Sunday, October 21, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Shay

Fans, this update is a real treat, and an honor. We have back-to-back shoots featuring everyday girls! Meet Shay, our newest everyday girl. It's a treat because shooting back-to-back everyday girls is always fun. They are so genuine and their reactions are so candid. Oh yeah, and their shoes are as real as can be! For example, Shay told me she had a pair of flats she hated. When I told her to bring them with her, she said "Uggh". She also wore the Airwalk, Converse-modeled sneakers you see in this picture. More on those later....

It's an honor because everyday girls are skeptical because probably so many other random guys approach them about and for things. Mainstream photographers who approach them have hard times getting them, so imagine me. So when one decides to do the shoot, its an honor to have her. Today was a fluke day because I was on the way home late after a major bus delay. Buses weren't showing up on either side of the highway. I said I'd catch the first one that appeared, even it it weren't the express bus. The express bus showed, with the regular literally right behind it. I took the regular so I could get a seat. Just some blocks before my stop, Shay got on board. I took notice of her attire and her array of colors, myriad of rings, and other stand out items, including her Airwalk sneakers.

When we got off at our stop, I had to gesture for Shay to take out her ear buds. I told her about the many things I noticed, and told her what I did, and that she would be perfect for the shoot. She was excited, and already looked forward to it.

Shay called me to schedule a day for the shoot, so we agreed to Saturday. She later called to push the day to Friday. No problem! Also, I was eager to try my new camcorder. Shay came with her friend, who happened to be her mother! I didn't even know until after Tasha told me. Yes...Tasha was there for Shay's shoot. We hang out, and today she brought over a reeking pair of shoes for a fan, wanted to get a replacement pair, and have something to eat while we watched TV.

The shoot went well, except my camcorder didn't do as well as expected. This is the second time I wasn't able to successfully capture an excellent model because I used a new camcorder. The first time was with Lona thanks to my first venture into HD. The next time I used it was with Dorthea. That was a good capture, but not with a good model.

I ditched the HD camcorder after that. Getting back to Shay, she had a lot of fun, received her first foot massage, her mother approved of it, and Shay can't wait to come back!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

One New Everyday Girl - Semone

As you know, there was a slow down in updates because girls who were perfect for the site weren't contacting me, or following through if they did. Things have become a little better. So without getting overly gregarious and keeping you in suspense, allow me to introduce Semone, our newest everyday girl.

I first saw Semone at my favorite local store. She had these amazing eyes that could have lit the store if the power failed! And they were one reason I approached her. Unfortunately, I cannot remember if she wore flats or sandals that day. According to her, she wore flats.

Semone came over while Tasha was hanging out with me. Both of us thought Semone would've been over hours ago, but it didn't work out that way. It didn't matter because Semone did her shoot without issue. And since it was late night, it probably made her feel more comfortable knowing another girl was there too. Semone blew me away with her poses. It made me wonder if she modeled professionally, but I didn't ask.
The only other girl who'd done that was Tasha.

As I said, Semone came over without her flats, and without jeans. Her look was stunning nonetheless. I made up for the aforementioned attire by tickling her feet. After the shoot, Semone told me she was skeptical, but decided to see what it was about. As a result, both she and I were glad she did. Thank you Semone!