Tuesday, July 31, 2018

How to Take Pictures of Women's Feet

Hundreds of thousands of foot fans want to know how to get women to shuck their shoes for them, so they can get photos, video, or even some foot massage, foot smelling, or foot worship for FREE. A number of guys have come up with ideas to successfully do those things. But one guy in particular not only came up with ideas, but put them in writing twice over, for all to read. He felt compelled to act. Otherwise, his thoughts would go into the wishful thinking category.

That was what Brian Tracy calls goals without actions taken--wishes. Another very powerful quote was from Les Brown. He said, "You can live your dreams or you can live your fears." Brendon Burchard and Gary Vaynerchuk strongly advocate starting what you want to do, even if it's not 100 perfect when you do. Think about people who say they want to do x, but they won't until they feel they have everything they need in place before they do. And because of that, many never do anything. I for one, and glad he took massive action in his life, created a thread about it My Experience on How to Take Pictures of Women's Feet/Soles/Toes, and took even more action, and wrote a book on the subject How to Live Happily with Your Foot Fetish

He welcomes your feedback and questions, so contact him via email, which he provides. Disclaimer: I have not verified to see if it is still active. But if not, you can reach out to him in his thread. I have said for years, you have to have a gimmick to get the results. His ideas serve as good springboards to get more feet in your life. You may go on to develop your own after a while. But as with any skill. It is best to take the advice from those who have gone through all the trial and error and dealt with the learning curve. Trust me. It will save you lots of time, energy, and money in the long run.