Monday, September 22, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Loreal

Alright, this time, I was still lazy, but more proactive. I saw an ad online with a picture of a tall, leggy brunette wearing clear, stripper stilettos. She seemed to have high arches, so I sent her a text. Within minutes, she replied back and said she was down for the shoot. Allow me to introduce you to our newest everyday girl Loreal.

Just like Loreal, Loreal was tall [6'1], but had feet which were small for her height. They both had small, short toes. Both were tattooed and had a punk rock look. And both had unpolished fingers. Loreal was a rare find. She never had as much as a foot rub, let alone any foot worship. I talked to Loreal and I had more stipulations than she did. She merely wanted to make sure she'd get paid.

Loreal told me she finished a mult-mile walk, and would come over soon. Aside from the obvious, Loreal was definitely going to make a few fans happy. Fans of amazon girls would be happy because of back to back amazons. Fans of punk girls, dirty, smelly socks, mix match socks, and no show socks were going to be in for a serious treat!

She liked the shoot so much, she wanted to come back the next say. I told her I was still working on the stuff we shoot the day before. This let me know, I could look forward to having her over again.

One New Everyday Girl - Lux

Before I get too deep into this post, I want to admit something--lately, I've been lazy. Heck, I can't be believe I forgot to make this blog post two weeks ago! This was another time I took it online to see if anyone would bite. As you know, I don't sell snake oil when I hit the streets for girls. It is rare for me to chat up a girl for over three minutes about a shoot. Its no big secret that girls need to almost be snake charmed talked into doing things that are out of the ordinary. I don't have time for that jazz. That is not me. The snow jobs are for the other guys. Anyway, I received a reply from a girl who said she was 6'2. At first, I thought it was a prank until I checked more into it. She was totally legit, and an excellent person to shoot. So allow me to introduce you to our newest everyday girl Lux.

Lux was cool, and had one stipulation...well, actually two. The first was for safety reasons; the other was for professional reasons. She said she would come with a good friend of hers who was a guy. Dude was majorly cool, and totally got the idea of foot fetish, and even admitted to having a fetish for fetish. Come to find out he was pretty deep in the fetish industry at one time, but branched off into other industries. We all ended up having a semi deep conversation about the concepts of foot fetish, and also how society dictates so much about how we are supposed to view any and everything, any and everyone. Lux's emotional mind pretty much shut off, as her friend engaged her logical mind. There is a time and place for everything, and our conversation definitely affected the foot worship part of the shoot. As I said before, having a guy present during a shoot will not make for a good shoot. And the more involved the guy is with the girl, the worse it will be. But sometimes, you have to make the exception or the shoot won't happen. Just be ready to stomach the results, even with good directing.

The other stipulation Lux had was she told me up front that if I were to become excited during the shoot, it could be problematic. I told her it wasn't going to happen, and gave her the scenario of a gynecologist being exited by some of his patients. Hey, sometimes it happens with me, but only when the shoot is sans a guy present and the girl and I have a serious vibe.

We had a really good shoot. Heck, it could've been great if we talked less during it. We talked about doing another shoot, and possibly even meeting at a fetish party thrown by internationally famous The Fetish Factory.