Saturday, December 28, 2013

One New Everyday Girl - Dee

Last week, I received an email out of the blue from a girl who said a girlfriend of hers said she should ask me if I would shoot her. She didn't tell me her friend's name, so I didn't ask. As they say, you don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Now you can see the importance of reputation in doing this. No girl is going to chat you up to her friend if you were a jerk, creep, or pervert with her. I replied back and told her to send pictures of her arches and a picture of herself. Some days past, and although she gave me her number, I simply waited. Its not good to look needy. She emailed me the pictures, and said she shot them quickly, which meant a rush job. Fans, if it was a rush job, it was one of the best I've seen because the moment I saw her pictures, I knew I had to meet our newest everyday girl Dee.

Dee and I talked a few days later, and set a time to shoot. We were on the same page with the entire thing. She even offered to send me pictures of her shoes so I could choose the ones I wanted her to wear and bring. That astonished me because I was just about to ask her to do that exact same thing! Dee also told me she did foot fetish stuff before, so she knew how I thought. After that exchange, I had a feeling I was going to be in trouble, but in a really, really good way. Well, I was right. Dee spent her day wearing ankle boots with thick black socks. When she called me, she told me she hoped I gave foot massages. That was music to my ears!

When Dee took off her boots and socks, her feet reminded me of Alexis C's feet. Dee loved her toes, and I could see the reason. Her big toes had those kinks in them that drive me wild when I see them! Dee and I had a shoot, which words really cannot do justice. She more than wants to come back, and I more than want her to come back too!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

One New Everyday Girl - Valerie

Oh man, I've become lazy! I'm lazy mainly for two reasons. One, I am down to my very last business cards. I would reorder more of the same style, but I want my next batch to look totally different. The ones I have now have become nostalgic to me, so I don't want to give all of them out, especially when doing so is always a dice roll. Two, unless you are an excellent gambler, rolling dice can be rather difficult, taxing, and costly. I'm no gambler. When I was younger, I lost more card games than any of my friends combined! I was better at pool, but didn't have the kind of money it took to play the big boys who I knew I could beat. Not all girls are receptive to doing foot shoots, even girls on online dating sites. Beating the bushes on foot or online takes effort. And each card I give out is not cheap. They cost a good bit of money for the box full. So for more cards given out to be losing cards, is not good for me. Not good at all. Next year, I'll get back into the swing of things. Luckily, I have at least one more everyday girl to show before the year ends. But before I introduce her, you may want to backtrack one post to read about how I met Jazz because it will help you understand how I met our newest everyday girl Valerie.

After I shot Jazz, we stayed in touch. She wanted to come over to view her pictures. Jazz couldn't remember her email login because lets face it, people rarely use email so much anymore. So I put her pictures on cd...old school style. Unfortunately, she couldn't get her computer to cooperate with her, so she wanted to come to my place to see them. Well, Jazz has a busy life, so it didn't happen. But in between, she chatted up her friend Valerie. I had a tentative shoot in the works, and after I saw it wasn't going to happen, I text Valerie to shoot. I had her send me a cell phone picture, one of her arches, and one of her shoes. Valerie passed with flying colors. Unfortunately, she committed a cardinal sin with my shoots. She decided to hit the showers just after I text her about shooting. So guess what I did? I told her to wear her most worn shoes for me until we got a chance to shoot. She ended up wearing them for about six hours!

Valerie text me to let me know her feet hurt and they were sweat because she was very busy after we talked, and ran lots of errands. When she came over, she had on her stinky, very worn Vans. They reminded me of Chevy's Vans when I saw their insoles! And she had on a very dirty and stinky pair of thick, striped socks. I could see her toe prints they were so dirty! Needless to say, we had a very good shoot. Jazz told her how much fun she had, so Valerie looked forward to the same. She also got to see Jazz's video and pictures because Jazz wanted at least one of them to see them. Its nearly always good when I get to shoot girls who are friends, and this time was no exception! Both enjoyed their shoot, had fun, got some fantastic pictures, and want to come back. So everyone wins this time!

Monday, December 09, 2013

One New Everday Girl - Jazz

It was time to try another avenue for getting girls who would be down to do a foot shoot. As you know I joined an online dating site to find girls. Most of them consider foot fetish stuff creepy or beneath them no matter how much they write in their profiles that they like to try new things and will do just about anything once. Two girls messaged me saying my offer sounded like something from a potential murder or rape situation. Truth be told, girls, especially hot ones, are mainly on there to date up and have sex. But of course, they won't say that, so they gloss it over by saying they want to meet someone serious, no games, no drama, and no sex or one night stands. Right! Since there was so much bull on there, I decided to try girls who are should be more down to shoot for some extra money. That was how I meet our newest everyday girl Jazz.

