Tuesday, November 25, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Jazymn Rose

Let me begin this post by saying there is gold on that there Internet! This was the first time I ever shot a girl in need who placed her own ad, yet who could easily be a print ad model and/or product advertising model. That was how I met our newest everyday girl Jazymn Rose.

Jazymn Rose was a force in front of the camera. Her poses were on par with a girl who did print modeling or product advertising. She instinctively knew how to put the focus on her shoes, ped socks, and feet. So if those were the products, she definitely sold them! Jazymn wore a DIY pair of blue jeans, and the way she posed in them, in conjunction with her beautiful face, just made for sensational print quality photos.

The only other girl I can immediately think of know who transformed into someone phenomenal when in front of a camera was Sasha. I was able to meet her via a modeling site. Its nothing short of incredible whenever a girl with seemingly no experience with modeling, just gets it. Some people are prodigies at things whether they know it, or not. Unfortunately, being a prodigy isn't enough to make people successful. Read president Calvin Coolidge's quotation titled "Persistence" to understand what I mean when I say that. But these days, even that isn't enough. Think of the upstarts you see on television, in movies, and who are "music artists".

Another golden quality Jazymn Rose had was she did something most guys can't do, but would love to do, and that is to ride motorcycles. Yours truly is one of those guys. She came over wearing a putrid pair of ped socks that were so awful, I had to push past the stench to do the shoot! They were even worse than Holly's softball socks. And she had two pairs of stinky sneakers. Her seemingly less worn Nike Air Max made my nose upset with me for diving it into them! But it was her gray Nike sneakers that were the real bombs! Jazymn Rose hated feet, hated her own feet, and didn't like foot worship or foot tickling. As much as she was against all of that, she blew away many girls who frequently do foot fetish shoots. We had an amazing shoot, and we both would love to have her back again!

Friday, November 14, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Jessica L

The Internet has been pretty good to me lately. Way back in July, a girl send me a face picture and two pictures of her feet, one which included them being rope bound. I could tell this one was going to be very interesting in person. Well, things got pushed back, but we kept in touch. I still had her on the back burner all the way through November until she sent me pictures of her work shoes--a pair she wears every day. The power of that picture got me on board to want Jessica over ASAP! That was how I met our newest everyday girl Jessica L.

Jessica L told me she used to be really deep into the fetish scene, even attending Fetish Factory parties regularly for at least 5-6 years straight. But then she got more into work, and that was the beginning of the end for the parties. Speaking of parties, she told me the reason she had one pair of work shoes, and wore them every day. She was on South Beach, and her car was burglarized. Whoever did it, stole a luggage case full of her stuff, which included nearly all of the shoes she owned, even her fetish shoes. Now, she is down to just four pairs of shoes, with her work shoes being the ones that stink the most. Let me tell you, they were divine!

We got along in person as we did by phone. She still had that ramped up, ready for whatever, take no prisoners attitude. All went very well. And thanks to her, I am back to shooting super close foot worship views. I hadn't nailed those in years, but now, they are back! Jessica L definitely wants to do another shoot. And as long as she has those flats, I'm one hundred percent for it!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Ally

I truly love introducing girls to foot fetish. But in this post, you'll see I introduced one girl to a plethora of fetishes. Alright, I hit the Internet again to see who would be open-minded for a shoot. As I said in my previous post, there is a time for everything. And for the time being, the time for cold approaches isn't here yet. So I went with what seems to be working for me lately, contacting girls who place their own ads. She had the looks of two of my favorite girls I shot, Ruby and Melanie. So allow me the honor of introducing you to our newest everyday girl Ally.

Ally and I got along super well just by text. I had to see if she would be just as cool over the phone. Turns out, she was, and was highly inquisitive about the whole fetish for feet because she didn't know about it. She even asked me was the shoot for real. The way I explain it, my shoot do sound too good to be true. I need to work on that. Perhaps that is a huge reason many girls either flake on me, or don't get in touch with me after I tell them about it. Ally was so cool that I invited her to a Fetish Factory party on Saturday night. Amongst all of the invites I extended to girls I had for my foot fetish shoots, one finally came to the party, and we had yet to shoot! A girl new to foot fetish shoots and fetish parties. Her boyfriend came with her, and both of them were super awesome!

My future foot model and her boyfriend had to cut out early so he could go to work in the morning. They went through heck trying to hit adult video and clothing stores to find fetish items for him to wear, so that was already the start of a long night for them. But it was well worth it. Unfortunately, we didn't cross paths so I could thank them for coming and see them out. But it was ok because she text me to explain everything. We all had a very good time, even if we didn't say in person goodbyes. The sights we saw and the experiences we had, more than made up for the missed departure. Besides, I got to see her the next day for our foot fetish shoot!

The next day, we had our shoot, and Ally looked like Ruby and Melanie more than ever! I was totally mesmerized by this. When I showed her a picture of Melanie, she agreed they looked alike. And when I showed Melanie Ally's picture, she agreed too. Our shoot went so well, Ally didn't want it to end! Neither did I...but I must be considerate of a person's time, even if they are having fun. We definitely have to shoot again!