Monday, April 30, 2007

Mistress Kendra!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Foot Fetish Newbies

We do our best to bring you girls that are totally new to foot fetish. So far, we have been delivering the goods. But we felt it was time to take it up a notch. We placed flyers near restaurants, career and tech schools, and shopping centers. We also hit up MySpace for girls. The results netted us a batch of foot fetish newbies that will make a slave of Goddesses Footboy, give Dreamgirls in Socks nightmares, and take the crown from Smelly Feet Queens of Femdom.

Check our latest updates to see who wanted to be treated like Goddesses and Princesses instead of walking T & A shows.

As you know, we listen to you. So if you have clip requests, custom video requests, or want to buy any worn, abused, smelly shoes or stinky socks from these girls, visit any of our sites, and let us know.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Scam Artist Model

I recently ran into another scam artist model. I had no idea she would be a scammer, as she responded to a flyer I placed in the area, plus she had a white collar job. She was very personable on the telephone, always kept me updated on things about her, and even admitted she was nervous about her body, but not her feet. I admit...I never saw it coming.

My first tip off should have been when she said she was bringing two people with her. The last time a model brought two people with them, the shoot did not go as hoped. Aryana brought her friend and her friend's boyfriend who was also Aryana's brother. The brother-boyfriend was a distraction, and ultimately led to Aryana's friend backing out of the shoot, citing not having a pedicure as an excuse. Had he not been there, I would have gotten the footage I needed--not the footage I got.

Now back to the scam model. She arrived as agreed, and had her friend and her friend's boyfriend who was also the model's brother. The guy showed up smoking a cigarette, and was as slightly more thuggish looking than the friend. Her friend had big feet with high arches, but they were very unkempt. Heck, they probably would have cut my lips if I tried to worship them. I put her friend to work as my camera person, as my friend-cameraman was missing in action. It didn't take long for me to realize this situation was not going to bode well for me.

My second tip off should have been when she asked if she would be compensated if the shoot went over time. I assured her it wouldn't, but if it did, then I would. In an effort to drag out the time, the girl talked her head off during the interview part of the shoot, and kept messing up, almost on purpose. The guy's presence caused me to have to reshoot still photos that I would have nailed the first time.

My third tip off should have been when she purposely wore a skirt instead of pants. I don't like skirts because they make girls pose uncomfortably in efforts to hide their panties. And I have to shoot stills and video in ways that will avoid crotch shots.

The shoot ended when the girl told me to suck her toes, then freaked out when I did a great job of it. She expected some lame toe sucking. Little did she know she was dealing with a Jedi Master of foot worship. She ended the shoot, and then claimed we were over time. We still had about 10 minutes left, but she didn't see it that way. She believed the shoot started the moment she walked in the door. I believed it started the moment I took the first photo.

I paid her, and bid her and her entourage goodbye. I am not giving her copies of the photos or video, as she acted totally unprofessional and scammed me out of my time and money.

This is a warning to all present and future foot site owners. If a girl brings more than one person to her shoot, at least one of those persons will probably be a guy. Its easy to deal with a guy when he is alone. You can put him to work as your camera person. But if he is allowed to be idle, then forget about getting the type of shoot you hope to do and need. Be wary of girls who talk money right before you shoot, especially if you already agreed to a rate beforehand.

There are scam artist models out there waiting to prey on innocent producers. So be sure you have ways to protect yourself from them. Your best defense is to say "No" before the girl arrives, and "No" the moment she does something that sets off red flags prior to your shoot.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Dirty Sock Girls

It gives us great pleasure to announce we have three new models, and all are dirty sock girls. A couple are totally new to foot fetish, but one is not. The ones who were new to it, embraced it, and ran with it. The one that wasn't will be one that will once again put Planet of the Arches on the galactic map as one of the best foot fetish sites on the Internet.

Lets discuss the newbies first. There is Starr. She knew about foot fetish, and even had informal foot massages and had her toes sucked before prior to her shoot with us. But she never got to unleash the power of her feet. So in that respect, she was a newbie to true foot fetish. Starr brought over dirty flip flops, and even dirtier, stinkier socks and sneakers. She totally got into being a dominant female when she had someone at her feet.

Next there is Wendy. Poor little Wendy knew nothing about foot fetish. She never had an informal foot massage or had her feet worshipped. She got to unleash the power of her feet, and totally took to it. Wendy brought over extremely dirty flip flops, and a pair of Asics that stank to high heck because she had them since high school. And her socks? Forget about it; those things were FILTHY. Dirty is bad, but filthy is worse. She totally turned princess when the focus was on her socks and sneakers.

Last, but not least, there is Mistress Kendra. She truly needs no introduction. If you don't know of her, then you should probably turn in your foot fetish card. Mistress Kendra brought over the worst looking pair of shell-toe Adidas we ever saw! And inside those sneakers were some of the grimiest socks we ever saw. Regarding her unleashing the power of her feet; it almost proved too much for us.

These are the things you can look forward to, in addition to the girls starting to sell worn socks again.

You should see the results of this week. After that, we will have more dirty sock girls for you, so stay tuned!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Sock Fetish is Taking Over

I didn't see it coming until it was too late. Fans tried to tell me, but I didn't get it. They requested the girls to sell them their worn socks, and requested custom videos with girls teasing them while wearing socks. I just didn't get it. But now, I do. Fortunately, its not too late. I can still recover from the late realization that sock fetish is taking over.

A few years ago, I bought an FMConcepts video with girls teasing while wearing socks. Unfortunately, I felt ripped off because the socks were plain or colorful, and usually were about calf-length. The teasing was not at all good. Lastly, the girls never took their socks off. Considering the teasing was whack, I truly looked forward to seeing a few of my favorite models' feet. My attempt to broaden my foot fetish horizon failed, and for years afterward, girls in socks were off my list.

Thanks to a few well known clip stores, sock fetish has finally arrived. It is done the way it should be done, with hot girls, and dirty, ankle-length socks. The teasing they do while wearing their socks is enough to make you care less if you see their feet.

Now that I am in the loop and in the know, I can bring you what want. You probably won't get it from some of the girls whose stiff, stinky, dirty socks you saw and wanted to buy. But you will get it from a host of new girls, locals who are practically clueless about foot fetishes. These girls are going to become some of your new favorites, that I guarantee.

So once our sock fetish photos and videos start, be sure to let me know what you want to see, and who you want to see. And as always, the girls will be selling their socks to you. So once you see pairs you want, act quickly, otherwise, you will miss the boat.