Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One New Everyday Girl - Jody

Here is another shoot which took me months and months to get to happen! How many months? Six...half a year! There is definitely a story to tell, of course. But before I tell you about our newest everyday girl, Jody, let me take you back two posts ago to her friend Lakeisha. You should read about Lakeisha and her shoot, then come back to this post, which I encourage you to do.

Good...now that you are back. Let me give you further details about Lakeisha's shoot, and how it relates to Jody. Lakeisha received lots of compliments from guys about her feet, but didn't know lots of guys liked feet. This shoot took forever [over two months] to happen because Lakeisha wanted everything to be just right. One of the last times I saw her, she said she her feet had to be done before she shot. Then she slipped off one of her shoes to show me her toes. She also said a friend of hers was coming with her, as well as her friend Jody, who I told about the shoot a month before I met Lakeisha. The day finally arrived, and all three came over. Unfortunately, their friend had to leave to pick up someone from the airport, so all of them left. Her friend complained during Lakeisha's shoot, saying how she couldn't sit there that long. I really didn't want to shoot her, but would've done it as a favor to Lakeisha.

Jody's toes were bare the first time I saw her wearing her tan flats. This time, her fingers and toes were done in bright orange. And to make it so bad, Jody took off her flats, and stayed barefoot during Lakeisha's shoot to keep her feet from sweating. As much as I wanted to look, I stayed focused on Lakeisha because I knew Jody was shooting shortly after. In hindsight, I should have looked because thanks to their whining friend who seemed to cause her to back out. Later, I saw Lakeisha, and she said Jody still wanted to shoot, she just had to find time for it. My hopes were dashed again because the time excuse was an old one...sometimes true, but most of the time false.

Jody was actually supposed to shoot long before Lakeisha, but was skeptical and skittish about it. The day Lakeisha came over, Jody and another friend were with her, but the latter backed out because of time and whatever. You read thos details in the Lakeisha's blog post. Lakeisha told me Jody wanted to come back to do the shoot, but now, I was the skeptical one. So it really surprised me when out of the blue, she texts me to shoot the next day. Jody more than made up for things. She came over right after work [just as Lakeisha did], was tired, and wanted her feet to be pampered, as well as have a fun time as it happened. She walked in with her heels on the backs of her super worn black flats. Apparently, what Dee Dee said was right. Flats are comfortable, but irritate the backs of the heels. Jody's high-arched feet were even more beautiful than I remembered, down to her sexy dark blue nail polished toes, which she'd done herself. Jody's super vibrant personality, bright smile, and love of her feet and the camera, helped make her shoot epic!

One New Everyday Girl - Dee Dee

Sometimes I feel I just spin my wheels when I approach some everyday girls about the shoot. So when they call me to hear more so they can come by and do it, naturally, it catches me by surprise. This was one of those times. And it allowed me the opportunity to bring you our newest everyday girl, Dee Dee.

I'd seen Dee Dee at her job, and hoped for a moment to get to tell her about the shoot. You see, many people at work are in work mode, and not talk mode. Sometimes, you actually have to request them to turn off work mode, if you can't catch them during an isolated moment, and switch to talk mode. This was not one of those times because Dee Dee, had stepped away from her station, and was isolated, but was still in full work mode, and walked super fast at that! Luckily, I am a fast walker, but it wasn't a good sight to see. It seemed as if I chased her all over the place to talk to her, which wasn't good. The funny thing was, she told me to keep talking as we walked. It seemed she was more focused on her job than the conversation, so I chalked it up as a loss.

A few days later, she left me a voicemail. My phone or service is strange...sometimes I receive voicemail without my phone ever ringing. I called her back, but she was at work. She called me a day later, and we set up the shoot. She enjoyed it and had fun, definitely wants to come back. BTW, during her interview, I found out Dee Dee loves being barefoot, and doesn't wears socks with her shoes, not even the Nike sneakers I saw her wearing that day. And fans, I can't wait until she brings them with her next time [she left them this time] because she said they smell "atrocious"!