Saturday, September 02, 2017

One New Everyday Girl - Casey

If you had ever been invited to a fetish party, but didn't go because _____________ [insert excuse], then you probably missed out on something fantastic. The best are the ones which are established or ran by someone with a very good reputation in the community. You will see and hopefully meet an array of people from all walks of life. Many will share at least one similarity with you. And this was the case with the everyday girl I am about to introduce. I stressed it many times that reputation is key in many things in life, especially when it comes to such taboo things as fetish. So thanks to my reputation and my social circle, that was how I got to meet our newest everyday girl Casey.

Casey's friend invited her to a fetish party. I knew her friend, but Casey and I didn't know each other. The crazy thing was that was exactly how I originally met her friend. One of our mutual friends found me while I was talking to a buddy in an obscure corner of a huge venue used for a large-scale fetish party. Hold on. I can't tell that story in this blog post. It must come in the next one where it will be more appropriate, and won't take away from Casey's story.

OK, so let me introduce the friend who invited Casey to the fetish party. It was Jenna. Jenna and I had met twice by the time the shoot took place, and we kept in touch. One day, she text me about some car trouble and working doubles. No. The text was not meant for me to lend her money; it was informational. Life stuff, you know. Besides, if you are working doubles, then you are doing it to make money, not because you are so in love with work that you will sacrifice the rest of your day for it. I text her in a round about way that if she knew any girls at her job who also worked doubles and had tired feet in need of a foot rub afterward, they should call me. That was a way to tell her I was looking for new everyday girls, but she could be part of the fun too, if she wanted. I left it at that, but much later text her to ask where were the girls she told me about, partially as a joke but totally serious. My answer came one night at a fetish party.

Jenna went to a Back to School party, which was one of the most popular themes for the fetish parties to host. The Catholic schoolgirl outfit never gets old! It still gets a great response from everyone there. Even guys join in on the fun and wear them. They also wear kilts, which in a way, resembles a Catholic schoolgirl skirt. So there I was minding my business when Jenna appeared in front of me. We hug greeted each other, then she introduced me to a stunning blonde who stood next to her, and told me she was one of the girls who wanted to do it [the shoot]. That was good news, but I know how it goes because I went through it before. I only had the introducing friend's contact info, so she had to be the liaison. So the introducing friend had to light the fire under her friend to get her to remember to shoot with me. Eventually, I got the friend's contact info too. Knowing all that, I still dropped the ball. It was a wild night, and before I could tell her to details, someone wanted my attention. It happened to be a girl who I had history with, so hey, I went with the bird in the hand instead of the two in the bush. My mistake. I should have told Casey I'd talk with her later, or told her Jenna had my number if she wanted to call me.

Later in the night, I was able to do my own introducing. I introduced Casey to someone I knew because the three of us shared something in common. It was fun making that introduction because it happened in front of friends who Jenna and I knew. Once I stirred the pot and had the soup cooking, I moved along to find other fun for the night.

The following week, I text Jenna about Casey, and heard frogs and crickets. Finally, she replied back, and gave me a shoot day, and then later, a shoot time! I gave her the details, but held off on telling her they should bring their most worn, stinkiest shoes, and that I didn't mind if their feet were stinky too. Those final pieces of information came the day before the shoot. When they came over, I thought the cast of "The Fast and the Furious" had arrived. The last girl I shot who had a suped up ride was Angelina. She drove a fire-engine red import with a customized body, rims and tires, exhaust, and motor! Just before her Alemia had suped up her import with custom rims and tires. It already had a powerful V-6, so there was no need to touch the exhaust or motor.

Casey came ready with lots of worn shoes, and sported a pair of thin-soled black flip flops. In hindsight, I should have shot her in those too because she had some high arches. We had fun in between shooting, such as when the girls did some off-camera shoe smelling. Jenna took off one of her workout sneakers and smelled it. Yes, in case you want to know, it was pretty bad. I then had her smell one of Casey's boat shoes, which had no odor. Then I had Casey smell Jenna's workout sneaker, and Jenna smell one of Casey's work sneakers to even things. Those were things that would't look as genuine when done a second time. Therefore, I didn't ask them to do it again while I filmed it. Just know that it happened, and it was amazing to watch!

Now, Casey came over wearing flip flops, which was a red flag. Most girls don't know to come wearing their most worn, closed-toe shoes to the shoot. They might think to not wear them until they are told to wear them. I think that is mainly because those shoes might stink and make their feet stink, which might embarrass them in front of me. She also didn't wear jeans or pants. Let me tell you, when I smelled her feet during her interview, all those things she had done wrong were immediately wiped from my mind! Later, Jenna told me Casey had already worked, went to class, and then came to shoot before going back to work again! After work feet are the best! Gym feet are ok. But you know lots of girls are posers. They come dressed in their new workout gear, new sneakers, new socks, and barely break a sweat. I think more girls run indoors on a treadmill under the air conditioning than outdoors under the sun or clouds.

Everything I just told you about would have never happened years ago because Casey just found out about foot fetish. Up until that fetish party, she never received ANY foot compliments from guys.

I wanted to massage Casey's feet for much longer than I did, but she had to go. It was her first foot massage, so sadly, she wouldn't be able to enjoy it in its entirety. You know we don't count the paid ones given at a nail salon. She had a super fun time, and looks forward to the next fetish party and the next shoot!


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