Thursday, November 03, 2011

Become A Pickup Artist To Get Feet

I encounter thread after thread, and post after post in foot fetish forums, of guys who have foot fetishes, and thirst for feet. Some get a few drinks from the foot fountain, while others get a few sips. Unfortunately, there are many who never get as much as a drop from it. Guys who fit in the last two brackets are known in the pickup artist [PUA] world as AFC (Average Frustrated Chump). These are guys who on foot fetish and non foot fetish forums, whine about all the hot girls being with jerks, @$$holes, and dirtbags. These girls put them in the dead zone as pickup artists put it. Hey, the way PUA's see it, AFC's are dead to these girls in the way they want it to matter most--sexually!

First, let me dispel the huge myth that girls don't like or want sex as much as men do. Evolution and society put that in everyone's heads. Consider this, a man can go after a woman he wants, have great sex with her, and then need a break before he can continue. Conversely, that same woman is ready for round two ASAP! There are reasons women appear to shun sex, but then when they get good sex, they can't get enough of it. Whereas men, hunt for it, and when they get it, they want to go to sleep.

There are lots of guys out there who are tired of not getting women, and not getting them and having sex with them. So they turned to experts in the PUA community for help. These experts give them knowledge and insight that overwrites everything they thought were told about how to meet and attract women. And they give them the tools to use to achieve the desired results. PUA's conduct seminars, or bootcamps, do in-field tests, write books, make DVDs, create and contribute to PUA forums, write blogs, and more, to help AFC's turn their lives around.

So I ask, if what they learn help them get women, dates, and sex. Why can't this highly valuable, and sometimes very pricey, information be used to get feet?

PUA's and aspiring PUA's, many times write lay reports. These are detailed accounts about sexual escapades from start to finish--no holds barred. Only one PUA, Neil Strauss aka Style, mentioned feet. In his book, The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists, he mentioned picking up a girl who took off her white socks and wiggled her toes just before they were about to have sex. The next thing he knew, he bailed on her because an odor infiltrated the room that apparently came from her feet! He made no attempt to go further. Other than that, he said she was an attractive girl who was somewhat unkempt.

Neil transformed, with help from Mystery of VH1's, The Pickup Artist and Sin, now known as Jon Sinn of Sinns of Attraction, from a dude who couldn't get sex or a date at Vassar, an all women's college he attended, to the world's #1 Pickup Artist. So if he could do it, so can you!

Neil found out the secret to meeting women was to know what to say, and how and when to say it. And thanks to the Mystery and his Mystery Method, he learned the traits of an alpha male was to be confident, smile, be well-groomed, have a sense of humor, connect with people, and be the center of attention in the room [or in the group].

Every PUA and MPUA [Master Pickup Artist] has his own method. Some AFCs learn just one method, others learn a variety. So I say this to you, find what works for you so you can get feet in your life! Stop sitting on the sideline--be part of The Game!!!

Here is a list of some of the best and well-known PUA's out there:

Ross Jeffries
Neil Strauss aka Style
Jon Sinn
Brad P
AFC Adam Lyons
David DeAngelo
David Wygant
The Asian Playboy
Bobby Rio
Tyler Durden
Bill Preston