Friday, August 26, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Russian Doll

At a party, you never know who sees you having fun, and wants to be part of it. You also never know who knows what you are about, and wants to be part of it. Well, I've been to a number of Fetish Factory parties, and there is a "power couple" who everyone loves, and they reciprocate in kind. I call them a power couple for two reasons. One, they are established and very popular with everyone they know. And those who don't know them, can easily observe this. Two, they are both into fitness. The husband is a powerhouse, and actually a former competitive powerlifter. Powerlifting is different from bodybuilding. The former is to build strength, the other to build size. So I'm someone they knew, but indirectly. As I said, they are friendly with everyone. The husband always greeted me at the parties whenever he saw me. I never really got to meet his wife because she was usually being adored by a mass of people. Then one night, he asked me if I was "the foot guy". I told him I was, and that is how I got to meet our newest everyday girl Russian Doll.

I guess word got to him that I did foot fetish shoots. He told me he didn't know if his wife had the feet for it. I didn't know either because she had no foot specific pictures on her page or his page. Then one day, she posted a picture of her posing her feet with a new pair of black, peep-toe, platform stilettos. I got an idea from that. There was the fact that she was Russian. Now in my experience, mostly all the Russian women I shot had amazing feet with high arches. So I put typed out the details of the shoot and the attire needed, and went from there. We arranged a day to shoot, and all was set...or so we thought.

As I stated earlier, they are well-known and very popular. The day we were to shoot, they had a product shoot to do. Commercial shoots are anything but brief. Even a photographer shooting a glass of wine and the wine bottle can take forever. I saw an example of that on YouTube; the setup itself was a time consumer! Their one-hour-shoot lasted a few hours, and they both felt as if they were hostages, and the photographer's weapon was his camera! hahaha! When Russian Doll sent me a text to tell me what was happening, I laughed almost uncontrollably! I thought her husband was the comedian. He was funny; she was hilarious! We ended up rescheduling our shoot.

The day finally came. worries, it was only the next weekend. I didn't know how her husband was going to fit inside my apartment. The crazy thing was he told me he used to be bigger! WTH???!!! That is like King Kong saying he used to be bigger, but he lost weight after he no longer had to fight other giant monsters on Skull Island. Russian Doll came dressed sexy, so I told her she had to dial that down--way down! She was more than prepared. We picked her first outfit, and her husband picked her second one. Like me, he enjoys dressing his woman. While she got dressed, I showed him the 2015 Arnold Strongman Classic video which debuted the new Rogue Elephant Bar, specifically for the deadlift competition. He had never heard of the bar, but was familiar with the Arnold Classic because some of his clients participated, and he would have to put them back together afterward. Russian Doll came out afterward, and our shoot went great! Unlike the commercial shoot, we kept it on time, and also made it very fun for both of them! She had a fantastic time, and looked forward to another shoot. That made three of us, her husband included!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Brittney

The middle of June, my friend who helps me recruit girls did it again. There was a tall, athletic girl who had lots of energy and a good, upbeat attitude, that stood out to me. I don't know how he does his thing, but he is very good at it. Too bad he is married, or he would really go on a rampage! He approached her about it, and during her break, she went to the restroom, and sent two pictures of her feet to his phone. They were amazing to say the least! And that was how I met our newest everyday girl Brittney.

He gave me the message that she was down for the shoot, and wanted to know when she could do it. I told him in July, then met her personally, and told her the same. She was about to go on vacation [good and bad], and said July would be a better month for her. So she went, and came back home. I text her to let her know I was ready, but received no reply. One thing I know is not to be needy when it comes to women, so I left it at that. Whenever he would see her, he would ask about the shoot, and she told him she would still do it. At this point, both of us thought she flaked. He had another one ready to shoot, but someone got to her, and she balked. So we had to play it cool with Brittney. I told him to let her be, and I would text her one last time about it. This time [August], she replied, and we arranged a shoot day. Here is where the good and bad that I mentioned comes into the picture.

