Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hosted by HostGator

Thank you for your fanship and continued love of Planet of the Arches and Workout Girls Feet. It was a long time coming, but the updates are back, thanks to a switch to HostGator. Our former host, BHE, was a great way to get into the foot fetish biz. They host and hosted some of your old time favorites, such as Nikki's Arches, Barefoot Cam Girls, A Nurse's Feet, and California Beach Feet. We were with them, but later left to go with a friend [Slyyy's boyfriend] who was a major playing in web design and web hosting. Unfortunately, the subscription-billing companies we consecutively chose absconded with lots of site owners' monies. They didn't require the $750 Visa processing fee [red flag] that other companies wanted. So we went with CCBill, minus the Visa processing. Visa is huge, so instead of ponying up the fee, we went back to BHE. But then BHE noticed the shoe sale activity on the site, and wanted it's cut. Way back when we started with BHE, we talked about it's shopping cart sytem. Unfortunately, it was not well-suited to handle the shoe sales. A little later, our computer crashed. The crash took much needed files, and the login info to update the sites. When we got a new computer and requested the login info, BHE totally ignored us. That was the reason neither site had any updates. After double, triple, and quadruply backing up all computer files, it was time to leave BHE. Two good sources pointed us to HostGator. One source was the brilliant web designer, Jason Sika. He created the banners for Workout Girls Feet and Biker Girls Feet. The other was Tina Latina. Be sure to visit her site. She recently redesigned it [personally, I liked the previous design]. HostGator took care of us step-by-step. It had been a long time since we had to be real webmasters, so we really needed our hands held to make the transition successful. As it stands, we are posting updates from as far back as 2007! The 2009 updates you see are from 2009, but not posted with chronologial approximation. Once the 2010 posts begin, you will see a blizzard of updates [to make up for lost time]! It is our eventual goal to get Visa processing through CCBill so more of you can once again begin enjoying the site with the Highes Arches in the Galaxy, along with the site featuring Hot Girls, Sweaty Socks, and Stinky Sneakers!