This was not easy by a long shot, it took some effort, quite a bit of calls, texts, and going back and forth between three people: her, myself, and her friend's boyfriend. All other girls I contacted either weren't interested, wanted too much money, ignored my calls and texts, or had a "no black guys" rule. Before you get on your high horse, or get on your soapbox to look down on people, let me ask this here and now. Who are you or we to judge people? First, we have one of the most taboo fetishes out there. And some of us have other fetishes and sexual appetites that go far beyond tame. Second, you never truly know a person's situation unless you have been in it, or are in it.

I won't forget the article Miami New Times wrote about a girl's experience with Bang Bros doing their Bang Bus series. The girl wanted an abortion because her child's father didn't want to help support them. She and her boyfriend did a Bang Bus video to pay for it. The company issued the check in his name only, and he cashed it. So now, she was out the money, on the Internet having sex, and was extremely embarrassed because her friends and family found out about it. She went to Bang Bros to complain about the way they issued the check, and they blew her off. So she asked if they could take down her video. They told her if she repaid them the money they made off it, they would do so. Apparently, the video had earned them a good $50,000 so far, and the amount was still increasing! Here is the article if you want to read it in its entirety, its titled The Ride to Perdition.

Here is something that will blow your mind, at least two of the girls on Planet of the Arches were on Bang Bus, and one was a long time fan favorite! There are girls in major colleges, universities, and grad schools who do what they have to do to pay their tuition and expenses. When they graduate, they are debt free, and ready for the field of their study. Don't be small-minded, and think its just women. Mind you, in the US, there are many ways to legally make money. I just heard about girls who started a company where people pay them for cuddle time. As I said, don't judge. Lots of us do what we don't like in exchange for what we want and need. We deal with jobs, customers/clients, and bosses we don't like. We attend events we abhor, but have to be there because its a mandatory function. Smile for your boss, make the customer/client feel valued, do your work, get paid. Whether we are on salary, punch a clock, or get paid cash directly, if we aren't happy in what we are doing, then we are pretty much selling ourselves to make money.

Jazz and her friends had been through a lot in just two days. When I called her, it was her birthday, so we didn't get to finish our conversation. I won't go into details, but things went downhill for her later in the day. I talked and text with her and her friend's boyfriend to hammer out the details for the shoot. It felt like an all day event, spanning from from noon to night [6pm its dark because of daylight savings time]. Jazz walked to my place wearing slippers. As I said, she'd been through a lot. She even had a rough time finding those sexy jeans you see her rocking in her pictures. Jazz felt self-conscious about her feet being dirty, and apologized for everything: hair, makeup, clothes, being tired, her voice. I assured her everything was ok. She didn't want me to judge her, something which was the farthest thing from my mind. I put her at ease, and we had a fantastic shoot! Jazz admitted she left feeling better than before she arrived! She had fun, enjoyed herself, felt comfortable, and can't wait to come back.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

One New Everyday Girl - Liyah

It truly isn't easy finding everyday girls to do this. Even if you dedicate hours per day for weeks, there will be no calls and flakes. So I decided to do something I said I never though I'd do--join an online dating site. In fact, I joined four of them to better increase my odds. Let me tell you, I almost totally ignored the posts about making good online dating profiles for guys, and it came back to bite me. It was definitely a huge surprise when our newest everyday girl Liyah contacted me.

Let me hip you to what makes for successful profiles for guys when it comes to online dating: good looks, cool pictures, and lying or being vague about yourself. OK, I'm decent-looking, but since I don't club, party, have lots of friends or faux friends, do outlandish stuff, play sports, travel, or have a cool hobby, I'm relegated to Loserville, USA...population, other guys like me. If you fit the above criteria as a guy, believe it, or not, girls, and pretty hot ones at that, will contact you versus you contacting them. And if you do contact them, be witty, playful, and brief. I can guess how Liyah found me, but for her to contact me is totally another thing.

We messaged back and forth, but not forever, as we weren't trying to set up a date. Then, she disappeared. I heard about that happening, so I sent her a funny message. Later, she replied, and not long after that, one day, she surprised me with a call. Yes, that's right--a call! She didn't text me first as so many girls are apt to do. Liyah was down to shoot ASAP, which was cool with me. Guess what happened? The day she was texting me to get a confirmation time, I was napping, music was playing, my air condition was blowing, and my cell phone was on low volume. By the time I woke up, saw her text, and responded, it was too late. She text a second time to say she hadn't heard from me, so she guessed the shoot was cancelled. I scrambled to text her, but it was too late, she made other plans.

All was not lost though, she offered to shoot two days later. I let her know I'd have my phone turned up all the way that day. The day came, and she arrived right on time. That was the sign of a good shoot. Liyah was nothing like I imagined, except for her glasses, she was even more of a stunner in person than in her online pictures! We got along, had a fun and very good shoot, and she wants to come back again! If only there were more girls like Liyah online out there....