She came over after she went home from work to get her other pair of shoes. Unfortunately, she had no flats, which she told me she had originally. There was also another bomb she dropped, but much earlier. During her vacation, she lost the sport trainer sneakers I saw her wear one night. She must have really enjoyed herself for that to happen! OK, she caught an Uber over to my place, and all was good. Oh man, she had a pair of Vans that blasted my nose really good. She dreaded holding one of her shoes over my nose for my scrapbook photo. hahaha!

Brittney was a natural toe wiggler, and had incredibly high arches, which were totally natural. I could tell she had high arches from her pictures, although she shot them from the tops view. My friend told me he saw her slip her foot out of a sneaker one day, and he could see she had really high arches even though she was wearing socks. We had a fantastic shoot. I entertained her with some Uncle Drew and Spiderman basketball videos on YouTube. Uncle Drew had her totally fooled. Brittney had no idea who he really was. She was also digging the electronic dance music (EDM) I was playing during the shoot. I have to keep her info because it would be really fun to have her come back again!

Monday, August 08, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Tracie

Way back in March this year, it was Spring Break. As many of you know, I love to hit the beach for random candid stills and video. As I began my trip, I saw a group of career college students, and two stood out from the bunch. It led to a funny, but short story, but that was how I met our newest everyday girl Tracie.

I decided to wait until the girls came out so I could approach them about the shoot. As I waited, another girl came across the street, and went inside the store. I took note of her, but she was not on my radar. When the girls came out, I casually walked over to them to tell them about the shoot. They were interested, and Tracie told me her toes weren't done, then kicked off one of her moccasins to show me. Hey, anytime a girl outright shows her feet, it's a sign that she is down for it. I was about to explain further when the girl who was not on my radar, came out, and played mama bear. She got the girls in a rushed state, and said they all needed to get back to class. Mind you, she was the same as they were, but her personality type was the determining factor. They all fled across the street, and I saw my chances slip away. So I rushed behind them, and gave cards to one of the two girls I most wanted to shoot, which ended up being Tracie.

A few months later, I got a text from Tracie, asking if I still wanted to shoot. I didn't know which girl she was because mama bear didn't allow for any introductions. It surprised me to find out she was the one who kicked off her shoe. We arranged a day to shoot. She told me she was pregnant, but that wasn't new for me. I'd shot Coles and Tori while they were pregnant. Unfortunately, I never got to see who came out of their ovens. But whoever they were, they had two beautiful and fun mothers.

Tracie came over with her friend--the one who I wanted to shoot more than any of them. Yes! Tracie was full of energy and had no issue with her stomach showing. In fact, she wore a shirt to specifically allow it to show. She said she wanted some pregnancy pictures, so that was her way to do it. I admit, at first, I thought it was a bad idea. But as we shot, I saw the artistic beauty in it. If a girl is made up, and shows her stomach while in term, it can look phenomenal! Her friend acted as creative director. I wasn't sure how much Tracie could do, so I took it easy on her. Thanks to her friend, she floored me by getting into positions and moving in ways I couldn't imagine!

It goes without saying that we had a really good shoot. I entertained them with current music and music videos. And I introduced them to EDM, which Tracie really liked. Her friend did too. Tracie was a first timer to all of this, and never had any shoe or foot worship. I eased her into the latter by kissing her soles and toes as a reward. If I see her again, then I'll introduce her to toe sucking. One step at a time, and baby steps, no pun intended. Her friend wanted to shoot the next day, but I was so behind on editing, that I had to reschedule. Tracie said it intrigued her friend when I told her I'd see her later, but then turned her down for the next day. I told Tracie that her friend could've been first, but she was sheepish. So as a result, Tracie got the first shoot, and she will have to wait a while. Yeah, you have to be a jerk sometimes, but girls are used to it. Heck, many of them like it!

