Sunday, February 12, 2012

Two More Everyday Girls - Shanni, Niecey

I had a good feeling about this year because I made sure to learn from mistakes I made in earlier years. That applies to my personal life and what I do with the sites. Sometimes these intertwine, and that is how I came to meet Shanni and Niecey.

Read how I met Tasha in this previous post because it relates to how I met Shanni and Niecey. Tasha had so much fun at her first shoot, she showed the pictures from it to friends and family. I don't know if her best friend Shanni wanted to do a shoot, or if Tasha suggested she do one. Either way, the result was positive, and Shanni was very excited after the shoot, although she was nervous beforehand. The reason she was nervous wasn't because of me, but because Tasha and Tasha's sister were her audience. And speaking of Tasha's sister, Niecey, this is how I came to meet her. Apparently, Tasha is not only incredibly beautiful and very intelligent, she is also an excellent spokesperson!

There was a lot of pressure to perform on all our parts, except for Tasha, who was a fantastic creative director for poses. She showed Niecey some poses she came up with so she could shadow them. So get ready to see the amazing results from Shanni and Niecey as they appear on Planet of the Arches.

Oh, and here are few more points of if this could get any better, but it does. Shanni and Neicey wear the same size shoe. Shanni's silver nail designs on her toes match the silver designs on her flats. Neicey perfectly matched her socks to her nail polish color without purposely doing it.