches and were amazing! OK, some time passed, and the dude called me. I barely remembered the girl's name, so I asked him to describe her. He could only say she was tall and worked at the mall. He also posed as her brother. He said he would have her call me. She didn't call me, so I called him back. He admitted he was not her brother, and said she was there with him. When he tried to get her on the phone, she put up resistance. The kicker was after I told him the shoot location, she refused to do the shoot--even with him coming along!

The Bank Teller

I really wanted to see this girl's feet, especially after I saw her runway-style walk, and her mary jane pumps. OK, so I gave her a note for her to call me for a shoot. Some weeks later, her boyfriend calls me. We talk, and then I hear nothing from anyone. Weeks go by, and the bank teller calls me. We get along, and we agree on a shoot day. The day of the shoot, she ends up filling in for another teller. And she can't come afterward because her boyfriend has to go to work. Furthermore, she can't shoot unless he comes with her. We set a different day. This time, they didn't show up. I call her, only to find out she can't reach or find her boyfriend, and now wants to change the time to later. I tell her to lets choose a different day. The boyfriend calls me, telling me there was a mix up in communication between the two of them regarding who was picking up whom. OK, we finally get the shoot day set, and a friend of hers drives them to the location. During the interview, the bank tellers says in her interview she doesn't like other people massaging her feet. Mind you, she was fine with it when we spoke by phone.... She acted weird during the interview, and asked questions about the ripped stockings, and the foot massage. She even declined to have her boyfriend massage her feet! Her excuse was she didn't know my site's client [I thought she said it was because she didn't like other people massaging her feet]. The next morning, she calls, telling me she looked at my site, and now feels uncomfortable with the shoot and doesn't want it posted. She blamed her boyfriend for not checking into it enough. Larer, her boyfriend calls me, and tells me he will come over to return the payment. He shows up an hour later than he stated, returns the payment, and asks for the model release his girlfriend signed. The next day, he tells me he wants me to sign a release of his own. He told me he trusted me, but they've been through something such as this before, and had problems. I agreed to sign the paper, but then thought to myself, heck no I wouldn't! I'd been through enough with those two, plus that wasn't how it worked anyway. They would have to come after me if I went against their wishes and posted the content. So the burden would fall on them--not me. This boyfriend/manager/agent didn't know what he was doing. And his runway-experienced, fashion model girlfriend was paying the price for his lack of industry knowledge and lack of research into what he was agreeing to allow his girlfriend to do.

The Cashier

I was on the way home when I saw this tall beauty walking to work. All I could focus on was the her fancy black flats and the sound they made hitting the concrete. I went home, changed clothes, and went to look for her. I all, but gave up until I saw her coming from out the back of the store. I stopped her, and as I spoke, I noticed a person standing not too far away who was very much into the conversation. Come to find out, the person was her manager! Lucky for me, I practically live in that store, so her boss greenlighted me, and I was OK. The girl thought I was a manager by the way I dressed. She thought I was going to tell her that her shoes went against the dress code. And her manager thought I was a customer with a complaint against her. As we talked, the girl told me she hated her toes, and thought they were ugly. In hindsight, I should have asked to see them, as we were going outside from the store to the liquor store as her manager told her to go. But I acted professional, and didn't go for it. Well, the girl disappeared for weeks after that. It was as if she didn't exist! Finally, I saw her, and asked where she'd been, she posed the same question to me. She asked for my card again, and this time, I got her number. She told me her flats were dingy now. I told her that was a good thing, and she could bring her black sneakers too when she shot. That day, she wore orange socks with her sneakers, which was different and cool. OK, I call her after she gets off. She doesn't talk about the shoot. Instead, she tells me about her day. At the end of the conversation, she says she would call me back. I said OK because we needed to talk business. Well, no call. So I called her some days later. She called me back more days later, asking me for a ride to school. I told her I didn't have a car, and that seemed to shock her. Anyway, she told me her schedule and her parents were the reasons she probably couldn't shoot. I told her to work it out, and call me back. She called me back later that day and left a message saying she decided to try it after she told her sister about it, and her sister agreed to bring her. I didn't call her back--didn't want to look desperate. Come to find out, I should have called her because that was the day she wanted to shoot. Girls are confusing! OK, we were supposed to shoot on one of her days off. She said she would call me then. Well, that didn't happen. I left her one last message telling her to let me know when she and her sister would come by. No callback. I saw her a few days later at her job [and yes, she was wearing those dingy flats I like]. I considered calling her out on the flaking, but decided to take the high road and not do it. Who knows? Maybe she will call me one day.

The Bank Teller

This bank teller, I met at another branch location belonging to the same bank the first bank teller worked. I saw a pair of pumps on the floor behind her, and made small talk about them. She said all the tellers feet hurt, so they either went barefoot, or wore comfortable shoes. OK, so some weeks later, I gave her the same type of note I gave the first bank teller. She called me the same day! We agreed to shoot that weekend, after she got off from her second job. OK, all was well until I told her that when she called me, it reminded me I needed to get some stockings. A few minutes later, the bank teller called me back, told me she saw my site, and her words were, "I just saw your site, and I'm not doing it". What the heck just happened? Girls can be so flighty.

This stuff isn't easy. That is the reason you see some sites with bargain bin type girls as their frequent updates. The really hot everyday girls are not easy to get, and they usually have many hangups. That is one reason why its easier to score with them for free instead of getting them to show their feet for pay. Ha! Ha!