Saturday, July 19, 2014

One New Everyday Girl - Serenity

Some time late last month, I received a text from a girl who was just came back from out of state, and was friends with Sasha. She must have been shy because she didn't send any face or foot pictures after I asked for them. After a second request, I called it a day. This month, Sasha said she had another friend who wanted to shoot. I told her about her shy friend, and she told me this was a different friend, and described her as Puerto Rican with slender feet. I had the Charlie Brown trying to kick the football when Lucy holds it for him, type of mind. I didn't believe, but believed. And that was how I met our newest everyday girl Serenity.

She is a beautiful girl who is totally new to foot fetish. She is also Sasha's best friend. The first time Sasha told me her best friend wanted to do the shoot, I wasn't ready for them. We talked again the following week. I was ready, but answered her text too late to make good on it. Serenity likes her feet, and received female and male compliments about them, but didn't know there were guys who liked feet. I figured Serenity for a total foot fetish virgin, but in her interview, she proved me wrong. Its interesting when I ask the last three questions, and girls say they experienced one or two out of three of the things I inquire about. Serenity has very eccentric tastes in shoes. The ones she wore in the interview, were ones no girl would be able to find at Nine West or Aldo. They were also very intoxicating, as Serenity put it when I had her sniff one of them! It was pretty cool she used my own term for stinky shoes and stinky feet before I got the chance to use it! She also came with a pair of gladiator sandals, which were very sexy. Most gladiator sandals are horrendous, but not these. In fact, they were so sexy, Sasha found a way to get her size 10s in them for her shoot.

Serenity knocked her first foot fetish shoot right out of the ball park! She surprised Sasha and myself when she showed off her high arches. Sasha never paid attention to Serenity's feet before, and the day she wore flip flops, her feet looked flat. Sasha thought I wouldn't like them, and at first, she was right. But once she took off her clogs, her arches came out of nowhere! She even helped film some one of the scenes I shot with Sasha. We all had a good time, and can't wait to shoot again!