Sunday, November 25, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Sophia

This is one epic month to remember! Usually, I instate some sort of cutoff on when to stop shooting in any given month. But this one has me without a cutoff because an overwhelming amount of girls want to be part of what I do. So let me introduce you to Sophia, our newest everyday girl.

Sophia replied to an online ad I placed, and blew me away with her wordless response. She emailed three to-the-point pictures, and wait to hear back from me. It was her picture style that prompted me to change my future ad placements, and when I spoke with her, I credited her for it. Just the way she replied, let me know she was an intelligent girl. Her look, style, and even her insanely high-arched feet, took a backseat to her intellect, so I couldn't wait to contact her to see what she was about.

We had a good, funny conversation about the shoot, and arranged to do the shoot later that day. She mentioned a very worn pair of flats she owned, and hoped she could locate. Sophia came over with a friend of hers, who was also beautiful, and had small, high arch cleavage peeking out from her tiny, black suede pumps. And speaking of pumps, Sophia couldn't find her flats, but made up for it by bringing a small arsenal of pumps, and her 12 year-old Nike Shox! Later, her friend left, and it was just us. The shoot went on like Swiss clockwork, and now you get to see the results from the shoot on the site.

Monday, November 05, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Tina

I want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you because you hung in there with us, even when the updates slowed down, or were nonexistent. Well, they've been coming with a furor lately! There are so many people out there who I meet, but only a small few who reply back to say they want to shot. Which takes us to today's post featuring Tina, our newest everyday girl.

Tina just happened to be walking in the same direction I was going. Our paths crossed, and from just one look at her ensemble, I knew I had to ask her to do the shoot. She matched from head-to-toe in high fashion. As life would have it, she was going to a beauty supplies store [as if she needed anything from there]. I complimented her attire and told her what I did. Tina said she always looks her best, no matter what she may be doing because you never know who sees your, or who wants to see you.

A few days later, we schedule our shoot. Tina told me she wasn't comfortable in front of a camera, and would rather be behind-the-scenes as a makeup artist. Many people ask her if she models, or would like to model. Well, when I got my camera out, any sort of uncomfortable feelings Tina said she had--disappeared. She was a total natural in front of the camera with her shoes on, or off. After the shoot, both of us wanted her to shoot again!