Thursday, June 07, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Lexy

Meeting new people is fun, yet challenging. It's fun because you get to meet new people with different styles, likes, and personalities. It's challenging because often, you may misjudge people or they may misjudge you. Furthermore, there is the possibility of everything going well, yet having the people you meet flake on you. Having said that, we are happy to introduce you to a new everyday girl. Her name is Lexy, and there is quite a story behind meeting her.

I ride the bus at night, and one night I saw this very pretty young woman who looked as though she had a long day at work. Two things that caught my attention about her was her very colorful handbag, and her flats. If I remember correctly, I saw Lexy twice, before finally getting an opportunity to meet her upon seeing her a third time. She got on, and sat alone. Now that was my opportunity to talk to her, but she just got off work, so it would have been  rather inconsiderate for me to do that. Not long after she got on, another passenger took the empty seat next to her. I felt my opportunity slip away, but then at a transfer point, the passenger got off. OK, my opportunity was back, yet I hesitated. Lo and behold, the same passenger came back on the bus, and reclaimed the seat.

We rode for a while, and then something very good happened, the passenger next to Lexy, reached a stop and got off. I was about to get off myself, so the timing was perfect. I moved next to her, and complimented her on her nail polish. She didn't think her nails were pretty right then, but I assured her otherwise. I then complimented her on her flats. We talked more, and she took a real interest in what I said. As she took my card, she let me know there were many other people out there who approached her for jobs and gigs. It was her way of saying "You might be just like them. How do I know you are legit"? I told her how to tell I was on the up and up, then requested a way to contact her for follow up. All was good, except I'd missed my stop. Lexy offered to ring the bell for me, but I did it, as I got ready to go.

I gave Lexy a couple of days, then contacted her. She didn't call or text back, so I gave her some more days. Finally, one day, she answered her phone, but she was at work, and said she'd call later. The fact she answered was a good sign. Anyway, there was no call later. A short time later, I found myself running errands, and went to the store I go to when in the area. Actually, I was looking for another young lady who worked there, who I hadn't heard from. As I left, I saw who...Lexy! She caught my attention, but I didn't recognize her until I passed her register, and saw her flats. I went back to buy something, and got in her line. She totally didn't recognize me until I brandished my card. She said she'd moved, and was busy. As I left, I text her to let her know I understood, and as a way to help get her to the shoot, I offered to give whoever brought her over, some gas money. Lexy text me about an hour later to tell me she was free the next day.

The crazy thing about this is I saw Lexy many weeks before I first saw her on the bus. We both got off at the same stop in the daytime, and were both going to the same place, her job. It was crazy because I didn't truly get a good look at Lexy because I had my mind on something else. Hmmm, had I spoke to her that day, I wonder if everything would have still led to us shooting. My 10th grade history teacher once said the word "if" was the biggest word in the world. After he explained it to us, it made more than enough sense.