When I text Tracie to let her know I was ready for her friend, her phone was off, and stayed off for weeks. Luckily, another of their friends text me the day I shot with Tracie, and said she wanted to shoot. I agreed, and asked her to let Tracie know I was trying to reach her. Some days later, Tracie called me using the other girl's phone. She said she would have her friend call me, but I haven't heard from her yet. I think I know what this is. The girl whose phone is in service wants to make sure I don't skip her. So I don't get the friend unless I get her too. Man, girls can be shrewish and cunning big time because they school each other on this type of stuff. It's all one big game between guys and girls. If you want to win, you have to play. And unless you have certain given advantages, you need to practice--a lot. So on!

Sunday, August 07, 2016

One New Everyday Girl - Sarah

If you didn't know it already, foot fetish is the most widely known and widely had fetish. So one way I enjoy getting my kink on, and watch others getting theirs on, is going to parties by Fetish Factory and Submission South Beach. Fetish Factory had its 21th Anniversary Fetish Weekend, which was Memorial Day weekend. They do things differently--because they can. So the event started Thursday instead of Friday, and went through Sunday night. That was how I met our newest everyday girl Sarah.

You never know who you will meet, and hopefully, get along with, at the number of fetish parties and events, which regularly take place. I was simply walking around, and was sweating a fountain from the layers of clothing I wore at the second party during the 21th Anniversary Weekend. And to make it such a tease, it was at a hotel, and by the pool. Think being hot, seeing a huge body of cool water, but can't get in it because you would ruin your attire. OK, now you understand. It was mainly due to the latex shirt a friend let me borrow so I could experience latex for the first time. Let me tell you, if you've never worn latex, it's quite the fun experience. Just be sure you can stay hydrated and cool. I found a huge fan there, and stood in front of it. There was a very cute girl cooling herself, and she moved when she saw me. We could have shared, so I didn't know if she was being polite, or was put off by me. I had one of my famous foot massage signs with me, so I showed it to her to break the ice. She was all for it! So she was just being polite. We moved over to a table, and she took off her black, gladiator heels. I took her to bliss, and she was a goner after that. As fantastic as that story was, that wasn't Sarah. She was Sarah's friend.

While giving her a foot massage, another girl showed up, and we talked a bit. She wanted to be next. Hey, that was what I came for, so I was as ready as she was. Come to find out, both girls knew each other, were friends, and part of a larger group of friends. I finished up with her friend, and then we moved to her table. This time, I took off her heels for her; they were easier to take off than her friend's gladiator heels with straps running all the way up her calves. Hers were simple black, t-strap, peep toe heels with a platform toe box. We had a long conversation during her foot massage, and came found out out two amazing things: we shared the same name and were both into fitness. As we talked, a third girl appeared to my side and engaged with the one in front of me. She was a tall one with long black hair, and wore black leather boots that came almost to her knees. Now that was Sarah. All three were friends. So we talked, and then one of my friends appeared. This was one who happened to share my fetish, and was an amazing wingman! Eventually, Sarah sits down, and he sat next to her. I made the introductions, so now we all know each other. Next thing we know, my friend was in front of Sarah, took off her boots, socks, and worshiped her feet. Merging groups is fun!

Sarah's friend had them compare their arches, and mentioned how Sarah's naturally-arched feet were the clear winners. That was fascinating because her friend used to dance ballet, whereas, Sarah hadn't. So that was when I pulled out my card to show them what I did. Sarah took my card, and after some weeks passed, she text me, thanks to her friend reminding her. I really have to get better with getting numbers instead of passively waiting for girls to contact me. That alone would make my approaches would be far more productive.

We had a phenomenal shoot! Sarah was just as incredible in person as she was at the party. By the way, I met her and her friend a second time. That time, I talked to one of my friends, and told him, there was a beautiful girl near the door who never had anyone flog her, but was curious about it.  It was all I told him. As wild as it sounds, when I passed by later, he was seated next to her, and they were talking! And it was not long after that night, Sarah text me. One thing about meeting girls is being consistent. After she saw I was the same guy they met that first night, her friend told her to contact me, and she did. Social proof accomplishes many things in life! It sure helped me with Sarah.