Monday, October 30, 2006

New Site Coming Soon

Word has it a new site is coming soon. Unfortunately, there aren't many things I can say about the site before it officially launches. The models on the site would choose choice parts of my body to castrate if I leaked too much information. So I will do my best to tell you things about the site...things that will allow me to keep all my parts intact.

Let me begin by saying the models on the site run the site. I spoke with one of them [Captain Cutie], and she assured me she and her friends would personally be responsible for replying to their fans. She also told me the girls would consider requests and themes for their shoots. Another thing she told me was the girls liked their shoots and really got into the fetish aspect of them. The last thing she told me was the girls would do their best to please their fans, and would not do a particular fetish just to do it. Each girl personally chose her own fetish--it was not thrust upon her. She said their reasons for choosing particular fetishes was because they understood them or were active with them.

So you have a model-operated site, direct, personal contact with the models, and models who truly enjoyed the fetishes they chose. The site is not active yet, but it sounds like a winner to me. I will keep you updated as to the site's launch date.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Three Sites Up and Running

As you saw, we hadn't posted in a while. During the server move, we had trouble with the new FTP information for the blog. Last week, we figured it out, so now we are back!

Thank you all for being patient with us during our site making, site moves, and site revisions. To recap, this is what took place. We halted updates on King of the Heel aka KOTH while we prepared to launch Workout Girls Feet aka WGF. The site did exceptionally well, so we decided to revise Planet of the Arches aka POTA. We gave both sites a Bang Bus type of feel.
So not only will you get to see sample pictures from each update, but you get to see sample clips of the full-length clips as well. The sites look different, but we haven't changed the way we do things. We still keep it real. The girls don't wash their feet before their shoots, they don't exaggerate in their interviews, and we really do approach people at random just like in this video featuring a homeless guy. And of course, we still have some of the prettiest girls on the planet on our site. So none of that changed. One thing we did change was access to the socks, stockings, and shoes your favorite girls put up for sale. Now, you no longer have to be a member of the sites to see their items or to purchase them. Once we had everything set, we went back to King of the Heel , and updated it.

We thanked our POTA fans by giving them two free months on top of the fan time they had left. We are thanking KOTH fans by giving free full-length clips to those who email us regarding their patient wait for our next update.

Everything is up to speed now, including our blog.

Thank you for being our fans during the transition. We hope you enjoy the changes, and the girls hope you get some of their sweaty socks, stinky sneakers, and smelly shoes with foot and toe imprints.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Almost Ready

This is an update regarding the new version of Planet of the Arches. The past two weeks have been filled with lots of ups and downs, mainly downs, regarding my Internet connection. Had things went according to schedule, the new version of Planet of the Arches would be up and running today. But as we all know, schedules are subject to change.

Everyone who is a current member of Planet of the Arches will get added to the new version. We appreciate your patience as we make this transition. In exchange for you patience, you will get a month free. Anyone who is familiar with us knows we are generous, and believe in taking care of our fans.

We should be all set by this time next week, if not sooner.

Until the transition is complete, you can email me through King of the Heel or Workout Girls Feet if you have questions or concerns about the transition.