Thursday, September 20, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Erica

What the heck happened to this guy? Where are the updates? Is he alright? What happened to the updates? Those questions and more probably went through your heads this past month and a half. Frankly, I kind of asked myself those questions, among others. Long story short, fans, I hit a drought. You have no idea how many girls I approach to do this stuff. The issue is, I let them off easy by just giving them my card, and putting the rest on them. In pickup, and in life in general, that is a No No. I'll get more into that later, but first, allow me to introduce Erica, our newest everyday girl.

Erica responded to an Internet ad I placed. Those things are dice rolls for me, and I'm not good at gambling. Erica panned out though. She sent a fantastic face picture to me, which was even better than the foot pictures she sent. We set up the shoot, and she was ready that same day. Usually, that is a huge red flag, but I had a good feeling about her, so I allowed it. Everything went well, and we may even shoot again.

OK, now back to putting everything on the girls. Girls are on different wavelengths than men are. A girl could be interested in you, and then a few minutes later, forget all about you. So what do you think happens with a business card? Now, the thing to do is to get their numbers so you can call them. Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 times, they will give the default response, "I don't give out my number". We know this is a lie; but what is even worse is that this is a test. Some guys don't know its a test. They think they screwed up, and then give up. Girls sometimes see if guys are man enough to not take that flimsy line for an answer. They don't want to take our numbers and call us because that is not in their programming. They are programmed to get the calls, not make them. So when they tell us, they will take our number instead, or if you give them your number before they give you theirs, 99 percent of the time, you can expect not to hear from them.

So now I will have to be aggressive to the point, I will take my cards back if girls give me too much push back with their numbers. Not all girls are down for this. And if ones who are, but allow their friends to get into their heads, forget it. Sometimes it takes calls and texts, and even another face-to-face meeting to get them on board.

I will definitely make up for the missed updates. And when I do, I will do it big!