Thursday, January 26, 2012

Four New Everyday Girls

I tell you this is not easy. But I am to make it seem that way. As a result of my efforts, Andrea, Nadia, Sade, and Tasha are on Planet of the Arches.

Andrea, I met as I walked to the store. She'd just gotten off work, was out of her car, and headed for the store with a good pace. Just one look at her let me know I had to approach her. I caught up with her in an aisle, and soon found my opener-her foot tattoo. She told me it got lots of attention, so I told her what I did, and I'd like to have her shoot with me. I kept it brief as always. Sometimes the conversation can get lengthy, that is really when a girl is down for showing off her feet. A few days later, Andrea called, and we went from there. The bad thing was she didn't dress right for it, and didn't bring the black flats I saw her wear in the store. So she went back home, changed, and returned. She told me her black flats fell apart at the bottom, and that was gross, so she threw them away.

Nadia, I met from an Internet posting. I could not believe how high her arches were when she sent me pictures of her feet. Her arches make her feet appear two sizes smaller than their numbered size!

Sade, I also met from an Internet posting. As far as she goes, I couldn't believe how pretty she was in the pictures she sent me. She took a couple of pictures of her feet too. One of them came out so well, it seemed as if she was the foot fetish photographer instead of me! Sade came over with no polish on her toes, and her feet looked fantastic. That is not an easy feat [pardon the pun], as we know. But what blew me away was she was even prettier in person than in her picture. That too is not an easy feat, as we know.

Tasha, I met as she was going to work. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Even when she stood in front of me on the bus fiddling for bus fare, I wasn't going to tell her the fare machine was broken. I wanted her to stand right in front of me as long as possible! I didn't get to talk to her then, or another time I saw her. My chance came when she was going to work, and I happened to be on my bike going in the opposite direction. Let me tell you, chatting up a girl when you are on a bike takes confidence. As with Shanelle, I was not dressed for the situation, but as I said, it is about what you say and how you say it that gets girls. Tasha asked me questions on the spot, which was a good thing. She called me a couple of weeks later for find out more about it. I gave her access to the site, and then a few days later, she told me she saw the foot worship part of the shoot, and didn't want to do that. I assured her what we discussed was all that would take place, and for her to trust me. Well, she did, and she had a super fun time! She trusted me so much, she wanted to come over and shoot at night [I missed that call]. The next day, she came over at night, and I proved to her this would be the most fun she had this month. BTW, the very next day she ended up selling her flats and her socks she wore at the shoot! I don't think that ever happened before, not even with Christina's or Alemia's shoes! Tasha totally could not believe she is now a bona fide Internet celebrity in her own right!

Three More Everyday Girls

It is to my advantage to be out as much as I can, and also to take advantage of opportunities I see to meet new girls. That is what happened when I met Jo, Chyna Black, and Shanelle.

While out and about, I met more everyday girls: Jo, Chyna Black, and Shanelle. Also Andre, but I discuss her in the next blog post. Here is the shorter version. Jo had the highest arches out of the three, Shanelle had the biggest and ticklish feet of the three, and Andrea had the most eye catching feet of the three. I met Jo while she was working. We both flirted with each other, so I knew I had to chat her up for a shoot. Shanelle was off from work, and was a little difficult because she didn't like her feet. Andrea was off from work, and welcomed a chance to show off her feet.

Look for more everyday girls in our updates. They are some of the most fun to get in front of the camera because this is so new for them. And to be able to give some of them their very first foot massage and first experience with foot worship, is always an honor for yours truly.

This is the longer, detailed version.

Jo, I met when I went to get something to eat. She had this look on her beautiful face that seemed to be of exhaustion or pain. I went with the latter, hoping to chat her up about her feet aching. Turns out, she was frustrated with a work situation, and had a headache. I empathized with her, and told her I hoped she felt better later. The next time I saw her, she was my dietician. That was cool, so I played along. The next time I saw her, I was ready with a letter in hand and business card. She wanted to see what it was right then, but I told her to read the outside of the envelope because it said to open it later. A few days later, she called, and we went from there. Jo was super cool, and very quirky. She could not believe I sniffed her sneakers, and called me sick for it. I may be sick, but as a result, we both had a fun shoot. And that is what matters. Plus, I also got to kiss her high-arched feet!

Chyna Black, I met when I saw her walking with a dude after her nursing classes. Latre, I found out, he was her cousin. I figured he wasn't her boyfriend because she was on her cell phone the entire time they walked together. But it always pays to know the real deal rather than speculate. Heck, a dude who I thought was gay ended up being one everyday girl's boyfriend. I won't tell you which everyday girl though.
The next time I saw Chyna Black, I had to wait a long time for her to finish her cell phone call. I looked really creepy waiting in the wings for her, but it paid off. I used her conversation as a situational opener, and went from there. She was going toe-to-toe with some jealous dude on the phone, which showed me she enjoyed drama, and would probably be up for something different for a change. She flaked on me a first, so I had to punish her by not calling her back for a while to reschedule. After she called me over and over to reschedule, I finally called her. The bad thing about her shoot was she couldn't find the sneakers I saw her wear the first time we met. She came wearing high heels that showed her feet, so I had to roll with it. We had a fun shoot, and I even got to tickle her feet and kiss them!

Shanelle, I met on the bus. She got off at a casino, and I was about to bike off into the night when I decided to take the opportunity I was given, and approach her. I was not dressed for the situation, so it took lots of confidence for me to make it work. That is one of the awesome things about talking to girls, it is not how you look or what you wear when you approach them, it is mainly what you say and how you say it. Shanelle called a few days later to shoot, but as with Chyna Black, she didn't have the shoes I told her bring. She also overdressed, so I had to roll with it. We had a fun shoot, and I got to be the first person to ever kiss her feet!